If Killing Eve was a romantic comedy - BBC

If Killing Eve was a romantic comedy - BBC

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Killing Eve as you have never seen it before. Laugh, cry and fall in love.

Eve is a security officer at MI5. She likes her job, her boss, her friends and her husband, but she is bored. When a Russian diplomat is assassinated in Vienna and Eve is given the job of looking after the witness, a casual bet about the identity of the killer gets out of hand, and Eve finds herself drawn into a cat-and-mouse game all across the continent, looking for a deadly, elusive and fascinating suspect.

After everything that happened in Russia, Eve went rogue. Turning up at Villanelleโ€™s home and coming face to face with her, in a moment that shocked even Villanelle, she has just stabbed her in the stomach.

Now Eve is alone in Villanelleโ€™s flat with nothing but a knife, her handbag and a rising sense of panic. Meanwhile, Villanelle is already on the run and using all her many skills and instincts to survive.

Sheโ€™s wounded in more ways than one, and if she can escape the wrath of her Russian handlers, she is heading straight to London.

Killing Eve | Series 2 | BBC

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