Latest Channel Activity From Puerto Rico

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Puerto Rico based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2 days agoPuerto Rico Smastah131Pokemon Yellow: The Red Challenge - Part 55:10:28
3 days agoPuerto Rico CristinaNeko871,280detroit: become Human #232:53
3 days agoPuerto Rico KyzerAndTheVoices50,200Beating the Stars - Papyrus Plays Furi - FINALE [K.A.T.V.]39:15
4 days agoPuerto Rico Soma Julius Cruz16,900Let's tolerate KFC Sports: Double Down! GoutMare 4/12/1982 and SaltSion! + More!5:50:37
4 days agoPuerto Rico elgiga9473,120Holberton Open House Virtual junio 300:52
4 days agoPuerto Rico Gamers Elementales1,120PROJECT EXHIBITED GAMEPLAY 🐱‍👤2:59
5 days agoPuerto Rico Shadøw X2,440MK11 - Kitana Ranked Matches (Kombat League - Season of Order) {Part 5}57:19
5 days agoPuerto Rico Raven340Directo de Apex Legends jugando con subs de panas1:09:17
5 days agoPuerto Rico Dave Gaming3,010Call of Duty: Modern Warafre Montage [TRENCH]10:41
6 days agoPuerto Rico Soma's Epic Gaming464The Last of Us Part 2 Becomes fastest selling first party Playstation 4 exclusive!6:27
2020-06-26Puerto Rico yuleexia12,900Blade Strangers ~「Fight For Glory | Main Theme」•1 hour•1:08:26
2020-06-26Puerto Rico Kyblackflame248Granblue Fantasy: Premium Friday (6/26/2020)3:11
2020-06-26Puerto Rico Yoda of Soda38,300The Season of the Worthy Experience ft. The Boys | Destiny 2 Highlights Ep. 210:51
2020-06-25Puerto Rico Finisher of war615Some Marvel in 20202:02
2020-06-22Puerto Rico Brownie_Takeshi156Quick Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts Dark Road0:13
2020-06-21Puerto Rico Sanariko32The Last of Us Part II - Encuentro Sin Pistolas1:12
2020-06-21Puerto Rico DJ Steboy Official513Ganga ( Instrumental ) ( Preview )0:51
2020-06-21Puerto Rico CaptMatojo072,010Call of Duty: WARZONE Modern Warfare - GANANDO CON ESTILOW!!! #CaptMatojo07 #LIVE #CODMW #Warzone6:33
2020-06-20Puerto Rico ESMANDAU.COM365T-Mobile explica porqué se cayó su red el pasado lunes1:08
2020-06-17Puerto Rico Binary Code83Tetivengers v Moldirangers | PSPL Staff Scrim | PS41:43:04
2020-06-15Puerto Rico TheRealSonicFan198,000Jugando Sonic 3 & Knuckles1:24:37
2020-06-14Puerto Rico Rhoxeic104all i know is i have to kill | VALORANT stream (Road to 100 subs!)1:46:01
2020-06-01Puerto Rico DeathChaos10,100Persona 5 Scramble - Lillian's fan localization mod test footage19:13
2020-06-01Puerto Rico GamerForlorn4,240Life is Strange 3 ¿TENDRÍA NUEVA PROTAGONISTA TRANSGÉNERO?, ¡Filtrado! [Discusión | Español]15:35
2020-05-29Puerto Rico JohnnyTsunami0152,900Why Cristiano Ronaldo Would Dominate in Today's NBA3:47
2020-05-22Puerto Rico Sparky148Kingdom Hearts 3: Yozora, but without foreplay7:26
2020-05-14Puerto Rico Angel Reyes761Break Of Dawn' Michael Jackson (Bass Boosted)5:33
2020-05-11Puerto Rico GhostWolfX734FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: Vs Top Secrets.8:12
2020-05-01Puerto Rico MrPr1993403A Not So Quality 360 VR of some T-Posing Peeps0:59
2020-04-25Puerto Rico TheStormyCupcake34Subnautica Below Zero1:30:02
2020-04-20Puerto Rico Allaster Crown191FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - Cloud GOES DOWN SLIDE0:19
2020-04-17Puerto Rico TheFclass97900SvC EX | Spring 2020 Tournament | M.U.G.E.N/I.K.E.M.E.N3:31:35
2020-04-12Puerto Rico KS PON-21122SAEED (Beat Saber custom Song)7:12
2020-04-11Puerto Rico JohnnyElFilo3Call of Duty player being a salty child1:01
2020-04-09Puerto Rico Michael Vargas610,0006 Woman #1 Contender's Ladder Match 3/36:53
2020-03-30Puerto Rico Pleke Gaming146Last Oasis Funny Moments #1 | Pleke Gaming17:39
2020-03-03Puerto Rico magotthemaggot147"Queen Boo" [Digital Art Timelapse]20:26
2019-08-11Puerto Rico Orion Gaming PR2Comenzando Final Fantasy 14 en el 20199:06
2019-02-22Puerto Rico Sewpah Mario183Every My Hero Academia Opening, But With Sonic Theme Songs7:33
2019-01-14Puerto Rico SoulXavi5,500Smash Ultimate: The GSP System is BROKEN2:41
2018-06-20Puerto Rico Latin Geek2,560Juegos Mas Interesantes de E3 20185:01
2018-06-09Puerto Rico ACEDIPA1,610Where Dreamers Go | End Chapter OST | (Epic, Heroic, Vocal) | Caroline J. Gleave3:23
2018-04-01Puerto Rico raak10105,810The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ - Look at date...38:14
2017-07-31Puerto Rico HiImBlue OwO Kongaruu45Child suffers from horrible flashback mid kid shows0:33
2016-12-12Puerto Rico Indigo's Old Channel922Stream Highlights! [2]26:01
2016-03-17Puerto Rico Carlos Alvarez554Canon xa10 Film Look Test - Run and Gun1:31
2016-03-15Puerto Rico AngelusKnight316Tales of Xillia 3ds theme (Read the Description)1:00