Latest Channel Activity From Malaysia

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Malaysia based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
14 hours agoMalaysia NerdGamingMalaysia117,000🔴 RE: PROJECT RESISTANCE (BETA) #1.b42:33
23 hours agoMalaysia Francissca Peter11,700Francissca Peter_Live interview TV3_Selamat Pagi Malaysia (1 April 2020)4:36
1 day agoMalaysia xTimelessGaming114,000Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano - All Cars List PS2 Gameplay UHD (PCSX2)16:09
1 day agoMalaysia DarkTaurus489,0001983 UTF Custom Night - All Jumpscares (2:25)4:01
1 day agoMalaysia Monster of Predator362PUBG: Ntah La Labuuuu28:45
1 day agoMalaysia BabYzzz1,010,000Monster School : SPIN THE WHEEL CHALLENGE - Minecraft Animation14:01
1 day agoMalaysia Murasaki Gilulu822【SAOARS】it's a Free Gacha let's hope for the best【Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel】3:57
1 day agoMalaysia Violet Delta536【東方Synth Orchestra】 Youkai Telecom Shutdown3:07
1 day agoMalaysia Floresce Gaming Channel2,010なかよしX SP フルオート 3凸 (季節限定なし) Nakayoshi X Special Full Auto 3 Strikes (No Seasonal Lim)【プリコネR/PriCon R】6:25
1 day agoMalaysia Mailson Wei208Learn How to Code Using Robot in Minecraft Logic0 Map [Part 1]10:24
2 days agoMalaysia Lead Of Action Games3,680Sonic Riders | Metal City | Sonic - Powerful Gear3:34
2 days agoMalaysia GuitarRock FWT13,900Immortal Gran Activated! | Brave Nine11:50
2 days agoMalaysia Koon15,600Granblue Fantasy 6th Anniversary Scratcher 19 Coins & 130 Pulls In One Go34:31
2 days agoMalaysia PESLOX Channel46,400PENANG FA Luar Biasa1:11:28
2 days agoMalaysia 奇世宇Kishiyu33【Yomawari: Midnight Shadows 深夜廻】第四夜 晚上你敢一個人去廢棄別墅嗎?(PC) *劇情攻略*47:49
2 days agoMalaysia JustWant2PlayAGame256,000MIRACLE brings UNDYING back to Meta? 2 Games in a Row Dota 215:01
2 days agoMalaysia 娜娜喵199,000【精華】劇情向 | 狩獵場 | 精靈與營火意志 Ori and the Will of the Wisps | Ep810:47
2 days agoMalaysia Gamer Santai570Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - GS Gameplay9:11
2 days agoMalaysia Abdul Rohman257Cabaret Club Fresh League8:25
2 days agoMalaysia Wanuxi3,980Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story《魔法学院英雄校园物语》试玩【想当我魔法学院的学生吗?】7:51
2 days agoMalaysia WING LEE550Guns Girl Z Ver6.4 DLC Mode All Boss Battle19:36
2 days agoMalaysia Laowu老吳1,140,000Half-Life: Alyx《戰慄時空:艾莉克絲》搞笑試玩 - Valve Index初體驗29:55
2 days agoMalaysia Bannana Bus42[ Dota 2 Funny Montage ] Offlane Timbersaw's Ranked Bizarre Adventure (Calibration Only)2:51
3 days agoMalaysia kalcubemaster30,300Koleksi Kasut RM7000 Kalcubemaster (2014 - 2019)12:11
3 days agoMalaysia Muhammad Ariff Zaini58Maid-Sama, Sachi Komine #0223:24
3 days agoMalaysia StalkerArea51 Official6,070Siapa Ada Game Ni Meh La Join. Witch It3:13:11
3 days agoMalaysia GamerZakh105,000Truly Infinite Survival! ► Oxygen Not Included - Reaching the Surface Gameplay [ONI Part 5]3:45:09
3 days agoMalaysia Gamehubs77710 Saddest Ugly Cry Moments In Video Games of the Last Decade19:41
3 days agoMalaysia ManCreW71Paladins - Team Deathmatch #14:10
3 days agoMalaysia Huckebein555 Rebirth924東京幻都 eX+ ( Tokyo Xanadu eX+ ) Chapter 7 Event + Boss Battle58:23
4 days agoMalaysia Calem MrNazreenn3,810Asphalt 9 Legends | Nintendo Switch - Porsche 911 Targa 4S - Gameplay4:52
4 days agoMalaysia Samuel Fu233,000"Gurenge" - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening Theme (Piano, Drum, Electric Guitar Cover)2:04
5 days agoMalaysia Leave it to the Mattster!507Apex Legends - Live session (part 29)3:23:21
5 days agoMalaysia ROBE CUBE643,000Monster School : American Ninja Warrior Challenge - Minecraft Animation13:17
5 days agoMalaysia Nafizz Zimmer95Riff Racer Gameplay: 'Post Malone - Circles' Music Track3:58
5 days agoMalaysia Solid Snake110Doom At Doom's Gate Fan Made Music Video1:36
5 days agoMalaysia ReabTV15,400Hunt Showdown - RedNeck and The Avtomat9:21
5 days agoMalaysia HISE198Stay at Home guys! World War Z46:45
5 days agoMalaysia NIXXO GAMER channel20WORLD WAR Z2:32
5 days agoMalaysia Rayner192How To Get Unlimited Transfer Budget In Football Manager 2020 Using Cheat Engine1:49
5 days agoMalaysia Songsen 宋聖649,000老大買了個超級口罩 | 鑽石賭場搶劫 #4【GTA online 俠盜獵車手】搞笑精華18:30
5 days agoMalaysia OpeEagle Ope_Sky_Fire672Borneo Diving Addicts is Missing it's Sea and Marine Life2:53
6 days agoMalaysia power333boom2,540MSI ALPHA 15 RX 5500M World War Z Ultra Setting18:26
6 days agoMalaysia EK238,000Because of country lockdown, I made a World Record.2:46
6 days agoMalaysia AsianBrickGeek140Realm of the Rising Sun Episode 2 (An Eternal Fable Story)1:41
6 days agoMalaysia I'm Not MentaL9,330#StayAtHome #NFSHeat46:33
6 days agoMalaysia Wings of Miracle【奇跡之翼】Kiseki No Tsubasa291開箱系列 Unboxing Series #48: 哥布林殺手 Goblin Slayer (Pop Up Parade)6:23
6 days agoMalaysia Entertain-inator 300054Hercules Action Game Gameplay #1 Your Basic D I D15:01
2020-03-25Malaysia LostAngel Lucifer29Guardian tales Mimic and hidden path2:29
2020-03-25Malaysia KaitoJoka1,080Valkyrie Profile Lenneth All Finishing Strikes and Magics15:09
2020-03-25Malaysia Act Of Vengeance1,200Metal Gear Survive - Chapter 23/24 - Part 30 Final Battle1:03:18
2020-03-25Malaysia kemomimi108Rotation Contract 25th March Arknights2:48
2020-03-24Malaysia Android Republic - Best Game Mods6,800Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG VIP MOD2:30
2020-03-24Malaysia CyqrexX2,050[PZP] Template ~ Pedro Noob (Remake @gbraz99)0:15
2020-03-23Malaysia SirKossua19n1670Pyro Trooper from Rise of the Reds1:31
2020-03-23Malaysia Zelvof8,970I'm So Sorry | MLBB MAP OPENED (16/27)3:51
2020-03-23Malaysia TheMobileGamer3,860S16 RANK PUSHING-Mobile Legends Gameplay5:40
2020-03-23Malaysia Fuuzen Kazera114Monster Hunter World: Iceborne_202003231645071:14
2020-03-22Malaysia GRM Adrian18,800MMO News Drop: Elyria, New World, GW2, Fractured, EVE and More!6:15
2020-03-22Malaysia Dandere Jordan20,500Add Kizana and Oka back and more new characters | Yandere Simulator Dandere Mod11:03
2020-03-22Malaysia Laowu Live135,000Final Fantasy VII《最終幻想7 中文版》Part 5 - 離開Midgar41:09
2020-03-21Malaysia Dodowingster1,940Sword and Shield Memang Top Tier || MHW:Iceborne6:18
2020-03-21Malaysia Lx Shiriga4,000"Levarnu" by DarkBender | Verified2:21
2020-03-21Malaysia Natsuki Mogi61Roblox (Irohazaka Jump) - A Speedrun Attempt (1:29)1:31
2020-03-21Malaysia MDA205Sabar 2020 KDU TITAS FILM5:21
2020-03-21Malaysia Faiz Zeo1,360Neverinth - Demo gameplay33:16
2020-03-20Malaysia Teejay Jaderuby889Lesser Demon Hell3:06
2020-03-20Malaysia NoorAminTG1,540ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4 - New Characters Trailer (Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, Reiju, Bege & Katakuri)4:07
2020-03-19Malaysia Kumikones7,890How to Clear the Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo in Just 2 Minutes2:57
2020-03-19Malaysia PlataBush4,000,000Monster School : SHADOW FIGHT 3 CHALLENGE - Minecraft Animation12:13
2020-03-19Malaysia [R]3G!NA_LUX6,360JILL SANDWICH RETURNS | Resident Evil 3: REMAKE DEMO | R3GINA PLAYS29:30
2020-03-18Malaysia Sunivagu Creative2,120test4:22
2020-03-17Malaysia Xyonite135Growtopia Blarney 2 Speedrun ( 53 Seconds )0:57
2020-03-14Malaysia Murutattack2,8901+ Hour of : Minecraft #41:29:29
2020-03-14Malaysia 霖LIM211TomYum Maggi 不专业制作 - 味道棒极啦 再来一碗8:00
2020-03-12Malaysia TooLittleTooLate Gaming336日向坂46 (Hinatazaka46) - 4th Single ソンナコトナイヨ (Sonna Koto Nai Yo) All Types - Unboxing7:07
2020-03-08Malaysia JinnyboyTV1,060,000This is Your Life After University6:29
2020-03-08Malaysia DeoxySynchro892,020Is Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross (7DS:GC) worth the hype? First play + never watch the anime4:18:19
2020-03-07Malaysia A.1,220A Dance of Fire and Ice - World 12 & XF [100% / Speed Trial]9:16
2020-03-06Malaysia RanmaraiD74(PS4Pro) Shadow of the Colossus Exhibit #22:06:35
2020-03-04Malaysia TapakGamer11Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo - Scorpion Sentinel Fight!11:36
2020-03-01Malaysia KingJeffo570FF14 Eden's Verse: Refulgence Savage (E8S) Clear! PLD POV14:46
2020-02-26Malaysia Lunally Chan33[Piano] WiSH VOYAGE - IDOLISH7 Anime Opening Piano Cover4:35
2020-02-20Malaysia Moe Chan1,110【Speedpaint】萌夏ちゃん Moeka Chan #17:24
2020-02-11Malaysia IOSGAMEPLAY69,300Mr. Runner X - IOS Gameplay3:09
2020-02-08Malaysia Artisticookie167,000Creating a Steven Universe Gemsona 015:35
2020-02-08Malaysia LKE001116Cheetos | Can't Touch This | Commercial but I google translated it over 25 times0:31
2020-02-07Malaysia OffrDift35Tutorial - Cara Hack Duit Sleeping Dogs - Bahasa Malaysia7:36
2020-02-03Malaysia PillzSufrie328WIZARD OF BALLS - Golf With Your Friends Gameplay (Suf & Co.)14:38
2020-01-29Malaysia Bunny Gaming340Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Android 19 fight11:49
2020-01-24Malaysia Leewchaha2,280How I re-edited my school's exercise book cover into MARS theme! Timelapse video.5:52
2020-01-22Malaysia Hazlan Yahaya356Playing some games23:18
2020-01-21Malaysia Tony Teh55you're gonna live forever in me (cover)2:49
2020-01-19Malaysia MK844,210WIP LSO Camera in ArmA 32:23
2020-01-18Malaysia Koba GD46[GD 2.1] The Furious by Knobbelboy - 10* Insane Demon2:30
2020-01-17Malaysia YungSins265NLE Choppa Type Beat - "Flex" |Type Beat 2020 | Rap Beats Freestyle Instrumental Fast3:13
2020-01-15Malaysia Lunar Legend MUGEN585Best 24 Seconds Of My Life!0:25
2020-01-06Malaysia YEEN Nazreen60Best anime scene - Luffy vs Magellan - Impel Down (one piece)4:40