Dragon Quest XI🐉62 - Sword of Light

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Duration: 1:14:35
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Having summoned the great Cetacea, Tran and his friends take to the skies in search of a means to defeat the Lord of Shadows. They find the floating island Benedictus told them of, and enter the temple they find there, where they meet a child… but not a human child.

He tells them that he is one of the Watchers, a people who have stood guard over Erdrea since time itself began. But alas, he is the last of his kind. Mordegon's forces assaulted the village en masse, and it was only thanks to the protection of the Temple of Dawn, and the Guiding Light within it, that he was spared.

The little Watcher wonders if it might be the Guiding Light that Tran and his companions are in need of, so they decide to investigate the Temple of Dawn further.

Recorded: 06-25-20
Edited: 06-28-20
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