How to seal EVA Foam for Cosplay - Quick Tip Clip

How to seal EVA Foam for Cosplay - Quick Tip Clip

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EVA Foam is perfect for making amazing cosplays and I frequently get the questions, "Do I need to seal EVA Foam before painting?" , "Why do I need to seal EVA foam", and "How should I seal EVA foam?" If you have had this question, you are in the right place because in this video I am going to explain why most people seal their EVA foam and depending on the type of EVA foam you are using if you even necessarily have to seal your EVA foam for your cosplay.

Here are links to both the foam I recommend using and the Plastidip that I recommend using for sealing your EVA Foam. If you buy some please use these affiliate links, it gives me a kickback at no cost to you that will help me continue to create these videos. Thanks! Cosplay On, My Friend!

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