Latest Channel Activity From Malaysia

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Malaysia based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2 hours agoMalaysia DoraDhiah Ch. どらでぃあ3,120🔱Among Us🔱Still remember our target? Lets kill her!【ᴍʏ/ᴇɴ/ᴊᴘ】どらでぃあVTuber Malaysia2:50:19
2 hours agoMalaysia Dota 2 Carry12,300ABED Mid vs CCNC — Top 1 MMR vs Top 2 MMR11:31
3 hours agoMalaysia DarkTaurus880,000What's Bonnie trying to say?0:28
3 hours agoMalaysia Stremphoenix3,660ストリートファイター5✨三太郎 [春麗] Vs 板ザン [アビゲイル] 飛行機での対戦 | SFV CE✨Santarouchan [Chun Li] Vs Itazan [Abigail]✨スト57:30
4 hours agoMalaysia ServerDNA TV2,640Wild Rift Community Clash Playoffs DAY 13:44
4 hours agoMalaysia JustWant2PlayAGame286,000NOONE vs ILTW again — 12min BF vs 12min Maelstrom11:22
4 hours agoMalaysia 尋光的黑暗旅人229菜鷄從鑽石到王者的第一天! 王者榮耀1:41:51
5 hours agoMalaysia AkiSakura10,000Title nantie lah buat. Test saja. Good my morning.1:21:47
5 hours agoMalaysia Muhammad Ariff Zaini96My Dota 2 Full Gameplay with MVP as Lycan #11725:17
5 hours agoMalaysia Henry嗓722FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE 最终幻想VII 重制版 第7集 (迷宮之犬)57:21
6 hours agoMalaysia ユナモン1,380ウマ娘 プリティーダービー Uma Musume Pretty Derby 「URA ファイナルズ 決勝 Finals」 カレンチャン Curren Chan2:29
6 hours agoMalaysia AL429Monster Hunter Rise WTF #180:22
6 hours agoMalaysia Huckebein555 Rebirth1,590ナムコ×カプコン ( Namco X Capcom ) Chapter 13 Gameplay1:39:12
7 hours agoMalaysia Skyruu Giyamaka861sugarcrash meme but dream gets milk and he reacted //credits in desc!0:11
8 hours agoMalaysia MINN9991,810Yukk GM bisalahhhh :v19:28
8 hours agoMalaysia Alfanizer3,010Inazuma Eleven GO : Galaxy Supernova | Setting Citra 3Ds Emulator Android (MMJ)13:25
8 hours agoMalaysia Phaqma فقمة3,050بتموت ضحك !7:29
8 hours agoMalaysia Kye92357,400神仙大佬們的冰川時代 !!!!! 個人 & 團隊鬥技賽全記錄 🏮 春和演武大會總決賽 🏮 網易電競 NeXT 2021 【 陰陽師 Onmyoji 】3:44:50
8 hours agoMalaysia Wings of Miracle【奇跡之翼】Kiseki No Tsubasa423【日常Daily】《Stardew Valley》#14 - 整天在燒煤 (Burning Coal All Day)20:52
9 hours agoMalaysia Free Fire Malaysia Official954,000Filem Pendek "Beraksi Kehadapan" | Free Fire x Zizan Razak7:19
10 hours agoMalaysia eddyfazly6,040Memburu Gambar LEGENDARY Pokemon! Jom Jadi Paparazzi lagi! hahahahaha [Pokemon Snap Ep.7]4:03:54
11 hours agoMalaysia OPLOLReplay236,000PNG (brTT Tristana) VS PSG (Maple Lucian) Highlights - 2021 MSI Day 25:08
11 hours agoMalaysia HEAVEN Leow1,190🔴LIVE![PS4] Genshin Impact|AR55|原神 1.5 又星期5当然打游戏啊4:57:06
12 hours agoMalaysia KuroIruka323Kumoko's secret weapon | So I'm a Spider, So What? [Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?] Episode 17 Breakdown19:42
12 hours agoMalaysia MrCocan292,000Im Back Valorant2:44:44
13 hours agoMalaysia PandaMerah25,600🔴 Resident Evil: Village #13:29:48
13 hours agoMalaysia Calem MrNazreenn6,670Unboxing Pokémon Bandai Plamo Quick Scorbunny & rest of Scorbunny Gang!15:05
13 hours agoMalaysia esta zainal3,470Unboxing Bath & Body Works Hand Gel Soap May 2021 #bathnbodyworks #handgelsoap #eucalyptus #mint1:19
13 hours agoMalaysia Liliana Vampaia Channel 吸血鬼 リリアナ50,400【Minecraft】Independent Young Vampaia Builds a MANSION! [EN]【MyHolo TV】2:37:53
13 hours agoMalaysia power333boom4,270RYZEN 7 5800H NVIDIA RTX 3070 MAX-P Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition 4K Extreme Setting15:15
13 hours agoMalaysia PESLOX Channel80,000🔴 Part 1 - Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay (Bahasa Malaysia)2:17:43
14 hours agoMalaysia Eisu Channel1,520【Monster Hunter Rise】Let's try to clear off more leftover quests3:03:53
14 hours agoMalaysia Husk3y707🔴Servers Should Be Good Now ~ | Apex Legend | Live Stream3:13:57
14 hours agoMalaysia APXDMN Ch.頂点大門チャネル691[Among Us] im a good program, i no kill2:46:31
15 hours agoMalaysia Astro Malaysia56,400Get early access to Godzilla vs Kong on Astro Best!0:30
15 hours agoMalaysia Naz's Playlist534You Are My Life - Michael Jackson (Nasran Cover)4:30
16 hours agoMalaysia MrRICEBALL CAW1,050Ricky Starks AEW | How to create a wrestler PS2 Svr2011 PSP CAW Formula4:10
16 hours agoMalaysia Jake "Ziggity" Steven9,070Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 - 03 - Farming Village (US PSP Release)9:05
17 hours agoMalaysia WhiTe SakuRa6,510SCARY STRANGER 3D | INTRO PART 1 GAMEPLAY5:46
17 hours agoMalaysia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔᑭᖇᗩᐯᗴᗴᑎOᗰᘜシ2,810Graphnix and hypemyke edit(Graphnix)0:13
18 hours agoMalaysia En. Ch1,710「聊天 | 雜談 | FreeTalk」1hour VR雑談!!VR freetalk1:04:55
18 hours agoMalaysia PUBG MOBILE Malaysia323,000💥Pakaian-X Gagak Berdarah memilikannya sekarang!🥳1:05
18 hours agoMalaysia Nixxo Gamer27DOTA 2 -Windranger the real pusher15:11
18 hours agoMalaysia Laowu老吳1,180,000Resident Evil 8 《惡靈古堡8:村莊》被這遊戲給耍了 【4K60】45:52
18 hours agoMalaysia 欣欣商商175王者荣耀 | 欣欣商商 百里玄箦 | 新皮肤的感觉 竟然拿到 5 杀!排位赛 时刻_32512:48
18 hours agoMalaysia GuitarRock First21,200NEW SPIRAL ABYSS FLOOR 11! - DOUBLE CRYO!?! | Genshin Impact16:02
18 hours agoMalaysia Wong Pang Zhen201,000到处是怪物的神秘村庄! - 《生化危机8》RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE44:43
19 hours agoMalaysia Faiz Zeo1,360[4K] WALK Bazaar Ramadhan Bangi Gateway14:58
19 hours agoMalaysia PlataBush5,470,000Monster School : Baby Wolf Cried RIP mama wolf - Very Sad Story Minecraft Animation14:20
19 hours agoMalaysia Bobdesamaae5,000Assassin's Creed 1 Killing The Guy In the Introduction Part 1143:22
19 hours agoMalaysia Songsen 宋聖717,000妹妹到底給誰帶走了?哪位才是真妹妹?【Gmod Guess Who】搞笑精華17:56
19 hours agoMalaysia Gamer Secret 玩家機密122,000為什麼【E-Girl】招玩家討厭?Twitch嚴重的雙標封禁制度!女權議題有著很矛盾的問題?10:13
19 hours agoMalaysia ML Studios1,030,000Halalkah Rentas Negeri Sebab Rindu Mak Ayah?6:10
20 hours agoMalaysia 娜娜喵194,000為了守護地下城而把自己員工送去死 | Legend of Keepers 魔王大人,擊退勇者吧!49:29
20 hours agoMalaysia tinyoNe Plays10,400Flare Gun is Back - ببینید چی آورده فورتنایت22:15
20 hours agoMalaysia BumBum805,000Hey whats'up IT'S UR BOI BUMBUM #PUBGMOBILE2:13:52
21 hours agoMalaysia Farid Fauzan213check around the hood | Genshin Impact |48:53
22 hours agoMalaysia Entertain-inator 300086Smelting Iron and Mining | Minecraft Gameplay #2924:26
22 hours agoMalaysia Pitstop TV47,500Kisah Aku Dan Kereta : Proton Saga LMST C11 | SIC SIOMC4:08
22 hours agoMalaysia MinePaw368,000Monster School: Poor Baby Zombie Pigman Family Life (Sad story but happy ending)-Minecraft Animation10:41
22 hours agoMalaysia Syafiq Aiman950,000(CHALLENGE) AKU TIRU RESIPI KHAIRUL AMING! Jadi ke tak?!20:35
23 hours agoMalaysia Jayron Chia 謝家榮1,090【手游试玩】开封神捕10:17
23 hours agoMalaysia Malluffy53,600Aku Lari Dari Penjara (Roblox Malaysia)15:32
1 day agoMalaysia Digi Telecommunications96,000Resipi Kek Buah Untuk Yang Tersayang3:34
1 day agoMalaysia Capssimistic123Monthly game night w/ chat (January 2021) || Bomberman + Tetris + Stardew/Fall Guys?3:45:16
1 day agoMalaysia WING LEE1,040Honkai Impact 3rd V4.7 Arc Light Bound Walkthrough Part 2 End3:04:29
1 day agoMalaysia Amychantv632Destiny 2 comp20:51
1 day agoMalaysia MK844,340ArmA 3 - Operation Enervated Cod [ZEUS]1:42:43
1 day agoMalaysia IOSGAMEPLAY67,600Athletics 3: Summer Sports - IOS Gameplay6:35
1 day agoMalaysia CARDOCK355,000Berapa kos untuk upgrade stage 2 Peugeot 408 di Bros Autocare part 4 | EvoMalaysia.com8:23
1 day agoMalaysia x3lp6,140Meet Naraka's DEV Team and see what they say!10:06
1 day agoMalaysia StalkerArea51 Official10,600At least i killed them all0:56
1 day agoMalaysia xTimelessGaming240,000Godzilla: Save the Earth PS2 Gameplay HD (PCSX2)20:28
1 day agoMalaysia OOHAMI685,000(Gila!) ''OOHAMI & TEAMFIRES CUBA MOTOR🛵 PARKOUR CHALLENGE!'' - GTA 5 Online | Malaysia45:10
1 day agoMalaysia MY Console Gamer3973DMark Wild Life Extreme1:28
1 day agoMalaysia Hyptuberヒップー1,180humu1:13
1 day agoMalaysia GamerZakh146,000War in HUMANKIND! ► Conquering & Sieges to Vassalise the Neighbours - 2021 Gameplay1:51:56
1 day agoMalaysia Angeline HL1,160Part 1 - Aloy - HORIZON ZERO DAWN Ultra Hard Walkthrough Gameplay34:58
1 day agoMalaysia TheViperian11,200New Seasonal Event & Content Added! (Crash On The Run Update)2:30
1 day agoMalaysia goldfries7,160Tecware Fusion Review6:16
1 day agoMalaysia DEMON7SIX471,000Vamos EternalxIndonesia ❤️5:33
1 day agoMalaysia Rindokazi 1810,700Bus Racing Awok2 Kita - Bus Simulator Indonesia (Malaysia) - Part 517:50
1 day agoMalaysia Biu Biu959,000Killing everyone in Pochinki | PUBG Mobile12:57
1 day agoMalaysia Wanuxi 官方频道8,180《古剑奇谭网络版 PC》国际中文版捏脸系统9:44
1 day agoMalaysia Banana Bus147Rampage?! Oops0:51
1 day agoMalaysia SEAGM6,040Detik² RSG Malaysia yang meletakkan mereka di PMPL SEA Finals | PMPL MY/SG S3 Highlights1:59
1 day agoMalaysia Ryusei4,090The Devil King - Oda Nobunaga (Sengoku Basara) FULL PLAY PS2 HD 60FPS1:23:57
2 days agoMalaysia Android Republic - Best Game Mods7,840Date A Live: Spirit Pledge - Global [VIP Mod]2:24
2 days agoMalaysia Chuck X1,200MOTOGP 21 || Jack Miller || Ducati || Realistic First Person || 60FPS4:51
2 days agoMalaysia Gilulu929【Arknights/明日方舟】The Grand Knight Territory Outskirts Annihilation【アークナイツ】23:08
2 days agoMalaysia LostAngel Lucifer722Genshin Impact Energy amplifier Domain Act 3 6k2:28
2 days agoMalaysia IkkiraSenpai Anime6,630Mizarisa Come to save Hiro from Alicia! Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara Ep 54:51
2 days agoMalaysia DPC Family Channel4,050#BMOTAMANDAGANG #SARAYALJASMINE berbuka puasa bersama team bmo4:22
2 days agoMalaysia Idolise Bigjie478Lisa's Magic Trick - Feat Benti Venti0:45
2 days agoMalaysia Jaster Low43,300修煉充能斧!我還需要更多好護石 集任輪流開打 【魔物獵人崛起】||【 Jaster Live】3:14:51
2 days agoMalaysia ROBE CUBE1,170,000Monster School : Imposter Smashers Challenge - Minecraft Animation15:08