Is ODD REALM better than RIMWORLD? (Odd Realm Gameplay)

Is ODD REALM better than RIMWORLD? (Odd Realm Gameplay)

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RimWorld (2013)
Let's Play
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Survive & thrive as new settlers in a strange land? Is this a Rimworld beater? Lets see with my Odd Realm Gameplay! :-)
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Take control of a group of settlers to build a settlement that survives the passing seasons...

4 procedurally generated biomes (Desert, Taiga, Voidland, and Tropical)
24+ Creatures
100+ items, weapons, and gear
100+ buildable blueprints for props, blocks, plants, trees, and platforms
9+ Settler professions
Unique scenarios and encounters based on player decisions

Choose from thousands of generated landscapes to make your new home. A desert oasis? The ribcage of a long-dead giant? A magical mountain range? Where you choose to settle will determine what resources you have at your disposal, what you encounter, and how challenging your experience will be.

Use the resources in your environment to build... well.. whatever you want! A sandstone castle in the desert? An underground fortress? Or, maybe, an island beach house? You decide!

Dig mines into the earth to uncover lost tombs, lakes filled with creatures watching from the deep. Just make sure not to go too deep!

Welcome the less-than-friendly arrival of your neighbors with cold steel and hugs made of arrows. Ask questions later.

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