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1.United Kingdom xHOUNDISHx157,837,564
2.United States Aztecross Gaming117,507,599
3.United States Datto111,794,100
4.United States destinygame103,180,103
5. MoreConsole82,699,357
6.United Kingdom Unknown Player63,180,133
7.United States Mr. Fruit62,915,693
8.United Kingdom My name is Byf60,345,755
9.Canada Mtashed56,438,519
10.United States Mesa Sean55,280,651

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1.New Zealand TheGamesEntertainer3,981
2.United Kingdom xHOUNDISHx1,385
3.Brazil icewolf1,338
4.Russian Federation -P4F- jEKIUSS1,319
5.Spain TheWildGamer1,316
7. arkangelofkaos1,253
8.Australia Esoterickk1,219
9.United States Mesa Sean1,109
10.Germany BecksTownCrew1,105

Latest Let's Plays For Destiny 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
15 hours agoUnited States Vamp PlaysThis Destiny 2 Stream is a Gambit... | Vamp Plays2:28:5511
1 day agoGermany BecksTownCrewDestiny 2#042 Alptraumjagd: WAHNSINN Großmeister "1080"| Der Fanatiker | 07.07.-14.07.20 [HD][PS4]13:29201
1 day agoUnited States Mano Destra777Destiny 2 Helps! Dungeons, Raids, & Exotics Runs! Help with Ruinous Effigy!Live HELP!1:07:511,726
1 day agoUnited States ImVersace GamingDestiny 2 SOURGE OF THE PAST RAID HELP STREAM!!!3:42:22459
2 days agoUnited States SickdisticDestiny 2 Calcified Light - GROWTH PENDULUM - ALL LOCATIONS10:48865
3 days agoUnited States MarcusbgamingDestiny 2 PS4 help stream. Whats up Space Gangstas!6:54:241,252
3 days agoUnited States Vicious DestroyersDESTINY 2 LAST CALL MONDAY HELP/EXOTICS/IRON BANNER/100K NIGHTFALL.....LIKE & SUBSCRIBE3:44:27157
3 days agoUnited States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Destiny 2 Ep2241:261
5 days agoCanada Steph CayerChibi VS SUPERMAN!? - DOOMCHIBI99 plays Destiny 231:222
2020-07-01France Altis21Destiny 2 - Comment vaincre Zulmak en 1 tour à l'épée [Let's Play]0:51284
2020-06-30 *DJX*Destiny 2 | Saison Der Ankunft | Garten der Erlösung Raid Boss | Danke !! Alpha & Co. !!!!16:2549
2020-06-29United States GamingWithPersonaDESTINY 2 - SUPREMACY ONLINE MATCHES - PERSONA PLAYS2:02:3894
2020-06-29United States ToxicAWOLA Dark Arrival - Let's Play Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Episode 11: Taking Down Crystals39:059
2020-06-27France Game Movie LandDESTINY 2 fr LA SAISON DE L'ARRIVÉE - FILM JEU COMPLET17:207,204
2020-06-26 EhroarHow to Become Emperor Palpatine in Destiny 2!10:36137,626
2020-06-26United States BigSweetCDestiny 2 (PC) "For Those Returning to Orbit, Here's the New Power Leveling Routine"8:3133
2020-06-26Ukraine SaboDESTINY 2 PS4 | КРОСС СТРАЖЫ ГАЛАКТИКИ | Sony PlayStation59:4916
2020-06-22Spain MJ GamerDestiny 2 | Todas las campañas del juego | Capitulo 6 | gameplay español1:21:363
2020-06-22United States FranchardiHaving Some Fun in Crucible and Gambit!! || Franchardi Plays: Destiny 2 LIVE!1:25:4437
2020-06-22Spain TheWildGamerDestiny 2 - MATA JEFES DE 1 GOLPE! NECESITAS ESTE NUEVO ARMA, YA!14:5317,048
2020-06-20United States Ginger PrimePSO2 & Destiny 2 Fathers Day Stream | Ship 2 PC Gameplay2:46:39789
2020-06-20Canada Scyushiremember that shooter game i used to play? its back - Destiny 2 (2020)13:201,365
2020-06-20United Kingdom Conker87🔵 Destiny 2: Warlock - 19th June: CALUS Mini-Tool Testing in the EDZ (#02)32:384
2020-06-20 GraveyardShiftGaming IncLet's Play Destiny 2 Scourge Of The Past Raid3:37:1718

Latest Reviews For Destiny 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited Kingdom Markus MaximusDESTINY 2 | Ashes to assets | Mod Review4:058
2 days agoGermany Ilias GamingVerdammt gut! - Waffenreview Verfallenes Abbild [Destiny 2][deutsch][gameplay]11:131,167
2 days agoUnited States ApathetticInsane New Perks! | Ruinous Effigy with Catalyst Review! | Destiny 210:01558
2020-07-02United Kingdom Xq-FlixZxWitherhoard Catalyst | The Bank Job Exotic Quest Upgrade Review | Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals5:2722
2020-07-02United States Ironworker GamingOUTBREAK PERFECTED Destiny 2 PvP Weapon Review. Is Outbreak Still Good in 2020?10:34360
2020-07-01United States CoolGuyThe Forward Path best perk combinations: It's GOOD! (Destiny 2 Review)13:0046,944
2020-07-01United States Aztecross GamingFools Remedy Review (Fantastic Sidearm) | Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals11:32143,799
2020-07-01Ireland NexasTHESE NEW IRON BANNER PERKS..... KINDA SUCK...... - THE FOOLS REMEDY review - Destiny 215:37321
2020-07-01United States MorbTron GamingThe Forward Path - Aim Assist BEAST | Destiny 2 Weapon Review14:14170
2020-06-29 Alexcunha666Descubre el SECRETO de su DPS / Review Guillotina - Destiny 2 (Temporada de los Visitantes)15:5611,027
2020-06-28 Cjd Gaming&MoreINSANE HIGH IMPACT PULSE RIFLE! | Redrix’s Broadsword Weapon Review (Buffed) | Destiny 24:2113
2020-06-28United States PAID2BFAMOUSDestiny 2 Sole Survivor Gambit Prime Sniper Rifle PvP Gameplay Review | Season Of Arrivals12:16363
2020-06-27United States Squid Head JoeDestiny 2: COLD DENIAL - Best Legendary High Impact Frame Pulse Rifle? l Weapon Review13:1767
2020-06-26United Kingdom RedstonemelonDestiny 2 | Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher Review8:3119
2020-06-25United States unknownThe ALMOST PERFECT Hand Cannon | Ikelos Hand Cannon Gameplay Review | Destiny 211:561,549
2020-06-24Germany JevilDestiny 2 Gnadenlos PvP Review! ☆ Dieses Impulsgewehr kann man nicht mehr bekommen!10:10114
2020-06-24Germany BadBeard - Videospiele und anderer BlödsinnDestiny 2: Lohnt es sich wieder? Season 11 Review | Gameplay [Deutsch German]13:376,898
2020-06-24United States The Balding PlebsDO NOT BUY!!! Destiny 2: Beyond Light Collector's Edition Breakdown and Review! NO WAY!19:24623
2020-06-21Mexico TheDanteWolfDestiny 2 como conseguir hambre persistente (Review)10:37167
2020-06-19United States chibirobo12NEW FUSION IS PRETTY GOOD! (Hollow Words PvP Review) | Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals10:5020,230
2020-06-18United States NovemberHotelMalfeasance is GOOD? - Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals PvP (best 180 hand cannon?)3:1113,671
2020-06-18United States Say No To RageDestiny 2 Contact Public Event Review10:598,217
2020-06-16United States FranchardiWAIT...THERE'S A SEASON 11||Franchardi Reviews: Destiny 2 - Season of Arrival (Bonus Exotic Review)8:4683
2020-06-16United Kingdom Shaxx PlaysDestiny 2 | Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst Review - Why This Is The Best In Game Right Now!9:1954
2020-06-15United States RestAssuredFalling Guillotine Is Crazy (New Meta/Review) | Destiny 24:242,226