Lets play Crusader Kings 3 - House Habsburg EP 46

Lets play Crusader Kings 3 - House Habsburg EP 46

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Crusader Kings III
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Lets play Crusader Kings 3 - House Habsburg

Historically house Habsburg was one of the most influencial royal houses in Europe. Based in Austria, the Habsburg dynasty produced Kings all throughout Europe (Spain and Hungary to name two) and regularly provided the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Crusader Kings places the root of the Habsburg Dynasty near Switzerland, and we shall grow a strong and powerfull tree from these roots. Follow me on the journey to lead the young house of Habsburg to it's historical glory and power in Crusader Kings 3.

Be advised that, while I will share all strategies and tipps I learn and try to be efficient, I am no expert in the game AND I will factor in role-play as well. Meaning we won't mary our heir to a mongolian princess just because she has good genes and we won't exploit bugs. Crusader Kings 3 lets you create a story and that is what I want to experience and share with you.

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