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This list represents YouTube gaming channels for Happy Feet based on recent uploads. This includes channels that create video game reviews and let's plays. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video for Happy Feet will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
4 days agoViet Nam JesterQuinn778Happy Feet PS2 Gameplay Walkthrough | Full Game | Gold All Levels2:37:23
2024-02-09United States Willowier370Happy Feet ep.1: NOT HORRIBLE58:17
2024-01-25 Duck1sh_Gaming94Happy Feet for the Wii The MegaCut Gameplay!1:51:45
2024-01-23Germany Käsekuchenkatze143Happy Feet (PS2)- Ein tanzende Pinguin24:23
2024-01-17Russian Federation Hrulik Games291ФИНАЛ (Игры Детства) 🐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐭 ♡ №442:09
2024-01-08 DS Destruction VODs417DS Destruction 139/1697: Happy Feet1:28:51
2024-01-06 PukeBrainZ246Happy Feet | Shake Your Groove Thang!!!11:42
2023-12-22United States SlamJamley's Stream Stash18[SlamJamley] Happy Feet w/ Birdy_393:13:40
2023-11-09France eveningdreamer games241I bought bongos just for this! - Random Retro Roll ! - Donkey Konga - Happy Feet (Gamecube, Rhythm)1:06:31
2023-09-28Greece Gaming Universe : Get lost in it!163Happy Feet ps2 Full Game2:42:14
2023-09-17United States LongplayArchive472,000Longplay of Happy Feet [HD]2:30:11
2023-09-12Canada MysticMist902Everybody Dance Now! | Part 7 (FINALE) |26:27
2023-08-28 G SofT43Happy Feet - Playstation 20:16
2023-08-05Norway thedemonwalker430something went wrong0:05
2023-07-22United States JohnMaddenQ221happy feet pt 5 🏝️0:16
2023-07-18United States Ruzz Underground183#meme #happyfeet #gaming When Backup Is Called In A Game0:16
2023-06-04United States Shy Gamer Jenkins830Gamecube Longplay [08]: Happy Feet (All Gold Medals)2:31:01
2023-06-03Canada Super Nintendan4,700Happy Feet [Wii] Stage 06 - Mumble The Outsider4:25
2023-05-17 Uzurama Games10,100Happy Feet on PlayStation 2 🐧🧊☃️🎮0:19
2023-05-11 kooshan A1,360Happy Feet - PS2 Gameplay HD37:48
2023-05-10 Lyntaic771Happy Feet0:16
2023-05-01 Cooljames118275Happy Feet Retro Arcade Machine 2.0 is Back 0:50
2023-04-30United States Fin Ravens684Happy Feet Movie Ticket & Bonus Disc Variant on PlayStation 24:38
2023-04-27Canada The Theorizer928,000THEORY: Why Was Happy Feet Even BORN?8:31
2023-04-26United States The MAA Show643Happy Feet Gameplay For GameCube (Easy And Boring)1:03:25
2023-04-16Belgium The Games Finisher5N°58 Happy Feet (PS2) Playthrough2:46:35
2023-04-14Indonesia DNA gameplay1,020Happy Feet Java gameplay #shortvideo #game #happyfeet0:59
2023-04-08 El Tio Csar91,400EL GUION ORIGINAL DE HAPPY FEET NO ES LO QUE CREES! #shorts0:36
2023-04-08United States MrsFrogFanatic20039,490Happy Feet - A Happy Feet Moments (Blu-Ray Version)0:34
2023-03-28Peru 2Huntleo178,000Huntleo reacciona a "HAPPY FEET: Guion Original EXPLICADO"21:54
2023-03-15United States The Wormhole376Happy Feet Full Gameplay | PS2 HD Longplay2:16:35
2023-02-16Canada Junker Pug52OW2 Antarctic Peninsula Map Showcase (Happy Feet)13:31
2023-02-15 Rbz Gaming Channel3,680Happy Feet PS2 Gameplay HD (2006) pcsx2 setup Latest 20234:47
2023-02-02 Alpha Rexy Fazbear2,120Mumble Sings The Fnaf song atpunk cover(Happy feet)3:05
2023-01-26 KembaJay337Happy Feet🔥#shorts #rollerskating #shortsyoutube #shortsvideo #jbskating #shortsviral #rollerskate0:47
2023-01-22United States EL REBO3,080Mejores momentos de Ramon (Happy Feet) | Video Reaccion8:01
2023-01-19United Kingdom Retro_Gaming_Shorts115Happy Feet - [GC]0:36
2023-01-18United Kingdom RetroDetect6,010Happy Feet PS2 Gameplay - Midway41:19
2023-01-15Brazil DrasgonDigger3,980Happy Feet 2 + Happy Feet O Pinguim para PS3. Fotos na descrição.0:16
2023-01-13United States Sweaty Vetter2,160THIS GAME Gave Me A COPYRIGHT CLAIM! - Beating the 50 WORST PS2 Games #37 | Happy Feet10:01
2023-01-07Russian Federation Ogurec Play2,430ТАНЦУЮТ ВСЕ / Делай Ноги Прохождение #437:40
2022-12-25United Kingdom Haydock83170Happy Feet Playstation 21:52
2022-12-22United Kingdom i don't have a nose3,720HAPPY FEET, PS2: i don't have a nose review (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL)20:07
2022-12-14 RussianManSMWC153Happy Feet (GBA) OST - Track 53:19
2022-11-26 Lady&LordFyrefrost1,280Lets play Happy feet part 21:15:32
2022-11-25New Zealand Pellucid Dice425GUI Opened Movements (Happy Feet) Test0:36
2022-11-17 flex, the player434Happy Feet (2006) | Gameplay PS2 Longplay | Full Game Walkthrough2:14:35
2022-11-07 Emeraldrayv3n432Wasp has twitchy legs and Happy Feet #wasp #cardio #insect #autumn #wings #legs #bug #happyfeet #wow1:01
2022-11-06Germany Console Combatant464UFC ONLINE FIGHTS...Bisping vs Krauss (Happy Feet)0:56
2022-10-25Italy 0CommentaryGaming1,160Happy Feet - Gameplay [4K GameCube Dolphin]43:22
2022-10-19 Junkbotgamingfan156 #roadto1ksubs627Ievan Polkka (Movies Games and Series COVER) PART 1 feat. Happy Feet1:25
2022-10-17 ThatYoutubeShorts40DON'T Watch This Meme If You Enjoy HAPPY FEET [The Movie] #Shorts0:10
2022-10-13 ♡Real Disney Anna frozen cute💝 real true anna2,810Happy Feet Dancing for the Aliens movie tell GamerCassPlays2:19
2022-10-12United States Xenozii6,620Happy Feet EXPLAIN #shorts0:43
2022-10-12 Dragon Warrior Ryan Burke807What if Happy Feet was re-released in theatres?0:07
2022-09-26United States Fast RBI189Baseball/Softball Hitting Drills: Happy Feet (Arenado)0:32
2022-09-26United States iMusicPlus1,230iMusicPlus Archive Movie Trailer - Happy Feet (2006)1:13
2022-09-20 Minaminas Studios 515My Reaction That My Happy Feet 2 Video Was Also Marked For Kids0:10
2022-09-20Ireland ☆HelloKittyGirl2011♡ Don't Terminate Me2,340Happy Feet 3 Preview0:06
2022-09-20United States ForeignHollywoodTapeandDiscMedia202422,400Opening to my 2007 Australian DVD of Happy Feet 9/20/222:30
2022-09-19 Tito Orduno2,330Happy Feet (2006) PutlockerPUTLOCKERSHappy Feet (2006) Free PutlockerWatch Happy Feet Putlocker,8:51
2022-09-19Canada Clippy Clippington951RAMDON ID GAMES 39: Tab 18 by Michael Contorno & Happy Feet & Cover + @snaxalotl6909 & Wilster Wonkels21:09
2022-09-19 Pablo Bucarey3,830Happy Feet - ABC Family - Credits0:54
2022-09-17 Matthew Herbert358Happy Feet0:19
2022-09-16Algeria Group M Pro279,000Happy Feet (2006) GBA vs DS vs PS2 vs GameCube vs Wii (Which one is better?)5:36
2022-09-12United States FatBrett148,000Happy Feet | i Review Every Wii Game6:56
2022-09-09 Maria Jose Guerra Zepeda210#shorts Do you remeber this guy from happy feet? #fish #jetreef #fishi0:13
2022-09-09Morocco Mezika Station | مزيـــــكا ستايـــــشن560WOMBO COMBO HAPPY FEET MLG Sound Effect0:22
2022-09-07United States Devil_Slayer Productions44,900Happy Feet *Video Game* Cutscenes (PS2 Edition) Game Movie 1080p HD1:16:47
2022-09-07Mexico Duogamers14,200Todos los Happy Feet para Nintendo DS2:01
2022-09-05Italy Poldo Uncut95,100🔴 HAPPY FEET, GRAN.. titolo per PS21:15:40
2022-09-05Italy Poldo Gaming145,000HAPPY FEET per PS2 è maledettamente ripetitivo11:27
2022-09-03 Trey Fan Account Network6,630Opening To Happy Feet♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(2006) Intro on Disney Channel1:01
2022-09-01United States J Paul Studios2,800Bugs and Daffy's adventures of Happy Feet0:05
2022-08-29United Kingdom Clank Zoka2,720My Thoughts on… Happy Feet!19:22
2022-08-24France GrougrouilleTV411Découverte de Happy Feet 2 le jeu vidéo ! - Par Vijv10 & Sosauciflard2:38:34
2022-08-19Canada Baferci137LET ME DANCE! | Happy Feet7:29
2022-08-12 Ester Martins Navarro0Happy Feet - Diário De Um Detento2:00
2022-08-05South Africa Play-It-Forward8Happy Feet FULL GAME Walkthrough2:33:15
2022-08-04United States Xiêm Vui Vẻ9,310#pelicula #happyfeet #troll #parati #lentejas #fyp1:10
2022-08-01Ukraine Art Time133,000Granny is Mumble from Happy Feet9:35
2022-07-24India Prady339Happy Feet × Happy Dog. #Cute #Dog #CuteDog #Happy #PetLover #Animal #Love #HappyDog #HappyFeet0:08
2022-07-10United States MR FOOT PLAYS117Playing Anger Foot with my Happy feet #AngerFoot24:34
2022-06-30United States 4AM CLUB89The Bob's Burgers Penguin Video Game | 4AM CLUB plays Happy Feet (GC)10:35
2022-06-23Brazil Marlon Chaves #MCR1,160,000O JOGO DO HAPPY FEET DO PS2 KKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkk8:27
2022-06-22 Boog Bug378Happy Feet episode 837:08
2022-06-17United States Buwaud70Game 5 Of The Amiibo Smash Club Team Yellow( Bit & Red Marth) vs Blue Team(Cin Cin And Happy Feet)22:42
2022-06-13Brazil ATHYS103,000NÃO ME PEÇA PRA MUDAR... | (Edit) Happy Feet - 20069:05
2022-06-05Argentina SMOKE FILMS419,000¿Cómo Luce El Amor? Carmen Y Ramon // Happy Feet0:58
2022-05-27United States Kyle the cool 360 northrup1,790lets play happy feet all the dancing parts of the game37:28
2022-05-21 Opinions from fil4Manuel time: Happy Feet (2006) ps22:05
2022-05-19 Ester Navarro792PARKING LOT HAPPY FEET2:43
2022-05-18United States Wii GamesDB669Happy Feet (Wii)1:16
2022-05-15United States Mutch Games92,200Happy Feet [09] GBA Longplay2:15:19
2022-05-13United States Neon Dark Gaming667🦶😂The Opposite of Happy Feet😂🦶ANGER FOOT (Indie Game)9:55
2022-05-09Ireland Supereddieman5,970Happy feet 2 on cartoon network 9 5 20220:52
2022-05-05United States Horog Julien518HappyFeet Wild Animal Slippers for Adults and Kids, Cozy and Comfortable, As Seen review1:09
2022-05-05Indonesia paceprince2,140Happy Feet 😊, tidak sangka ada orang yang bisa ,kira cuman di film-film SJ...0:46
2022-04-13Ireland Keyes18,700Happy Feet - Full Walkthrough [HD] (GameCube, PS2, PC, Wii)2:40:06