Full N7 Mission Guide | Insanity Gameplay | Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1nhEYXm7j4

Mass Effect 2
Duration: 3:19:18

A List and guide to all the N7 Missions for Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition!

00:00 N7: Archeological Dig Site / N7: MSV Strontium Mule / N7: Blue Suns Base / N7: Javelin Missiles Launched
50:00 N7: Blood Pack Base / N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay
1:32:00 N7: Anomalous Weather Detected
1:41:00 N7: Captured Mining Facility
1:55:30 N7: MSV Estevanico
2:02:06 N7: Eclipse Smuggling Depot
2:05:38 Abandoned Mine
2:15:00 N7: Imminent Ship Crash
2:22:24 N7: Quarian Crash Site
2:26:41 N7: Wrecked Merchant Freighter / N7: Abandoned Research Station / N7: Hahne-Kedar Facility
2:57:00 N7: Mining the Canyon
3:05:53 N7: Endangered Research Station
3:12:18 N7: Lost Operative

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