Latest Channel Activity From Denmark

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Denmark based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
13 hours agoDenmark Crinklekitty9[VRChat] Broken Microphone Driver - Messing Around With People9:00100.00%
16 hours agoDenmark itsDair389LET’S GET DANGEROUS! 🦆 - Darkwing Duck Demo | Darkwing Duck Demo Secret Area | Unreleased Game15:29100.00%
19 hours agoDenmark Fortnite DTHM34,487STREAMERS *FIRST* KILLS WITH THE *NEW* "SCOPED REVOLVER" (OP) - Fortnite Battle Royale Moments10:3297.83%
20 hours agoDenmark BrianFromDenmark146,795Nok min klammeste GEH-video.. ever.. - GEH V8 - episode 112:1698.63%
1 day agoDenmark DR Ultra116,316Sidste chance for den store sejr (9) | Jarl, Fortnite #1 | Ultra4:5395.73%
1 day agoDenmark BeePlay's37,985Bioshock 2 Remastered - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 (PS4/PC/Xbox One)20:20100.00%
1 day agoDenmark Kingtot1,820Stellaris MegaCorp: Imperium of Man #2432:37100.00%
1 day agoDenmark MythyMoo215,557HOW TO RIVEN10:5392.33%
1 day agoDenmark BU4U Gaming626Academy training, part 1 - NITE Team 4 | Ver. 0.11.6 | Let's Play | E130:00100.00%
1 day agoDenmark Game kNight4,067Live NOW on - Divinity Original Sin 24:00
1 day agoDenmark Lazy Hoplite214Rohan - Divide and Conquer 2.2 TATW - #22 | Siege of Tharbad begins31:36100.00%
1 day agoDenmark Esh Plays125FIRST DAY JITTERS | Esh Plays Resident Evil 2 (Remake) | DEMO36:43100.00%
1 day agoDenmark Auvbri50,308Sims 4 Get Famous - To the Spotlight #06 | HD Let's Play42:03100.00%
1 day agoDenmark Anna Briand153,066EN DAG I MIT LIV MED KAMILLA + NY BIL??? - *VLOG*6:1598.62%
1 day agoDenmark DG20,957Raft Highlights Ft Benny_1 & Lokkeanden8:58100.00%
1 day agoDenmark Unisport1,277,040NEW Nike Phantom Venom - EVERYTHING you need to know!7:0598.89%
2 days agoDenmark Coaster99390Enigmatica 2 Expert #14 Nuclear Craft og Sieve47:35
2 days agoDenmark DoubleM-K Gaming866DEAD OR ALIVE 6: Online Beta Test | 5 Fight Win Streak13:22100.00%
2 days agoDenmark Izzo199,761Pubgmobile.noob12:5798.44%
2 days agoDenmark Poulpc1,233Trying my Allosaurus mount for the first time [Upscaled 4K] ARK Survival Evolved8:06
2 days agoDenmark Crainer3,809,252RANDOM Loot 50/50 CHALLENGE *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale33:3497.94%
2 days agoDenmark Marzec Gaming7,145I Am SKYRIM ft. Ralfendalf #Skyrim1:27:2785.71%
2 days agoDenmark Nilaus19,620Lets Play Railway Empire - Chapter 3 OVER THE MISSISSIPPI - Part 247:48100.00%
2 days agoDenmark MarioMario369360Mega Mario Plays | The Tourney of Power & Wisdom1:19:50
2 days agoDenmark Jørgen Bjørn46,204Rasahkhan's Rumble! Livestream1:02:2094.29%
2 days agoDenmark TwoBrosGamingHD20,683WORLD'S BIGGEST SOLAR FARM in Farming Simulator 2019 | HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN FS19 | PS4 | Xbox One11:08100.00%
2 days agoDenmark Wishblade72Lust for Fury - Darksiders III (13.01.19)2:51:28
2 days agoDenmark The Propagandacast15,133[CoH2][WM v USF] Propagandacast #2073 VonClausewitz v VonAsten51:1794.74%
2 days agoDenmark Kcaam Karma91Farming Simulator 2019 - Størst udbytte - hvilken afgrød er bedst - Dansk guide del 21:02:37100.00%
2 days agoDenmark ThingsWithAli3,791HUNTED (Miscreated)9:5890.91%
2 days agoDenmark Armin255,654PIA K, YAHYA & DRONNINGEN (Samme Skype Opkald)7:1193.67%
2 days agoDenmark Den Mandige Elg95,318Dansk CardLife #3 - MONSTRE AF PAP21:1898.70%
3 days agoDenmark The Hell Assassin614Devil May Cry Part 9 - Stay back!27:27100.00%
3 days agoDenmark GamingAmmunitionDK34,454FARVEL HIMMELHUND! - GTA 5 RP13:1891.18%
3 days agoDenmark RobinSamse203,299GRØNNE LYSENDE BLOBS | Slime Rancher - Episode 338:3999.46%
3 days agoDenmark Lasse Vestergaard156,238ÅBNER MINE RANDOM TING FRA WISH! | Wish11:4498.50%
3 days agoDenmark FokezGamez26,816MILITÆRET ANGRIBER - FLYGTER FRA FÆNGSEL - (6 STJERNER) - GTA 5 DANSK GAMEPLAY - [#15]12:2699.05%
3 days agoDenmark Grib33,382TOWER WARS - Hypixel // Dansk Minecraft19:24100.00%
3 days agoDenmark ZenBear5,357Let's Play: Lamplight City ► A HOT CASE | #1140:47100.00%
3 days agoDenmark TheAmigoBoyz2,187DUPING ITEMS IN POE!? -How to Duplicate Items ft. Einhar🔥 (Path of Exile Betrayal League Crafting)4:3570.00%
3 days agoDenmark lamora supcharls2,038Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Team Deathmatch Gameplay 9410:36100.00%
3 days agoDenmark Bokoen174,822Hoi4 MP in a nutshell episode 112(The Schlieffen Plan)4:4598.84%
3 days agoDenmark Exniern6Fighting like a madman : Roxolani -Total War Rome 2 [DEI] - RP Campaign episode 824:50100.00%
3 days agoDenmark LiftingNerdBro77,329Winter Orb Inquisitor Build Guide | Path of Exile (2019)37:3396.86%
3 days agoDenmark Zowarock1,105this is the police 1 👮‍🔫🚓15 Schon wieder weniger [zowarock gameplay deutsch]15:45100.00%
3 days agoDenmark WackyJacky101258,365THE COMEBACK - Recovering from a disastrous start - Cinematic PUBG14:5598.45%
3 days agoDenmark Numbuh 4WD144GT Sport - Circuit Experience - Monza 1:46.4262:16100.00%
4 days agoDenmark Jannik I Spil22,928BARE SMÅ RIDSER - BeamNG Drive [Dansk]12:0198.75%
4 days agoDenmark ComKean122,742BLEV COMKEAN SNYDT AF DME?! - Minecraft Lucky Blocks Dansk med ComKean og Den Mandige Elg25:2195.54%
4 days agoDenmark CaleoGaming44,224Assassin's Creed Odyssey | All Legendary Beasts | HD 1080p60 PC38:1190.74%
4 days agoDenmark metalreita1,255"Well... Hard mode... I guess, we asked for it..." | Rune Factory 3 #0243:29100.00%
4 days agoDenmark Rapunzel ASMR342,292ASMR Fixing You ! Personal Attention With Tingly Sounds20:3197.57%
4 days agoDenmark UberDanger1,100,694It'll be different for a while...6:5097.68%
4 days agoDenmark Nightspeeds28,471Skater XL vs Real Life - TOM ASTA Courthouse Trick Challenges11:5298.32%
4 days agoDenmark TwinGamer1,890Bowser Jr.'s Journey - All Major Bosses and Post Game Bosses1:32:4582.35%
4 days agoDenmark Djuntas3,536Drama yet again....Stop taking Diablo 2 content creation so serious...14:5676.00%
4 days agoDenmark Nørderiet915KYKLOPEN OG KAPTAJN IDIOT 👹 Assassin's Creed Odyssey (dansk)10:40100.00%
4 days agoDenmark DR Koncerthuset87,382DR Koncerthuset fylder 10 år0:3684.21%
4 days agoDenmark Aliestor222The Settlers 4 - Trojans 5 part 728:58100.00%
5 days agoDenmark LokeHansen44,218Battle Royale style BuildWars in STW??? -is Battle Royale taking over Fortnite Save The World10:0593.22%
5 days agoDenmark J Serano Gaming2,334EN TUR I BYEN :: BLACK DESERT ONLINE - REMASTERED :: ARCHER LEVEL UP :: Episode 217:44100.00%
6 days agoDenmark Juncker11,014USECS - An Escape From Tarkov COPS Parody5:3098.73%
6 days agoDenmark RobinKaja126,968ÆBLEAFHØRING 3.0 med Slowmotion!5:2997.77%
6 days agoDenmark MarckozHD119,484VINDER MED DEN NYE *SUPPRESSED* SNIPER RIFLE! - Fortnite Solo Win10:2889.49%
2019-01-08Denmark Joubinour145Ricardo Milos In Fortnite3:19100.00%
2019-01-08Denmark DenDanskeAnd2,661Battlefield V - Dansk Gameplay #3 "Sindsyg kamp om et tog"19:56100.00%
2019-01-08Denmark Dave - Rocket League25,358SPICY Teamplay by SQUISHY, RIZZO And KRONOVI - Best of RL Streams #5010:1196.81%
2019-01-08Denmark Benjamin Jønsson121,863Bliver Uvenner Med Google Home!10:4495.07%
2019-01-08Denmark MrFousing33,566The Sims 4 - Snedkerbutik 1 - Jens Werner26:2098.28%
2019-01-08Denmark GCFgamingDK36SÅDAN FÅR DU MASSER AF PENGE I FARMING SIMULATOR 2019 - GCFgamingDK4:50
2019-01-07Denmark A Power Productions2,782Crazy Journey With Zombie_Barricades, Fyyasko And Brickrhymes - Miscreated EP. 19131:2988.10%
2019-01-07Denmark ByggeMan GUNBOB GAMING39Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion Part 2.10:44
2019-01-07Denmark Darkbeat5,788Nintendo Switch Collection, Recommendations & Hidden Gems31:15100.00%
2019-01-07Denmark Gex230,397Hvordan ser et induktionskomfur ud indeni ?? (Teardown)11:5396.83%
2019-01-06Denmark GameBoyle1,892Boyographic - The Tower of Druaga Retrospective & Game Boy Review10:18100.00%
2019-01-06Denmark Dane 554ATLAS - First play on the community's new server s1 e128:17100.00%
2019-01-06Denmark Fiction Addiction4,628CHARLIE MAGNE - Esh Draws (Speedpaint)5:32100.00%
2019-01-06Denmark GametestDanmark1,395Nooben og Tuben - Dårlige Licens Spil37:03100.00%
2019-01-05Denmark Gen Sir Anthony C H Melchett5,067Rising Storm 2 Vietnam: How to be an Effective Combat Engineer introduction29:56100.00%
2019-01-05Denmark SuperstituM571,574How SuNny Really Plays CS:GO3:3399.08%
2019-01-04Denmark commentatorboy732[dansk/danish] Jeg gider ikke youtube mere... Så jeg laver en random dårlig unboxning af Minute RPG4:57100.00%
2019-01-03Denmark Situla170Battlefield V - All Magazine Related Specializations20:25100.00%
2019-01-01Denmark Christian MJ3,301The Da Vinci Code [PS2] - Gameplay19:38100.00%
2018-12-31Denmark TheWeirdOtaku307[DR MMD] DNA - Hifumi Yamada1:35100.00%
2018-12-31Denmark REE ANIMATION3,039The Adventures of Gorm - Update 7 - Hit Flash and Main Menu - Unreal Engine 44:45100.00%
2018-12-29Denmark Wiishu457,216New Years Retrospects and Resolutions9:1999.28%
2018-12-29Denmark Ali The Mudokon2462018: year in review7:41100.00%
2018-12-29Denmark HUNGER G4MER1,041Crossout - December Grinding ❃ Xbox one gameplay6:52100.00%
2018-12-28Denmark MagmaMusen2,717,077✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Firework Battery6:2098.44%
2018-12-28Denmark DengoDK47,744FARLIG FLYVNING! // GTA 5 [Dansk]12:0198.83%
2018-12-26Denmark Annse847,068Dead By Daylight (PS4) Killer - Michael Myers , Merry Myersmas (07)21:15100.00%
2018-12-25Denmark New Code3712018 -2019 Test af Supreme raket 44gram Bilka0:19
2018-12-25Denmark Nistelroy784,440Best FIFA 19 Goals ever made ---0:30
2018-12-22Denmark McKidPro58,3197 SEJE TROLL TRAPS I MINECRAFT!! (DANSK MINECRAFT)12:1797.18%
2018-12-20Denmark Oliver As Latias6,312M.U.G.E.N Arcade Run - BestGamerReview12:4997.30%
2018-12-18Denmark AmsomniaStudios531Amwinrathon (2018) Part 34:03:42100.00%
2018-12-18Denmark KittyRAWR1991151Kittie1991's Live | Assassin's Creed: Origins #51:49:38
2018-12-17Denmark Danish Warrior Skald458Tarchuna | Total War: Rome II | Legendary | 1422:41
2018-12-17Denmark Gammelfar Musik27,404Brrr-Tennis feat. Vercinger (original musikvideo)3:2188.04%
2018-12-17Denmark History of Video Games13,390Graphical Evolution of Exile / XZR (1988-1992)2:2592.31%