Canonical Honk | Waypoint Radio: Episode 269

Canonical Honk | Waypoint Radio: Episode 269

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The fall games season continues, server issues and all. Now that Austin has a bunch of free time, he's been seriously considering getting into that MMO that everyone's talking about... Final Fantasy XIV. Patrick tried out this other game you may have heard of, Destiny 2, and was immediately confused by the new player onboarding. Cado has been playing Indivisible alongside leveling for the new Destiny raid, a new "metroidvania-ish" "jrpg" with a really neat combat system and solid writing. Patrick's data-cap situation is getting out of hand, luckily the "iron maiden cover turned contra" game Valfaris wasn't too big of a download.

Final Fantasy XIV 12:04
Destiny 2: New Light 8:04
Indivisible 40:55
Valfaris 1:09:37
Pilgrims 1:19:45
New Apple Arcade Games 1:26:08
Data Caps 1:31:30
Untitled Goose Game 1:45:05

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