John Williams: Schindler's List | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

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Fingerstyle arrangement and guitar tab for John William's Academy Award winning theme from Schindler's List; a 1993 film by Steven Spielberg.

"Schindler's List" is one of the greatest films of the 20th Century, and it serves as an accurate, historical document of the Holocaust. In kind, Oskar Schindler is one of greatest heroes the world will ever know.

Schindler was a paradoxical figure; a womanizer, an egocentric businessman, a seducer, a black-market trader, a Nazi, an industrialist, a hedonist, a war profiteer, and finally a concentration camp commandant. He also saved the lives of 1100 Jews during the Holocaust.

Oskar Schindler, for all his faults, was perfectly poised to level an enduring campaign of manipulation against members of the Nazi SS. He schmoozed, bribed, and partied with them for nearly 6 years -- all in an effort to ease the suffering of his Jewish workers, and eventually save their lives.

Spielberg's film is cinematic perfection. Having just rewatched Schindler's List -- it is definitely in league with The Godfather's I & II. Liam Neeson is phenomenal as Schindler. He's matched by towering performances from Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes.

The aching music is from John Williams, the greatest living composer, who won the Academy Award for Best Score (Schindler's List) in 1993.

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