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This list represents female YouTube gaming channels based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
44 minutes agoJapan Yuhi Riri Official188,000【リトルナイトメア2】歪んだ絶望の世界を遊ぼう【夕陽リリ/にじさんじ】2:51:04
2 hours agoJapan ルカポルカ14,200【I am Bread/LOST EGG】ASMRバイノーラルマイクでバカゲー♪囁きボイスでお送りします【新人Vtuber】2:09:50
2 hours agoJapan Marley's Teatime142No Happy Endings [1] RE837:17
2 hours ago Emilia Kaida1,040Heroes 3: Dread Knights vs Level 7 Creatures14:39
3 hours agoUnited States KrissieDeathy1,840MerMay Pride Mermaid Aromantic12:33
3 hours ago Mary Channel / 西園寺メアリ【ハニスト】155,000【Good Job!】破壊衝動がと、止まらないんですぅー!!!【西園寺メアリ / ハニスト】1:15:14
4 hours agoJapan Subaru Ch. 大空スバル879,000【#生スバル】おはようスバル:FREE TALK【ホロライブ/大空スバル】2:13:36
4 hours ago lilly waters203Lets Play Village Resident Evil1:35:35
4 hours agoJapan 三叉ルベ7,630【Raft】のんびりできないイカダ生活【新人Vtuber】2:08:45
4 hours agoNew Zealand NocturnalOwlie1,270[BLIND] Let's Stream: Coffee Talk [03]2:30:02
4 hours agoJapan ヒヅキミウ MIU HIZUKI【WACTOR】147,000【#miu3D】Se ha creado Ukulele 3D!! Juguemos y cantemos♪ウクレレの3Dを作ってもらいました♪弾き語りするぞ~!【Vsinger/MiuHizuki】1:47:33
4 hours ago StardewToon554,000Identity V | น้องป๊อกแป๊ก ราชาบอดทิพย์10:14
5 hours agoJapan SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル741,000【Duolingo】English Study Stream!!【#ときのそら生放送】1:31:21
5 hours agoJapan ギン78,100【バイオ8】クリアまで!初見プレイ実況 BIOHAZARD VILLAGE Z バージョン【PS5】10:33:08
5 hours ago Unicorn Twins - Roblox1,540,000We Visited PARIS In Adopt Me! (Roblox)8:55
5 hours agoJapan 【3年0組】郡道美玲の教室297,000【ENG SUB】I “accidentally” made THAT out of clay【VTuber/NIJISANJI/Mirei Gundou】3:16
6 hours agoJapan 山神 カルタ / Karuta Yamagami128,000【あつまれどうぶつの森】起きろ___。【にじさんじ/山神カルタ】1:22:52
6 hours agoUnited States GamingGoddessEmi263Emi Plays Silent Hill 3 (8) Hospital27:41
6 hours agoAustralia Ash on LoL344,000We got kidnapped... (GTA V NoPixel)33:56
6 hours agoUnited States Geek Remix156,000Resident Evil 8 Village (PC) Hot Ladies Edition Part 11:39:30
6 hours agoJapan Suisei Channel884,000KING / 星街すいせい(Cover)2:15
6 hours ago はお!ユリ・メイ飯店1,210【百鬼異聞録】#4 青坊主と縁結神で絶対死なないユリ・メイ完成1:10:31
6 hours agoTaiwan, Republic of China Lumina4,150【惡作劇白雲】來搗蛋溜~~跟我一起大鬧世界聊聊天吧1:59:12
7 hours agoUnited States Tara The Gamer Girl’s 1st Channel2,110Mario Party Island Tour - Toad In Xylophone Home1:14
7 hours agoCanada ★WishingTikal★518,000Nier Replicant Walkthrough Part 13 (PS4) Remaster - Ending A1:12:32
8 hours agoJapan ルル=ルチカ【Luzyca Channel】17,600【キラメイ26話】推しのキャラソンが流れて画面から消える限界オタク【切り抜き】0:37
8 hours agoJapan Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN1,160,000【NEW OUTFIT REVEAL】The Detective is a SPY! | OUTFIT HYPE!!!!! #glAMErous1:16:56
8 hours agoJapan Rene Channel / 龍ヶ崎リン 【シュガリリ】48,800【RingFitAdventure】これでブリッジできるようになりますか?【龍ヶ崎リン / シュガリリ】1:12:52
8 hours agoJapan 戌亥とこ -Inui Toko-446,000【雑談】ぐんもーにん、ぐーてんもるげーん【戌亥とこ/にじさんじ】1:30:43
8 hours agoJapan Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら1,440,000【Minecraft】まったりめぇくらぺこ!!【ホロライブ/兎田ぺこら】3:53:16
8 hours agoUnited States QueenBlaze97,800Spider-Man (2002) Movie Reaction First Time Watching20:30
8 hours agoJapan いっちゃんねる2,620#0968_毎日動画 「コカ・コーラが発売開始」1:37
9 hours agoUnited States AshleyTheUnicorn1,050,000NEW TODDLER UPDATE In Bloxburg?! Coming TOMORROW? (Roblox)6:38
9 hours agoRussian Federation VtuberArisa583Stream Stardew Valley: [ENVtuber] No one is going to stop me1:49:19
9 hours agoPortugal LisboKate261,000Help Me Pick | Arsenal | Shindo | MM2 | Anime Fighting | All Star Tower Defense | 🔴 Live Stream2:12:02
9 hours ago Leaflit16,700【VTuber】Mom VTuber ASSASSINATES Her Daughter In Cold Blood (Leaflit and Asari Highlights)5:00
9 hours agoUnited States ItsFunneh7,520,000Going to PRISON in Krewcraft!1:30:21
9 hours agoJapan Uge Channel / 杏戸ゆげ 【ブイアパ】126,000【APEX LEGENDS】酒の呼吸 ಠ_ಠ 【杏戸ゆげ / ブイアパ】4:58:09
9 hours agoJapan 姫熊 りぼん-Himekuma Ribon-63,900探してください🧸 #shorts0:23
10 hours agoUnited States iJustine6,870,00030 Second iPhone Cleaning Challenge!10:10
10 hours agoJapan Watame Ch. 角巻わため873,000【Minecraft】わための砂遊び!これが、終わりの始まり...【角巻わため/ホロライブ4期生】6:49:53
10 hours agoJapan Met Channel / 小森めと 【ブイアパ】80,400【APEX LEGENDS】ソロランクソロランクソロランクソロランク【小森めと / ブイアパ】7:30:43
10 hours agoUnited States SSSniperWolf27,300,000Video Game Food in Real Life7:34
10 hours agoAustralia Gamerjoob32,900Resident Evil 8 Village | Castle Dimitrescu | Lady Dimitrescu | Full Playthrough | PS51:13:16
10 hours agoSpain Rous 19834,790Project Zomboid Survival Gameplay Español #05 Afrodita XI mmm3:42:17
10 hours agoUnited States The RPG Chick6,480Let's Play Cyberpunk 2077 (Blind), Part 76: Backs Against the Wall38:31
10 hours agoMexico Kori2,200,00024 HORAS SIENDO SIRENA Y PULPO EN BROOKHAVEN | Kori Roblox10:05
10 hours agoJapan しおん癒し系撫子Vtuber2,090【桃鉄】2Pは視聴者のコメントで行動が決まる実況生放送【桃太郎電鉄】4:41:00
11 hours agoUnited States Girls Play301,000Resident Evil Village | 13:32:07
11 hours agoJapan 花京院ちえり98,900【バイオハザード ヴィレッジ】バイオのむらにおい~でよ~♪ 初見プレイ # 01【花京院ちえり】5:14:17
11 hours agoUnited States BriannaPlayz3,400,000WORST Vacation vs BEST Vacation in Minecraft!8:03
11 hours agoJapan Izumi Channel / 柚原いづみ 【あにまーれ】53,400【晩酌へべれけ】週末は一緒に夜更かししちゃお・・♡【柚原いづみ / あにまーれ】4:25:49
11 hours agoRussian Federation Mana Renewal95,700🔴【MINECRAFT】Зашла на спонсорский сервер... | Mana Renewal3:35:32
11 hours agoJapan もちひよこ74,100【ウマ娘】限界女オタクによる初育成チャレンジ!!!!5:36:18
11 hours agoUnited States The Jessa Channel11,900⚔ Lord of the Rings: War in the North ~ Infiltrating the Iron City of Gundabad ~ Episode 1445:48
11 hours agoUnited States InquisitorMaster8,600,000Light FINALLY Confesses His LOVE To Charli!11:49
11 hours agoJapan Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり958,0003VS34:08:33
11 hours agoJapan ルイス・キャミー158,000【雀魂/麻雀#69】玉の間段位戦!ラス取ったらおしまい【ルイス・キャミー/にじさんじ】4:20:52
11 hours agoJapan 葉加瀬 冬雪 / Hakase Fuyuki260,000【ウマ娘プリティダービー】っょぃウマ娘育てながら雑談【にじさんじ/葉加瀬冬雪】4:23:38
11 hours ago 勇気ちひろ450,000【APEX】ランク&カジュアル【にじさんじ/勇気ちひろ】8:59:15
12 hours agoUnited Kingdom Yammy2,740,000Mr Popular's Personal Maid (Gacha Life Mini Movie)13:28
12 hours agoGermany Shenpai700,000New Pokémon Snap Is Making Me Cry22:08
12 hours agoUnited Kingdom LadyShelab22,400The Sushi Assassin! - Evil Genius 2 - Part 3951:19
12 hours agoCanada Materwelonz62,000Degasi's Fate - Let's Play Subnautica Part 21 [Blind PC Gameplay]46:50
12 hours agoJapan Flare Ch. 不知火フレア615,000【 ウマ娘 プリティーダービー】ガチャを回す!スマートファルコンを出走させたい【ホロライブ/不知火フレア】5:06:03
12 hours agoJapan アキロゼCh。Vtuber/ホロライブ所属501,000【雑談】50万人耐久の感謝Super Chat Reading【ホロライブ/アキロゼ】3:26:08
12 hours agoUnited States Aphmau9,530,000Adopted By CUTE BEES In Minecraft!22:33
12 hours agoJapan ハクヤ- Hakuya VTuber6,250寝る前の雑談 VTuberハクヤ / Hakuya LIVE STREAM1:07:40
12 hours agoArgentina Nimu492,000NOOOOOOO 😭0:14
12 hours agoUnited States LaurenzSide5,620,000If You Are Seeing This Video It Means ...WE HAD THE BABY!! 👶 (Nursery & Name Reveal)9:26
12 hours agoThailand Aisha Channel297,000Undo - POP PONGKOOL X WONDERFRAME Cover by Aisha4:17
12 hours agoCanada AzzyLand13,500,000TikTok Experiments Gone Wrong !8:18
13 hours ago Sqaishey Quack1,030,000LIVE - GOOSE GAME [2] ~ Sqaishey Stream59:35
13 hours agoJapan 本間ひまわり - Himawari Honma -627,000【バイオハザードヴィレッジ】時間変更あるかも!\ 第一村人発見 /【本間ひまわり/にじさんじ】3:16:43
13 hours agoJapan Moona Hoshinova hololive-ID650,000【Yakuza 0】Continue Yakuza again!【SPOILER ALERT】4:26:30
13 hours agoJapan くのいち子のちゃんねる3,050たぶん今日は猿退治!SEKIROでござる! !(2021.5.7)4:29:25
13 hours agoCanada Gloom6,400,000I laughed but are you ok?15:04
13 hours agoJapan Azura Cecillia 【NIJISANJI ID】31,400【VALORANT】shooty pew pew ue ue【NIJISANJI ID】2:27:19
13 hours agoUnited States Vixella1,440,000Funniest Sims 4 Tik Toks8:09
13 hours agoNetherlands Gab Smolders628,000IT'S HERE - Resident Evil Village [1]1:28:35
13 hours ago Pandorya548,000Platz da, HIER KOMMT OMMA! 👻 The Caregiver | 終焉介護 #04 ● Let's Play27:32
13 hours ago 綾鞠ぺこ【MarbleCreators】1,680初見プレイ✦名作RPGをプレイ!【女性実況/クロノ・トリガー】3:32:24
13 hours agoJapan えま★おうがすと182,000【えまと晩酌】バブ……バブ……【えま★おうがすと/にじさんじ所属】1:16:55
13 hours agoJapan Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN1,330,000【GUILTY GEAR XRD REV 2】Rocking With THE BOYS! Featuring...My New Fight Stick?! #HololiveEnglish3:29:36
14 hours agoJapan 竜胆 尊 / Rindou Mikoto414,000\  深 夜 の お う た  /1:27:22
14 hours agoJapan Miko Ch. さくらみこ1,010,000【 晩酌歌枠 】よっぱらいながら歌う~♬Sing a Song!【ホロライブ/さくらみこ】2:58:56
14 hours agoBrazil BatataComPepino209,000A Batata saiu com o Lanzinho na pandemia | Melhores Momentos {VTuber}7:46
14 hours ago 鹿乃 Kano Channel3,160アリーナ! APEX3:02:38
14 hours agoMalaysia Liliana Vampaia Channel 吸血鬼 リリアナ50,400【Minecraft】Independent Young Vampaia Builds a MANSION! [EN]【MyHolo TV】2:37:53
14 hours agoJapan 神成きゅぴ / Kaminari Qpi76,500【 BIOHAZARD 7 】クリアTIME4時間切るまでバイオ新作遊べまてん!😱 #5【ぶいすぽ/神成きゅぴ】5:21:47
14 hours ago もこめめ*channel156,000【雑談】しっとり…しっとり…1:03:02
14 hours agoJapan レヴィ・エリファ-Levi Elipha-204,000【FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE】7才、バイトはじめましタ!【にじさんじ/レヴィ・エリファ】2:10:55
14 hours agoUnited States LadyTenjoin627Resident Evil 8: Village (PC Survival Horror Gameplay) | Part 1: Chris, I thought I knew you!41:27
14 hours agoUnited States gogokamy409Trying to Reunite the Sad Boys | Hades ep 62 | gogokamy1:02:39
14 hours agoUnited States LadyPhoenix Games105Donkey Kong 64 - Part 26 | Minecart Carnage #320:51
14 hours agoCanada Forderayleigh23vintage story 28: Bridging!22:38
14 hours agoJapan Airani Iofifteen Channel hololive-ID365,000【APEX】Ba... Babuu....?【hololiveID】2:27:30
15 hours ago Riona Ch. EnVtuber73Let's Play Omori - 5: Playing in the trash30:11
15 hours agoJapan しらゆりヘブンちゃんねる110,000🤍ベルばらではオスカルがすきでした【白百合リリィ/ViViD所属】2:42:23