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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Lithuania based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2 hours agoLithuania NISLT692,000iksD | TF2 Frag Clip of the Day #686 sabre4:15
3 hours agoLithuania Onyxz_LTU1,350PES2021 11v11 | ALL STARS TEAM v CAPTAINS TEAM | Greek Cup All Star Weekend24:42
7 hours agoLithuania Mr Artiss Fai781Премы 6 Уровня ► Серебро - Пропуск - Рок-Н-Ролл ►🤯 WORLD of TANKS1:50:13
10 hours agoLithuania Alkoras GT846The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes - Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend2:28
12 hours agoLithuania AtomicEggs655Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath AtomicEggs2:45:59
14 hours agoLithuania MrDjStroke72SOR4 Relaksas Late Night Stream2:40:47
14 hours agoLithuania Karalius1,950Vakariniai Pasikalbėjimai #143 - Tikrinami dazniausi Covid / Vakcinu argumentai. Saltiniai aprasyme.1:58:36
15 hours agoLithuania Pofkas gaming25zombie drive HD. Episode 1.52:08
17 hours agoLithuania SimpWojak7,090WOJAK and his MIND games0:58
17 hours agoLithuania Yzixas2,930FFXIV Au Ra0:22
18 hours agoLithuania DrivingObsession3,520Track Day DRIFTS | Porsche 718 Cayman S | Assetto Corsa Gameplay (Steering Wheel Cam)7:06
18 hours agoLithuania WmXLT1,540Heroes & General according to my viewers6:02
19 hours agoLithuania ErycTriceps348,000Double Tap 🎯2:13
19 hours agoLithuania InfamousJJ7,200I Found A SECRET BASE On The Most BRUTAL Minecraft SMP13:42
20 hours agoLithuania PonasAkiniuotis44,300Įveikiau Sunkiausia Minecraft Serverį Lietuvoje...8:02
20 hours agoLithuania KAPONAS696Anglijos Naciai Sunaikinti / Wolfenstein: The New Order Lietuviškai - Ep. 631:09
1 day agoLithuania Ingvar_Play10,200Вся Правда О Трансформерах - #44 - Викторион/Факелоносцы - Кто Они На Самом Деле?21:06
1 day agoLithuania TheLittleFarmer77,100⭐Farming Simulator 19⭐Baltic Sea #61⭐Animal Care. Taking Soil Samples. Plowing & Liming⭐4K20:19
1 day agoLithuania Edvisss107,000VIENAS SNIEGYNUOSE!11:41
1 day agoLithuania DevilPeace Arts11,900Clothign sculpting Blender / Jacket50:43
1 day agoLithuania LoneWolf3,600Empyrion - Galactic Survival - Star Salvage - #4 Исчем нужные детальки.2:14:36
1 day agoLithuania alvinaslt2,080FTB Continuum серия - 94 Баки23:34
1 day agoLithuania NekromasLT339Entropia Universe.Live Stream.Gold Rush ,тайна статуй1:40:27
1 day agoLithuania Just_simple_adulis50Chill19:36
1 day agoLithuania sirogis282RU/LT 274/347 сбор/кулинарка 1950/1820 сбор/кулинарка/алхимка/бартер/паки/крафт 9/12/20213:23:59
1 day agoLithuania GreatEmerald1,320[86] Castle Gryphonheart - MM7: For Blood and Honour31:48
1 day agoLithuania kadre TV5,680Indian Weddings in India8:18
1 day agoLithuania HDSounDI1,410,000Emotional Orchestral Music: "The Four Dragons" by George Shaw2:47
1 day agoLithuania Vanar Kanabo676Days Gone ( Жизнь после ) №16 Прохождение стрим, сложность выживание 2 ( до первой смерти)1:06:32
1 day agoLithuania Phenom2x28,780Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough: Dante Must Die - Mission 14 - Diverging Point: V21:06
1 day agoLithuania Boio Boio10,000Terraria 1.4 Top 5 HARDEST Bosses! | PC, Console & Mobile Hard Bosses!4:37
1 day agoLithuania 049_plauges45VS Black sus but clay2:58
1 day agoLithuania LaisvėsTV X100,000GERIAUSIOS AUSINĖS UŽ 150€??? | Ausinės BEATS studio Buds || UNBOX RING APŽVALGA || Laisvės TV X6:56
2 days agoLithuania ACME Film Lietuva10,100Į MĖNULĮ / Moonbound - animacinis nuotykių filmas (lietuviškai dubliuotas anonsas)1:45
2 days agoLithuania Eastern European100,000Apie PROFKĘ ir €1000 PER VAKARĄ !5:03
2 days agoLithuania My Dream Garage170Chevrolet Camaro Concept (Bumblebee), NEW Car in My Dream Garage NFS Undercover / Cool Soundtrack59:08
2 days agoLithuania JustSphex Archive15,700IEŠKOME GRAŽIŲ "GLOCK | FAMAS | GALIL" SKINŲ (CS:GO) [Stream Momentai]9:56
2 days agoLithuania Saulius Navickas87Minecraft (74 serija) 2019 - 12 - 3159:31
2 days agoLithuania A Friend380,000OSRS HD is here! (runelite HD)13:00
2 days agoLithuania Martas Tankevičius51,700išmokau DRIFT'INTI10:37
2 days agoLithuania TarantuloTV3,880Elrond Network is spreading around the World1:15
2 days agoLithuania Woolfio17,600Vacuum + Molten SHELL (69% meme build) - Path of Exile (3.15 Expedition)15:35
2 days agoLithuania DamagePlanas34,100Legendinis Super Sajanas vs Fryzas4:15:13
2 days agoLithuania Žaidimų Balsas71,800Kodėl pagaliau verta pirkti PlayStation 5??!! - Žaidimų naujienos 2021-09-1314:15
2 days agoLithuania Svarbeuse Dariti50,200Taškymas prasideda!!! CS:GO master... HAHAHA!!!18:42
3 days agoLithuania Pink Boi36,400smokin nic, shottin heads, hittin bhops, suckin dic0:20
4 days agoLithuania prefis30,500GTA, bet... ESU BENAMIS20:19
4 days agoLithuania Noeliukas7,2802021 Rugsėjo 10 - Šeimų Sąjūdžio mitingas apžvalga10:55
4 days agoLithuania Dinia5,650Battlefield 4 ™ «ПРОХОЖДЕНИЕ» Сингапур1:05:10
4 days agoLithuania Modest Gamer117,000I Spent 48 Hours With 0$ on Completely Flat Map... Here's What Happened36:39
4 days agoLithuania Termis889NARNIJOS / DRAG ČEMPIONATAS #22:46:02
4 days agoLithuania Merchant of Karma1,05010 Tips - Guild Wars 2 | Things I did not know about the game until recently5:08
4 days agoLithuania MrRapolas68,800I TRIED NEW WORLD. GOOD. Lifeskilling Very good.6:16
4 days agoLithuania MD Series_LTU ʜᴅ47Apex Legends Short Montage0:54
4 days agoLithuania GhoulSpawner130True Vex.exe and it is URF2:45
4 days agoLithuania GamersName126,000Yakuza 4 Remastered - All missions | Full game12:58:05
4 days agoLithuania Funsline1,010nice tech0:28
5 days agoLithuania Arnoxas81Penktadieniukas!21:47
5 days agoLithuania Rich'ardas24,600GRYBŲ MEDŽIOKLĖ18:40
5 days agoLithuania Enoxas56,500MINECRAFT PABĖGIMAS IŠ MOKYKLOS 2!20:02
6 days agoLithuania giedmich1,360DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED | Gameplay Playthrough | #0240:20
6 days agoLithuania hYPERs36,300New World RTX 2060 1080p - 1440p11:45
6 days agoLithuania Darius Žaidžia97,800Sukūriau Naują Minecraft Būrelį Lietuvai! 😮3:29
6 days agoLithuania valdelio10,800GRIUKSE MANE NUŠOVĖ ?25:24
6 days agoLithuania Captain Iceblock3,190no u | Dota 20:37
6 days agoLithuania gedozvon17,300State of Play (DLC про Бухаря, Анч на ПК и Кратос 2)1:03:22
6 days agoLithuania Fobis206How I make Totally Alex's Thumbnails24:20
6 days agoLithuania nukkye10,400WARMING MY SNATCHEL FOR BERLIN 😱 | G2 NUKKYE5:38
6 days agoLithuania Distraction151,000Gryffin & LOVA - Piece Of Me3:23
6 days agoLithuania Done Right302Psychonauts 2 - geriausias 2021 metų žaidimas?!9:31
2021-09-08Lithuania Pacims73Lemonade 🍋 [Valorant montage]1:46
2021-09-07Lithuania OfficialJPJ2,210Darius Easy Pentakill 1v5 Mini Montage - League Of Legends0:13
2021-09-07Lithuania Star Shadow45Overwatch - old OWL All-Stars skins are back!!! Dva, Genji, Lucio , Mercy , Reinhardt and Tracer!!!4:14
2021-09-07Lithuania MindaugasXLTU473The Crew 2 - Motorflix S3E2 - US Speed Tour West | NEW - MOTORPASS, TIME ATTACKS, VEHICLES, SUMMITS13:36
2021-09-05Lithuania Ferinzz292How far did he make it? #shorts0:08
2021-09-04Lithuania MrMerendenda4Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Speedrun 15m 43s 671ms!16:34
2021-09-04Lithuania Ertyez436,000BEARLY BURIED IS SO HARD!.. (I lost my mind) | Dark Deception #10 [Chapter 4 Bearly Buried] Fan Game14:11
2021-09-02Lithuania looknstreet3,240Need For Speed: Heat Gameplay [Day] | Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (Battle Machine)9:48
2021-09-01Lithuania FilthyRamenKing70,100Copyright Free ROAD ROLLER! #shorts0:35
2021-09-01Lithuania CSGO HUB26,500WTF PRO MOMENTS #27:21
2021-08-30Lithuania Reperis631Garen jungle clear | Season 11 | Garen jungle full clear Guide (best path) | Patch 11.171:55
2021-08-30Lithuania GREN13371,480VIE Kill-Cam (EDIT by GREN1337)1:59
2021-08-30Lithuania Zorklis181Most Depressing Gaming Moment of My Life [Batman Arkham Knight]2:21
2021-08-30Lithuania LTU Republic128,000GTAV ROLE PLAY BET IQ KRENTA KAS SEKUNDĘ12:01
2021-08-29Lithuania Zuikis52MSFS | Microsoft Flight Simulator | EA-7 Edgley Optica | Bahamas | Cinematic3:30
2021-08-26Lithuania lileikiss66,700BATTLEFIELD 2042 PORTAL Meme Trailer2:45
2021-08-26Lithuania Spacebar1,550What is SPACEBAR.GG?0:30
2021-08-25Lithuania JustSphex32,200COLLAB SU "MOONFIGHTER", GTA RP NOLAIFERIAI, SILVER 1, IR DAUGIAU...11:11
2021-08-25Lithuania Dom the big D569BLACKSAD: UNDER THE SKIN Review12:44
2021-08-25Lithuania Reksnys1,020Reksnys | Highlights #58 | Walk Em Down 🚶‍♂️1:23
2021-08-23Lithuania Just datboiisreal2456 Sledgers VS Molten Mode | Will I Beat It?5:14
2021-08-22Lithuania JustAnyone857Simpsons Hit And Run - Xbox Debug build functions6:33
2021-08-22Lithuania Sigitas Nikolajenko25#BolTas #žvejyba #Kauno #Marios0:55
2021-08-20Lithuania Guzma105guzma - rolls royce (cover of achille lauro - rolls royce)3:01
2021-08-20Lithuania NeddyStuff2,960Drawing amber from Genshin Impact!0:39
2021-08-18Lithuania mantazzo44Audiosurf 2: Case & Point - Descender [2015]5:26
2021-08-17Lithuania Gytis Gytis408Russia Military Transport Plane Il-112V Crashes Outside Moscow During Training Flight1:19
2021-08-17Lithuania Water42,800The Geometry Dash 2.2 Sneak Peak is a Disappointment3:05