Latest Channel Activity From Denmark

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Denmark based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 day agoDenmark Nistelroy784,330TDF 2020 - Saxo Bank Classic / Legend difficult - Live - 2nd week of tour - Contador In Trouble1:13:06
1 day agoDenmark itsDair576WHY IS THIS SO HARD AND HORRIBLE?! 😭 - Mortal Shell Demo1:09:38
1 day agoDenmark BeePlay's36,400THE OUTER WORLDS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 (PC/PS4/XBOX ONE/SWITCH) No Commentary21:25
2 days agoDenmark Kaja21,400LIVE: Vi skal finde mad! #21:37:17
2 days agoDenmark Dgray4,890ADVANCE PROCESSING! - Pyanodon - Factorio 0.18 Live Stream Let's Play - Ep 3656:07
2 days agoDenmark PimpCSGO75,000PimpCSGO Watches: His Own WEIGHTLOSS Training Video!!10:17
2 days agoDenmark Copenhagen Flames21,900"Kan ThomasHD carry Jordberry?!" Duo Puzzle Challenge ft. Jordberry & Th0masHD [Fortnite]18:45
2 days agoDenmark HOWER POWER - GAMING319ANGRY BIRDS 2 - CLAN VS CLAN - FIRST TRY - GAMING - 08-07-20205:32
2 days agoDenmark Vercinger130,000BLIVER HUN EN OBBY-MESTER?! :: Roblox Tower of Hell Dansk24:38
2 days agoDenmark MaXsa109,000Min KÆRESTE Spillede Fortnite efter 1 ÅR...12:35
2 days agoDenmark History of Video Games31,400Graphical Evolution of Bloodstained (2018-2020)1:58
2 days agoDenmark G2 Pengu554,000FACEIT TOURNAMENT HIGHLIGHTS | Rainbow Six Siege11:02
2 days agoDenmark Esh Plays216THE OUTSIDERS | Esh Plays DREAD X COLLECTION | PART 246:50
2 days agoDenmark Annse847,370Persona 5 (PS4) Part 3046:07
3 days agoDenmark Kingtot3,770Europa Universalis 4 - Emperor: Australia #1842:40
3 days agoDenmark OliverLyGaming66,000MR SAVAGE CUP - DANSK FORTNITE8:38
3 days agoDenmark MrSpyplant73,100VERDENS STØRSTE EKSPLOSION!? Modded Prank Wars #2927:30
3 days agoDenmark MythyMoo374,000Hardest Boss in METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE17:37
3 days agoDenmark Fair Play13,400Yakuza 5 - All Cutscenes PART 1/4 (Game Movie HD)1:48:01
3 days agoDenmark TheMaJestic1456Overwatch Reaper Montage []No Mercy[]2:13
3 days agoDenmark Aveline210,000Touring AMAZING subscriber builds 😱 (Shell Challenge 4)33:06
4 days agoDenmark Game kNight Plays5,450Conqueror's Blade - Siege battle at the Great Wall - Coop33:59
4 days agoDenmark CaleoGaming117,000Half-Life: Alyx - Chapter 1 & 2 - Full Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary) HD 1080p60 PC53:48
4 days agoDenmark Fakeqt2,600TBC Nightbane Summon Urn quest chain2:35
4 days agoDenmark MCcolaking96Devil May Cry 5 - Nero vs Vergil DMD No Damage V23:58
4 days agoDenmark Djuntas5,630Diablo 2: Dragon Tail - One punch - Tiger strike Assassin build27:51
4 days agoDenmark TheWeirdOtaku741[P3 MMD] Reverse Universe - Ken Amada3:07
4 days agoDenmark syltefar471CoD: MW (PS4) Warzone Duo 5 - Wheeled Assassin [No commentary, 1080p, 60FPS]1:02:05
4 days agoDenmark Nerdy Old Gamer313Lets Play Cepheus Protocol S3 Ep2 | Pandemic Mode Directors Cut | Good Start Wasted Maybe?32:33
5 days agoDenmark T B Skyen69,300Does Mortal Shell add anything new to the Souls formula? || A Quick Look22:11
5 days agoDenmark Anna Briand173,000EN HYGGE DAG MED OS - KARAOKE, GRILLER, HAUL OG LAVER TIK TOK!10:19
5 days agoDenmark MONGO TV12,700MongoTV_4971 - God SØNDAG 5.Juni 2020 - JOHN HAR INGEN PENGE9:17
5 days agoDenmark GoldenOwl69I can't hit anyone - Hyperscape ep. 211:24
5 days agoDenmark GametestDanmark1,770Gametest News 5.juli 20203:13
5 days agoDenmark Bokoen1232,000The Continuation War - Steel Division 2 Memes10:21
5 days agoDenmark Holst771,000Live Le Mans 1 times løb Forza Motorsport 71:17:47
5 days agoDenmark BU4U Gaming1,350Treasure hunting! - Garden Paws | Let's Play / Gameplay | S2E11230:41
5 days agoDenmark MrTeefo - COD Mobile4,810Rage And Outlaw Gameplay On Cod Mobile3:13
6 days agoDenmark metalreita1,300Wouldn't have guess Snape's tradition to be so sentimental! | Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery #1099:59
6 days agoDenmark 2BSkyen5,140You Are Enough || Majora's Mask FINALE1:09:40
6 days agoDenmark Coaster99353Manufactio #6 | Minecraft Factorio Style55:43
6 days agoDenmark Unisport2,440,000Who are the fastest players in 2020?4:32
6 days agoDenmark Down to Earth Astronomy58,200Cave Exploration Store in Star Citizen8:57
6 days agoDenmark josse1357921,600Draweekend - Challenging3:51
6 days agoDenmark RobinSamse214,000CHILIS NYE KONKURRENT | Roblox - Restaurant Tycoon 2 - Episode 239:10
6 days agoDenmark creative_stine424Ghost Leviathan Escorts Me Home | Weird Subnautica #73:34
6 days agoDenmark Silver Skull 24865Phoenix Wright Vs Cole Phelps 2 Instrumental - Yksnøy & Yksnøy | RaveDj2:10
6 days agoDenmark Gromek999220,0008 Terraria veterans take on MECH BOSSES20:10
6 days agoDenmark Nightspeeds81,200Skating SECRET Out of Bounds Spots with SAM TABOR! - Skate 315:22
6 days agoDenmark Nilaus47,900Factorio DeathWorld #12 SUDDDENLY PETROLEUM | Lets Play30:12
2020-07-03Denmark SsethTzeentach732,000Recettear Review | Capitalism Ho! | Merchant Edition™9:38
2020-07-03Denmark AlumiTube1,970,000Casting RAVEN´s BITE Heirloom Axe - APEX Legends - Bloodhound13:46
2020-07-03Denmark WackyJacky101587,000MAGIC DUO with chocoTaco - Trolling the end game - PUBG17:21
2020-07-03Denmark The Propagandacast16,800[CoH2][WM v SU] Propagandacast #2712 Runes v Barton37:52
2020-07-03Denmark SuperstituM982,000How You Really Play CS:GO 23:20
2020-07-03Denmark Kcaam Karma883Farming Simulator 2019 - Mods Mods og Mods - Ricci Hollow - Dansk lets play - Ep 18 - Kcaam Karma27:31
2020-07-03Denmark LokeHansen51,600Yarrr Returns | Voice Acting | Lore and Story | Fortnite STW by Epic Games41:33
2020-07-03Denmark The Hell Assassin658Payday 2 Breakfast in Tijuana Death Sentence (Solo Stealth)21:35
2020-07-03Denmark Jaxstyle132,000STUDENTERKØRSEL 202021:05
2020-07-03Denmark Coolshop.dk1,310Vi Tester Bikemate - En Smart Elcykel 🔋1:09
2020-07-03Denmark Reddrix5,580Funny teammates and easy WIN | Apex Legends - RANKED GOLD3:48
2020-07-02Denmark Den Mandige Elg130,000BYGGER ET TOG! - Prank Wars EP31 med @Den Mandige Elg21:35
2020-07-02Denmark DR Ultra170,000Flokken - Ny serie af Jonas Risvig på Ultra1:38
2020-07-02Denmark Joubinour2,100SEASON 3 ON STEROIDS5:47
2020-07-02Denmark RoSu8,610Farming Simulator 2019 Livestream1:32:01
2020-07-02Denmark TwoBrosGamingHD33,800NEW BIG CASE IH MOD in Farming Simulator 2019 | IT LOOKS REALLY GREAT | PS4 | Xbox One | PC10:23
2020-07-02Denmark Waznewz759Forza Horizon 4 - Series 24 - Summer - Monthly Rivals4:40
2020-07-02Denmark lamora supcharls7,210Call Of Duty World War 2 Domination Gameplay 468:12
2020-07-02Denmark DR Koncerthuset332,000STUDIO 4 SESSIONS - Telemann // Concert for 4 violins (Live)5:57
2020-07-02Denmark SYBO TV3,770,000WHAT'S NEW? - Zurich Update | Subway Surfers Update Rundown1:39
2020-07-02Denmark zironicdk139,000BOSG ACOG is Overpowered - Rainbow Six Siege10:13
2020-07-02Denmark Zowarock1,800Gleis weiterführung ⚒ 50 Let's Play Workers & Resources Hardcore light 😁 Mode MOD⚒[deutsch]26:02
2020-07-02Denmark Ghost Ship Games13,400Developer Stream - diggin' deep!1:57:19
2020-07-02Denmark TreeBurgers7,400Breaker Buff, New Punisher Perk and More Crossout Patch 0 11 5013:15
2020-07-02Denmark Poulpc1,600Trigger happy friend [Dayz]5:30
2020-07-02Denmark DG19,200Ark Survival Evolved - En Massiv Tank! Ep 418:17
2020-07-01Denmark ComKean155,000Kom I HIMLEN (ikke rart)! - Helping Hand Dansk Ep 3 med ComKean26:41
2020-07-01Denmark ZagiMC134,000KNOCKED FORTNITE GLITCH! | Dansk Fortnite15:49
2020-07-01Denmark IndoRaptor75🦖 Beginning of a new life. Let's play Part 1 🦖20:41
2020-07-01Denmark Numbuh 4WD193TOCA 2 (PC) - Renault Laguna on Donington GP - 01:15.931:41
2020-07-01Denmark Danielkaas94848🇫🇮 Finnish with Duolingo 🇫🇮0:35
2020-07-01Denmark Matt and King Gaming - Mthis924Let's Play Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro Year of the Dragon - Part 1- Mic Test13:41
2020-07-01Denmark Kiloo Games3,320,000🎮 June Highlights1:32
2020-07-01Denmark Jørgen Bjørn83,600Hvordan bygger man en PC? 🖥️29:04
2020-07-01Denmark GamingAmmunitionDK38,500AUKTION FORTSÆTTER! - GTA 5 RP22:12
2020-06-30Denmark Gammelfar Musik36,700Min Lama Er En Nar (Havana parodi)2:56
2020-06-30Denmark ScribblyHoots11,400ADOFAI Makes Me Want to Break Things - A Dance of Fire and Ice22:33
2020-06-30Denmark Auvbri69,800Sims 4 University - University Life #2 | Let's Play37:12
2020-06-30Denmark Jannik I Spil45,500INDBRYDERE MED SPRÆNGSTOFFER - Garry's Mod - Roleplay - Afsnit 13 [Dansk]15:26
2020-06-30Denmark Benjamin Jønsson130,000Jeg HYDRO Dipper Gurli Gris8:36
2020-06-30Denmark Aliriks74Getting Murdered in Among Us with SR9:30
2020-06-29Denmark MulleDK199,690Blade & Sorcery - Mulle's AI being AI (No player footage) - Part II3:19
2020-06-29Denmark BoffenDK Gaming16House flipper HGTV DLC - Dansk med Boffen25:43
2020-06-29Denmark Eviltrick1,02010.000 Gold from caravaning! - RimWorld Hot Potato Challenge - 60 - Difficulty: Rough6:06:26
2020-06-29Denmark DenDanskeAnd2,560Total War Attila 1212AD mod - Dansk Byzantinsk Lets Play #14 "Farlige ildbomber"46:25
2020-06-29Denmark WildRazz103For Honor - Midlane Kensei11:26
2020-06-29Denmark Grib34,200Nether er mit hjem, og det er godt - Dansk Minecraft1:14:44
2020-06-29Denmark IiraGirlGamer59,100Light or dark (gacha life) season 2 episode 61:49
2020-06-28Denmark Linkssword12314,900Breath Of The Wild recreated in Ocarina of Time - Update 1616:11