Latest Channel Activity From Malaysia

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Malaysia based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
3 hours agoMalaysia GuitarRock First18,300Losing Stream? KEK, AMONG SUS Later! | Livestream2:29:49
10 hours agoMalaysia Songsen 宋聖687,000要摸我的藍毛嗎?Cyberpunk 2020【Human: Fall Flat 人類墬落】搞笑精華19:50
11 hours agoMalaysia Naz's GTA Playlist81GTA Vice City on PS2 | A Pleasant Experience...or Is It?22:58
11 hours agoMalaysia Eisu Channel952【Typing of the Dead】Killing zombies with WORDS!3:32:31
11 hours agoMalaysia JustWant2PlayAGame274,000ARTEEZY back to MID with his New Favourite Hero (2 Games)10:47
12 hours agoMalaysia SYAHBILLIE CLUB3,940LIVE SANTUYYY1:05:27
14 hours agoMalaysia Faiz Zeo1,350Preview of Edifier G2 II (Sponsored by
14 hours agoMalaysia Bobdesamaae3,870Assassin's Creed Valhalla Japanese Gameplay Part 5 - To England30:05
15 hours agoMalaysia Muhammad Ariff Zaini71Fall in Love With Mandarin (Week 2) #FutureLearn21:09
15 hours agoMalaysia EIM EKY8214,400Shadow Of The Colossus l HARD + _PART 2 All 79 Relic (Coin) Locations -LIVE- PS4 | MALAYSIA 27/11/201:16:36
16 hours agoMalaysia Rindokazi 187,720Event Nama Mobile Legend - Among Us (Malaysia) - Part 1624:52
17 hours agoMalaysia MK844,310Test Stream36:01
19 hours agoMalaysia Wings of Miracle【奇跡之翼】Kiseki No Tsubasa354【OST】《Chrono Cross》- Drowning Valley2:11
20 hours agoMalaysia AceCronosz7,240[LIVE] VRChat And Chill - AceCronosz Livestroom4:23:25
20 hours agoMalaysia Tengku Gaming23ARMA 3 : Ranger Official : JOPS - Ops Splitter2:30:39
21 hours agoMalaysia PESLOX Channel60,900Ghost of Tsushima Part 8 - Bantu Bob selesaikan masalah2:23:53
21 hours agoMalaysia ikkira Anime2,670Nasa Buy New Kawaii Clothes for Tsukasa! Tonikaku Kawaii Ep 93:32
22 hours agoMalaysia AlexGamingTV2,320Wii Party U & Wii Party Mini game continuous play! (Wii 파티 U) Let's Start ! #069 | AlexGamingTV59:21
22 hours agoMalaysia cikokui2,900Call of duty Black Ops Cold War Zombie : How to play zombie with simple tactics and survived.51:43
22 hours agoMalaysia Amychantv603Trails Of Cold Steel 4 # 25\\Operation Rescue Rean Part 2?4:09:23
23 hours agoMalaysia PokdeDotNet1,900Asus Zenbook 14 with Intel Tiger Lake & Iris Xe - Thin, Light, Powerful.11:46
23 hours agoMalaysia Basic & Casual139Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Like Real Scientists19:14
1 day agoMalaysia Alvo38,700How to play: Scythe⁶ Legends [Brawlhalla]13:02
1 day agoMalaysia goldfries5,580AMD Radeon RX 6800 matching RX 6800 XT Performance? It is possible!4:28
1 day agoMalaysia MrRICEBALL760EC3 Alternate attire CAW | SvR 2011 PS2 caw, moveset, entrance, finisher formula4:50
1 day agoMalaysia Arman Ahmadi737Banjir kilat1:37
1 day agoMalaysia Ennori Channel989【APEX】うまくなりたいから練習!!!「ft.流霜絢目、矢泽狭久」2:02:27
1 day agoMalaysia 奇世宇Kishiyu191【刺客教條:維京紀元 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla】#7 阿斯嘉篇:阻止霜巨人入侵(最高畫質)1:00:23
1 day agoMalaysia Mat Steady1COH 2 #117:04
1 day agoMalaysia Syafiq Studio7,830MOD DRIVE THRU - GTA SA ANDROID2:21
1 day agoMalaysia Azman lacazette1,620#dreamleaguesoccer2021gameplay #dls21/ GLOBAL CHALLENGE CUP. GRANADA vs DUKU PAHIT CITY.10:19
1 day agoMalaysia Jake "Ziggity" Steven6,010Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne - 19 - Part Three: Chapter Two (US PS2 Release)13:20
1 day agoMalaysia ユナモン1,280FGO 「「地獄界曼荼羅 平安京 轟雷一閃」開幕直前PU召喚 Heiankyo Pre-Event PU Summon (日替り Daily)」 33連 Rolls9:07
1 day agoMalaysia Syafiq Aiman637,000AKU PERGI KLCC DALAM ROBLOX! - Roblox Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia)13:32
1 day agoMalaysia Hariri Harun19What happens if you leave the Nether Portal open! | Horror Minecraft Animation.4:40
1 day agoMalaysia 麵包碎3,380【麵包碎】在1916年開個飛機場 | #1《天空港/ Sky Haven》29:35
1 day agoMalaysia kalcubemaster35,100🔵 [WARZONE] Push Rank Battle Pass #21:55:45
1 day agoMalaysia Jibonski122,000Kisah buaya yang gagal...12:15
1 day agoMalaysia Malluffy30,400Obby Pulau Lanun? [LIVE ROBLO] [#67]2:58:01
1 day agoMalaysia ML Studios703,000Samak Kulit Haiwan Pakai Air Kencing3:18
1 day agoMalaysia KeceSloppyGamer158Play The Best Game For Your Highest End PC Build??0:57
1 day agoMalaysia tinyoNe Plays8,250Lets Play Fortnite - دسته جالبی بود16:34
1 day agoMalaysia SEA Gamer Mall3,910Black Friday 2020 Sales - Ubisoft, Nintendo, PlayStation sales and more!2:48
1 day agoMalaysia Stremphoenix1,280スト5✨ ときど [豪鬼] 対 なおーん [豪鬼] | 誰が最後まで笑ったの?| SFV CE✨Tokido [Akuma] Vs Naooonn [Akuma]✨SF511:09
1 day agoMalaysia Entertain-inator 300061DC Super Hero Girls Weird Science Issue 123:27
1 day agoMalaysia Farid Fauzan14911 GT3 Generation | Gran Turismo sport | Porsche 911 GT3 & GT3 RS17:36
1 day agoMalaysia Lx Shiriga6,570Guardian Tales 10-3 Guide (Full 3 Star + Hidden Treasure) | Invaders' Fortress9:51
1 day agoMalaysia Digi Telecommunications91,000Digi Fibre Broadband – Ultra-Fast For Everyone, Everywhere0:31
1 day agoMalaysia Gamer Santai1,840Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory - GS Gameplay!16:50
1 day agoMalaysia Ganbaa Mecha100Destiny Child : Defense War (by THUMBAGE) Android / IOS - launch gameplay9:01
1 day agoMalaysia Asy Official4,470PATCH NOTES 1.5.34 UPDATED || NEW HERO || GRANGER LEGEND SKIN || CLINT M2 SKIN || MOBILE LEGENDS10:26
1 day agoMalaysia Calem MrNazreenn4,290The Crew 2 | Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray 2020 Interception Unit Fully upgrade "Cross Edition"15:04
1 day agoMalaysia NEWB FF3,080NEWB FF VS ARG Jebat 🔥 | Clash Of Friend 2| Free Fire Highlights🇲🇾4:22
1 day agoMalaysia Haziq M35,200Suster ngesot dekat sekolah!! | Phasmophobia VR Malaysia14:12
1 day agoMalaysia Free Fire Malaysia Official399,000Teaser Pembukaan Persembahan T.R.A.P. | FFCS0:16
1 day agoMalaysia ahloke cafe111,000Utah Monolith Is Emanating Today0:06
1 day agoMalaysia danteYT137League Of Legends Wild Rift | Yasuo montage #23:40
1 day agoMalaysia Chot Sup Channel1,190ARK: Survival Evolved PC | EP 274| Riding Ice Titan (MMOASIA-SteamxEpicGames)29:30
1 day agoMalaysia PUBG MOBILE Malaysia207,000Set Petinju Bawah Tanah | PUBG MOBILE MALAYSIA0:30
1 day agoMalaysia KamenSlasherz287,000ALL FINAL FORM ! DX Ridewatch Set Vol 1 & 2 - Heisei Phase 1- Kamen Rider Zi-O - Unboxing & Review23:25
1 day agoMalaysia CrafterMakes21Godzilla 2000 (2014 skin) Blue Atomic Breath test | Godzilla Unleashed8:49
1 day agoMalaysia Kye92355,500這次真的大改版 !!!!! 超鬼王活動搶先看 ► 風起之森 🦉 全新式神 SP 初翎山風 🦉 陸服更新 【 陰陽師 Onmyoji 】8:45
1 day agoMalaysia SolllMatt23,000JUMPA TUAN PUTERI DALAM PUBG😍(kena redzone)😭 - Pubg Funny Moments Malaysia #1613:47
1 day agoMalaysia Fluffy Tyra757i tried making a custom background, it didnt turn out well0:08
1 day agoMalaysia 威利游戲頻道32“哇牠罵我丟雷,以為我沒聽。。。” - 破門而出 Breaking Gates 實況精華8:17
1 day agoMalaysia Izzat Asyraf Production2,890Genshin Impact | PC/PS4/Mobile | Lets Play and Chill with Viewers [4K 60FPS]58:16
1 day agoMalaysia Haruto Kissey144Watch Dogs Legion PC Gameplay walkthorugh 8 - Main Mission1:03:10
1 day agoMalaysia xTimelessGaming180,000Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 PS2 Gameplay HD (PCSX2)40:50
1 day agoMalaysia 悠闲生活Ken1,140【中文字幕】四海兄弟決定版第12回 Mafia: Definitive Edition38:29
1 day agoMalaysia Angeline HL1,180Part 42 - SWORDIPEDE Boss - FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE Walkthrough Gameplay31:06
1 day agoMalaysia Nixxo Gamer23THE DIVISION 2 -PART 21:02:19
1 day agoMalaysia KemahGaming2,770Best 0.5GS Loadout CODM (For Long Range Camo)0:36
1 day agoMalaysia 傑戰 XevosWarz1,340#42 一周目Nightmare难度[第三部]Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel IV 闪之轨迹 IV 43:57:00
1 day agoMalaysia Henry嗓650Uncharted 秘境探险2 纵横四海 第18集 (生命之树 完结篇)18:33
2 days agoMalaysia SNOW1,860Fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp0:30
2 days agoMalaysia Alfanizer2,080Dragon Quest Monsters : Joker 3 [English Patched] | Setting Citra 3Ds Emulator on Android (MMJ)22:25
2 days agoMalaysia neko-kun424[Genshin Impact] Event Quest - Where Ancient Stars (Unreconciled Stars - IV)23:16
2 days agoMalaysia Laowu老吳1,160,000Godfall PS5《眾神殞落》試玩 - 砍砍砍砍砍! [4K中文版]18:33
2 days agoMalaysia GamerZakh121,000What are the Odds of Making It on YouTube? - Success is not just Chance18:22
2 days agoMalaysia The Viperian8,480Main Problem of Crash Bandicoot 4 N.Verted Mode... (the ugly side!)3:41
2 days agoMalaysia Zelvof10,100MLBB MAP All I want for Christmas | PT25 for RezuREXion0:13
2 days agoMalaysia Dayum300,000This Minecraft Video Will WORRY You4:51
2 days agoMalaysia Bloody heart3,940Scary Teacher 3D | SuperGlued Level #3 ( Chapter 2 )5:48
2 days agoMalaysia Wanuxi6,290Street Fighter: Duel《街霸:对决》试玩【坐等全服发放周杰伦限量A卡】13:44
2 days agoMalaysia NoGamePlay57,400SSB Goku vs Golden Frieza Finishing Move(Costumes/Variants Edition) - Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mods8:02
2 days agoMalaysia DANISH MUQRIZ432I Miss This Game?!! | Case Clicker12:05
2 days agoMalaysia MY Console Gamer307Is it Wrong to Try to Shoot 'em up Girls in a Dungeon17:50
2 days agoMalaysia Jed Journey258Leonard's inspiring tales (unreconciled stars) JP version | Genshin Impact4:10
2 days agoMalaysia KeN AK G1,530amd ryzen 5 3600 gtx 1660 super game test8:16
2 days agoMalaysia PandaGameplaysz II1,220One Piece Treasure Cruise || Android Gameplay16:59
2 days agoMalaysia WING LEE752Holoware (PC) Ver 0.2 Normal mode Gameplay41:31
2 days agoMalaysia Bannana Bus80[ Terraria 泰拉瑞亚 ] Master Mode 生存精华 #10:突如其来的哥布林入侵6:55
2 days agoMalaysia YouNicIce3,140Assassin's Creed® Valhalla_202011251932396:20
2 days agoMalaysia LostAngel Lucifer358Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars IV Quest12:39
2 days agoMalaysia safwan44,300VS CHILDE, ROLL BANNER | Genshin Impact3:17:36
2 days agoMalaysia Liliana Vampaia Channel 吸血鬼 リリアナ15,400【TETR.IO】Let's play Tetris together with Lili! Part 2 [EN/BM]【MyHolo TV】1:53:39
3 days agoMalaysia CG Game Video316PS4 | PS5 - Override 2 Super Mech League - Ultraman Gameplay Trailer1:30
3 days agoMalaysia ZSDraws2,620PART 14-15 ||#NaufFalcat_map || ZSDraws0:07