Cult of the Lamb! Dinkum/Animal Crossing gone WRONG!

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SGS Plays: Cult of the Lamb! @DevolverDigital You wanted me to play Dinkum? What? This isn't it?

Game Description:
Start your own cult in a land of false prophets, venturing out into diverse and mysterious regions to build a loyal community of woodland Followers and spread your Word to become the one true cult.

Q What game is this?
A: Read the title of the stream in its entirety for context and a description of the gameplay. Then, read the description in its entirety. On mobile, the game name and box art can be found at the end of the description. On PC/Mac Browser it is found on the left side of the screen above the comment section and below the channel name.

Q Have you played?
A: Check the channel.

Q: You should play (Game Name)!
A: Join the Discord and leave a suggestion in the game request tab!

Q: Is this game on/do you play Xbox/PS4?
A: I play on PC mostly. Check Google quick to see if it is on console

Q: How much is this game?
A: Due to sales, currency differences, and different online stores, prices vary. Check online for info.

Q: What is your favorite _________?
A: Doesn't matter that much. It's always changing with new experiences and things available.

Q: How long is the stream?
A: On average, about 2 hours - more if there is time.

Q: When are you playing (Game Name)?
A: Check the video release schedule in the links above.

Q: Have you ever played (Game Name)? Do you play (Game Name)?
A: Check the channel, if there is a video on it then I have, and you can watch!

Q: How often do you stream? Do you have a streaming schedule?
A: M-F 2:30-5/5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Q: Do you know (YouTuber Name)? You should play with (YouTuber Name)!
A: I am usually fairly busy with my own channel and other things, I watch others, but hard to co-op, but attempt to weekly be involved with the community.

Q: What did I miss?
A: No one knows how long you were gone for or what you have seen, so it's hard to recap a stream.

Q: Does he read chat? Why are you ignoring me!
A: Typically, there are several watching and chatting. While gaming, it's hard to get to everyone.

Q: Why is there a 10-minute wait at the start of the stream?
A: YouTube is broken. Notifications don't always go out or they are late. It gives people time to join and greet each other in the beginning of the stream. Plus, I love music and try to set the tone and make it a part of the content I provide.

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