Latest Channel Activity From Puerto Rico

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Puerto Rico based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
4 hours agoPuerto Rico ZYBER STEYSHUHN348Rogue Company Be the Best2:20:10
6 hours agoPuerto Rico OTWFamily137Persona 5 Royal Part 245:47:07
13 hours agoPuerto Rico Michael Vargas590,000Bianca Belair And Bayley Face To Face8:59
17 hours agoPuerto Rico TheRealSonicFan215,000Sonic Generations | En Ruta al 30 Aniversario3:32:12
21 hours agoPuerto Rico Gaming Star138Miitopia Stream 45:13:49
21 hours agoPuerto Rico yuleexia25,200VA-11 HALL-A ~ 「Your Love is a Drug」· 1 hour ·1:06:06
22 hours agoPuerto Rico GamerForlorn5,430"Misiones Secundarias" +El Poder Explicado+ Switch - Life is Strange True Colors [Discusión|Español]18:37
1 day agoPuerto Rico ScavTwoTimez868Catching a racist pedofile in 4K…7:49
1 day agoPuerto Rico Dave Gaming2,890Chun-Li VS Cammy Street Fighter V Champion Edition5:27
1 day agoPuerto Rico STRREAM87Hearts of Iron 4 UK(democratic) Expert Ai Campaign Ep331:36
1 day agoPuerto Rico DeathChaos11,500Persona 5 EX (mod preview)6:34
2 days agoPuerto Rico christianagosto21119GT Sport FIA GTC 2021 series nations cup season 1 round 9 HD 720p #gtsport #ps4share27:06
2 days agoPuerto Rico Kyblackflame264How to Capture a Xenomorph! | Alien: Isolation #33:10:37
2 days agoPuerto Rico BoricuaRetroGamer Kasumi772,830Ghouls N Ghosts (Arcade) [Full Playthrough Part 1 with cheats]21:25
3 days agoPuerto Rico Davineitor Z4,730CON MI LINDA INTENET NI Fornite JUEGO JAJA TOTAL SOY UN manco 100 % 😂3:06
3 days agoPuerto Rico Smastah141Reaction to the Nintendo Direct | E3 20211:15:08
3 days agoPuerto Rico Nexus Osiris90Scrim 2 | Overwatch: Origins Edition | PS5 - PS43:01:48
3 days agoPuerto Rico Yoda of Soda53,700*PERFECT* FIREPOWER & AP DEVASTATOR BUILDS! | Fastest Devastator Solo CT15 Clears | Outriders10:52
3 days agoPuerto Rico The DExus Show7,630An Okay Direct - DExus Reacts to the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct HIGHLIGHTS14:27
3 days agoPuerto Rico Kachu GO17,500Dynasty Scrolls - Primeras Impresiones8:43
3 days agoPuerto Rico JohnMarcos162Nintendo Direct Saved E311:54
4 days agoPuerto Rico CristinaNeko871,270The Last Of Us [ ya empezamos con las lagrimas] Episodio 136:48
4 days agoPuerto Rico elgiga9474,990Giga Bytes Podcast #1311:53:05
4 days agoPuerto Rico Brownie_Takeshi162e3 sucks since 20135:30
5 days agoPuerto Rico Super Mario Plush Adventure's34Super Mario Plush Advetures Ep108 The Internet (Season 6)5:39
5 days agoPuerto Rico Kid Colt3,930Making Guns From Back to the Future Part III | Red Dead Redemption II5:06
5 days agoPuerto Rico Shadøw X4,760The most fun Kitana ability0:30
6 days agoPuerto Rico ll Hidden10Meeting The Dragon God For The First Time2:07
6 days agoPuerto Rico ElGenio4,170LIVE EN TWITCH!!! PASATE BROO! LINK EN LA DESCRP!!!2:01
2021-06-10Puerto Rico RenkaWong6,010Days of Play 2021 Shapes Theme PS40:52
2021-06-09Puerto Rico Adrian Droz94Megaman 2 Full Playthrough Part 331:56
2021-06-08Puerto Rico Dos igual a Diez212NBA 2K21 My Career El dia del DRAFT el equipo me escogio ?23:04
2021-06-08Puerto Rico Sanariko147Uncharted The Lost Legacy Supervivencia (Parte 22) - Restos30:21
2021-06-07Puerto Rico AnJunoPlays6,350STOP FOLLOWING ME! Resident Evil Village Part 528:54
2021-06-07Puerto Rico Cosmic Galactic253Apex Crypto4:43:48
2021-06-07Puerto Rico Raven521Se me va el internet en la partida pero logramos volver más fuerte que nunca *13 kills* - Raven8:38
2021-06-07Puerto Rico Just Some Memes58,200Valstrax is back, guys.8:37
2021-06-05Puerto Rico EvilMaverick57GTI vs Subaru Wrx0:25
2021-06-05Puerto Rico FOX10951,320[3030] Por que no ganamos #3 - Peleando por tonterias2:40
2021-06-04Puerto Rico PR_GONZA77YT49RIP, Lil Loaded.0:09
2021-06-03Puerto Rico Entertainment Society56Resident Evil Village is maybe "Worth it"?15:19
2021-06-02Puerto Rico Angel Reyes994Te Arrepentiste (Ñengo Flow) Bass Boosted3:55
2021-05-29Puerto Rico TheDarkYT147TORNEO CONTRA MAYAN DIAMOND... CODM7:00
2021-05-26Puerto Rico ShadyModNation590[FO4] Super Mutant Chipmunk Voices & Squeaky Footsteps - Mod by 2rakkasan1:40
2021-05-23Puerto Rico ZiiiC Boricua Gaming21okZiiiC | in Call of Duty Modern Warfare | WARZONE46:47
2021-05-17Puerto Rico Mr.Unknown (R.I.P)34,800Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten - Patty Putty transforms into Ball0:19
2021-05-08Puerto Rico Rhoxeic111League, feed, and chiiling with you guys!! (March 17, 2021 stream)1:56:56
2021-05-07Puerto Rico Sircake13229Playing Skywars luckyblocks but sirskull cant unload the resource pack11:01
2021-04-28Puerto Rico Pauli1,210Guía FÁCIL para Sistema de Vivienda 🏠 ACTUALIZACION 1.5 | GENSHIN IMPACT6:11
2021-04-25Puerto Rico TheStormyCupcake35OUTLAST BABEEEY29:53
2021-04-23Puerto Rico DJ Steboy Official622Breath of the Wild ( December 7, 2020 ) ( DJ Steboy Playthrough )4:02
2021-04-15Puerto Rico George McKinley463Final Fantasy PS2 ISO Download1:36
2021-04-11Puerto Rico Sparky275:)0:33
2021-04-07Puerto Rico Pleke Gaming144Outriders Stream!0:48
2021-03-28Puerto Rico FixerAwper28He threw0:29
2021-03-26Puerto Rico supersal2k8,710Transmisión de PS4 en vivo de supersal213:14
2021-03-25Puerto Rico Sonicbolt1,390.0:11
2021-03-21Puerto Rico dorg8629SEA OF THEIVES TALL TALE (PC)28:13
2021-03-18Puerto Rico TheFclass97960[TEST] Spriting Spinel #5? | M.U.G.E.N + Art Live stream2:03:47
2021-03-04Puerto Rico MrPr1993496Bard Princess Mozzie - Blender Test0:39
2021-02-21Puerto Rico Shendijiro & Ura2,040Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer | TimeLapse | Embroidery Design2:52
2021-01-30Puerto Rico JohnnyElFilo3Trolling a friend in RDO1:11
2021-01-29Puerto Rico magotthemaggot171Instagram Timelapses: 15/Mar/2020 - 13/May/202020:23
2021-01-06Puerto Rico Gustavo Sanchez22JCB Pioneer: Mars (Xbox Series X gameplay)1:03:41
2021-01-03Puerto Rico GhostWolfX739Sub goes vroom1:12
2020-12-06Puerto Rico Finisher of war638Doom teleport glitch and state explanation0:59
2020-11-11Puerto Rico El Reguero Boricua85La Verguenza y el Bday de Wilnelis | El Reguero Boricua | VLOG 37:37
2020-10-30Puerto Rico WaterStarGaming652Robocraft in 2020 | What Is The Best Robot (robocraft funny moments)9:57
2020-10-18Puerto Rico Piopio05 Acosta300Starwars Squadrons PARTE 9 FINAL1:09:22
2020-10-08Puerto Rico Drew Edwards477Becoming a Waifu (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧4:29:40
2020-10-03Puerto Rico Ele A El Dominio2,160,000El Dominio World Ep. 11:36
2020-09-29Puerto Rico KS PON-21133PING (Beat Saber )3:01
2020-08-28Puerto Rico Capt. Ocaña19Volando desde Puerto Rico (TJSJ a TIST) a St Thomas con Cessna 172 SkyHawk Flight Simulator 202053:14
2020-07-27Puerto Rico Orion Gaming PR2Rogue Company32:43
2020-05-29Puerto Rico JohnnyTsunami0151,300Why Cristiano Ronaldo Would Dominate in Today's NBA3:47
2019-09-23Puerto Rico BubblemanNsider66201909232033132:34
2019-02-22Puerto Rico Sewpah Mario179Every My Hero Academia Opening, But With Sonic Theme Songs7:33
2019-01-23Puerto Rico Nosey Guitar96Lemmings - Pachebel's Canon (easycore)2:16
2019-01-14Puerto Rico SoulXavi5,470Smash Ultimate: The GSP System is BROKEN2:41
2018-06-20Puerto Rico Latin Geek2,520Juegos Mas Interesantes de E3 20185:01
2018-06-09Puerto Rico ACEDIPA1,420Where Dreamers Go | End Chapter OST | (Epic, Heroic, Vocal) | Caroline J. Gleave3:23
2018-05-31Puerto Rico Allaster Crown184DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED - Artorias the Abysswalker7:14
2018-04-01Puerto Rico raak10105,800The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ - Look at date...38:14
2017-07-31Puerto Rico HiImBlue OwO Kongaruu44Pump it up0:15
2016-12-12Puerto Rico Indigo's Old Channel899Stream Highlights! [2]26:01
2016-03-17Puerto Rico Carlos Alvarez555Canon xa10 Film Look Test - Run and Gun1:31
2016-03-15Puerto Rico AngelusKnight316Tales of Xillia 3ds theme (Read the Description)1:00