Latest Channel Activity From Denmark

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Denmark based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2 hours agoDenmark Montu Plays80,600A Fourth Endgame Crisis?11:44
6 hours agoDenmark Pley5,280Grim steps up huge with a stellar ACE against FaZe at EPL!0:39
7 hours agoDenmark MikuCoolMix760,000Darling in the FranXX Zero Two Runway0:11
10 hours agoDenmark Dr. Pluring338Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. Peoples Proletarian Petroleum Prefecture #24435:51
11 hours agoDenmark GoldenJ37,000Chrome Våben Only Challenge • Dansk10:57
11 hours agoDenmark Den Mandige Elg140,000GRÆDER til jeg får SODAVAND i Crying Simulator23:04
12 hours agoDenmark Keejchen2,040Mr Stab-Man #18 - Let's Play Stoneshard [Forgotten Lore]55:45
14 hours agoDenmark Numbuh 4WD772GT4 Online Netcode0:26
14 hours agoDenmark The Casual Gamer1,050Hitman 3 (Epic via Steam) - Part 020:00
17 hours agoDenmark syltefar812Remnant (PS4) Solo 4 - Gorefist is TOO MUCH | No commentary, 1080p 60FPS49:26
17 hours agoDenmark Ski35,400Minecraft Ego Parkour Speedrun #Shorts0:33
18 hours agoDenmark Lukas Plays17,900FIFA 23 lag...1:57
18 hours agoDenmark Juntau Gaming64World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Leveling - Part 211:53:50
18 hours agoDenmark Aktay1,120I love those “nice” after clutching #shorts #valorant #twitch #subscribe #subscribers #likeaboss0:09
19 hours agoDenmark FreakyFreddysCaveOfWonder474Human fall flat (Part 2)2:31:09
20 hours agoDenmark Lexycutable19,700Trying out Slime Rancher 20:00
20 hours agoDenmark Orange Wolf Gaming2,340HAWAII - NA PALI COAST - MOLOKINI | Horizon Chase Turbo Campaign Gameplay8:34
20 hours agoDenmark DaPhamius980The big battle to decide everything! #53 - The Simulators - Mount and Blade: 2 Bannerlord Lets Play23:27
20 hours agoDenmark lamora supcharls8,720Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Beta Gameplay 511:05
20 hours agoDenmark Guzu62,500ALLIANCE vs The HORDE!24:22
20 hours agoDenmark Mugiwara Cosplay121,000Fur Types I Use For Fursuits #short #fursuit #fursuitmaker #furry0:48
20 hours agoDenmark Down to Earth Astronomy94,900Setting Up My New Constellation alpha Prime HOSAS Live With Down To Earth Astronomy0:00
20 hours agoDenmark World Of Warcraft Guides And Gameplay3,830Making a Name Quest ID 70750 WoW0:21
20 hours agoDenmark Unisport3,640,000The most amazing football store in the World?0:46
21 hours agoDenmark chr3lla1,710Dagen før min fødselsdags stream. Vi skal spille WOW[DK]2:01:15
21 hours agoDenmark Kingtot5,800By Wotan's beard - Europa Universalis 4 - Lions of the North: Germania27:53
21 hours agoDenmark Saul Slendamann313CRASHES, BATTLES, SAVES, 35 ROARING DIESEL JETTAS - VCO Esports Jetta Cup S3 Round 2 Highlights13:49
21 hours agoDenmark Crainer7,860,000NINJA STORM SIMULATOR In Roblox!9:38
21 hours agoDenmark ItsDone3,690HOW TO BURIED! BO2 ZOMBIES!0:38
22 hours agoDenmark Aveline238,000Tiny Modern Boho Apartment 🪴 | The Sims 4: Apartment Speed Build15:21
22 hours agoDenmark InchByInch339Funniest Arsenal fan you’ll watch today 😅⚽️ #premierleague #arsenal #spurs #aftv0:26
22 hours agoDenmark Mike’s Sony YouTube Channel289(PS5) Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Part 6 Dawn of Ragnarok. Killing CALDER26:29
22 hours agoDenmark Bigundes World6,990Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash Game #7 (Android/IOS)10:07
22 hours agoDenmark GKI1,440,000fortnite please fix this 😩0:33
22 hours agoDenmark Cambonano16,300Do We Stay Loyal? (Great Shinobi Owl) - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Part 151:18:00
22 hours agoDenmark Dafran230,000Why Soldier 76 is Dafran's signature hero!12:20
23 hours agoDenmark Rellom Q644The Real Test Against Sparta | FM22 | Bohemian Rhapsodies ► Season 8 | Part 5959:24
23 hours agoDenmark Lord Lenskjold196What do cats dream about? #shorts0:11
23 hours agoDenmark WildRazz326For Honor - Boogie With Randoms13:03
23 hours agoDenmark DeeJeff DK360GTA V (FiveM: PH) Bordeaux SP3 Mirage [Ligier JS P320 LMP3 '20]4:30
1 day agoDenmark Puppery398I Beat Dark Souls 3 Without Getting Hit2:23:26
1 day agoDenmark Anakardian180Manufactio N: 113 - Nuclear nope43:58
1 day agoDenmark TeamSaltyEU343SaltyEU Guilty Gear Strive Tournament VOD #494:16:03
1 day agoDenmark Broxah139,000Broxah Shows You How to deal with an Inting Yasuo!18:29
1 day agoDenmark Abigail Freja Buus Jensen372Escape Academy - FINALE1:14:49
1 day agoDenmark RoSu11,900Vil denne nye lov, der måske træder i kraft, ruinere mig [Episode 65] - Velkommen til den store gård33:28
1 day agoDenmark Serverdown112345100 days af RLcraft del 34:52
1 day agoDenmark 24syv172GameBoys - GTA 6 Leaker FANGET!2:00:07
1 day agoDenmark mAceOfHearts2,450FGO NA: GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku - Open the Demonic Heavens / Nobunaga CQ (3 Star and Below Only Clear)6:58
1 day agoDenmark Zagi - Fun & Games311🕷 Spider-Man Remastered | The Demon Wrecking Ball! | Ep. 7 🕸36:08
1 day agoDenmark TBSkyen Shorts284,000Zapdos is a very silly depiction of Electric Type || Pokémon Review0:58
1 day agoDenmark Nilaus156,000First Look AQUATICO | Upcoming Underwater Survival City-Builder | Lets Try46:12
1 day agoDenmark MythyMoo560,000This game has overwhelmingly positive reviews so I played it (Dungeon Munchies)25:07
1 day agoDenmark fotoply228Ivern top Season 12 - Diamond flex - Uncommented game - VS Ornn28:11
1 day agoDenmark DR Koncerthuset669,000The Nightingale V: There She Is // Michala Petri & The Danish National Vocal Ensemble (Live)2:21
1 day agoDenmark OG Esports109,000The death and rebirth of Gaming with Pyrion Flax | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 4058:23
1 day agoDenmark Phoxy7,760Denne RUTSJEBANE Er ALT For FARLIG!! | Dansk Planet Coaster34:49
1 day agoDenmark JKFIFA86,100JEG ÅBNEDE FOR 12.000 FIFA POINTS I FIFA 23 OG FIK DET HER!14:45
1 day agoDenmark Johnni Gade Reaktioner106,000Den er jo... USYNLIG?13:04
1 day agoDenmark Burche3,260Steelrising - Walkthrough Part 7: Monsieur Necker's Two Treasures [PC]1:05:04
1 day agoDenmark Sejbo8000 Gaming520LOST IN THE FIGHTING! - RealRTCW Co-op Let's Play Part 8 (1440p 60FPS PC)28:48
1 day agoDenmark Beduna48,200DET HER ER IKKE EN RIGTIG BONDEGÅRD! 😳 | Roblox: Farm Factory Tycoon16:35
1 day agoDenmark MarckozGP34,800Bygger Min FØRSTE FIFA 23 Fut DRAFT!?8:58
1 day agoDenmark DR Ultra199,000Svarer på spørgsmål i VILD rutsjebane!2:02
1 day agoDenmark MarckozHD146,000Går ned af et bjerg i Schweiz og køber iPhone 14 Pro8:02
1 day agoDenmark No Wings2,780Stealthy Tinkerer Plague! | Dead by Daylight11:04
1 day agoDenmark BLAST Premier359,000"ASTRALIS IS BETTER THAN YOU!"5:12
1 day agoDenmark ComKean187,000Verdens *VILDESTE* fyrværkeri!🤯🧨11:51
1 day agoDenmark GuideMMO24,700WOTLK Day 1 - !Leveling addon - Level 70-80 Paladin2:31:45
1 day agoDenmark Lobowtf51I CAN'T STOP SWITCHING FORTNITE FPS - Here's Why!4:36
1 day agoDenmark Zagi50,400Røvtur på 1. klasse..14:10
1 day agoDenmark Mikkeltrier56,100Finder Emils DAGBOG i Minecraft!!9:35
1 day agoDenmark Dath sanguis14Twitch Livestream: A Plague Tale Innocence Part 2 [PS4]1:58:42
1 day agoDenmark TortenSkjold57,300Sådan UNDSLIPPER du Rainbow Friends! *Secret Ending* | Dansk Roblox med @TortenSkjold​13:46
1 day agoDenmark DenDanskeAnd2,660Total War Atilla Den Sidste Romer - Dansk Lets Play #15 "Den store killbox"47:53
1 day agoDenmark Nerdy Old Gamer3,480Kerbal Space Program | Modded Career 47 | Duna, Rescues & SCIENCE!40:01
1 day agoDenmark The Propagandacast17,600[CoH2][OKW v USF] Propagandacast #3473 Caesar v Angreifen43:04
1 day agoDenmark TrierGaming167,000Finder En Mystery Box I Minecraft!!9:03
1 day agoDenmark Elkjaer TV14,500Infinite wall jump glitch in Horizon Forbidden West22:40
1 day agoDenmark Ana Braveknight6,040BLÆKSPRUTTEN VIL ÆDE OS?!🐙 | It Takes Two (Med Trendniq)31:47
1 day agoDenmark Celeste Orchid7,010Storing my fluff for stuffed animals 🧸 #shorts #asmr0:16
1 day agoDenmark Cyboman Gaming525Halo Reach Multiplayer Gameplay14:36
1 day agoDenmark Matt Gaming - Mthis1,390Let's Play Freedom Planet 2 - Sash Lilac - 0339:28
1 day agoDenmark Greycloak207Factorio - Sea Block pt. 6036:59
1 day agoDenmark Copenhagen Flames36,100Når man tror man er 200 IQ Imposter i Among Us 🤯0:28
1 day agoDenmark Coaster99351Lockpick And Treassur Hunts #19 Risen 2 Dark Waters24:41
1 day agoDenmark DBU45,300Vi sænker verdensmestrene 𝕀 Danmark - Frankrig 2-0 - highlights2:01
1 day agoDenmark Jobbe93,360Grand Theft Auto III (Xbox Series X - Optimised For Series X|S - 4K30 | Fidelity) - Gameplay - DVR24:05
1 day agoDenmark Zrool21,900Jeg PACKEDE de VILDESTE Spillere første dag af FIFA 23 | Zrool27:34
1 day agoDenmark Judex158,000Jeg Laver INDBRUD I Shadys Hus I Minecraft15:35
1 day agoDenmark SpyplantGaming51,300Kombinerer 4000 Slimes Til En GUD Slime!19:15
1 day agoDenmark RobinSamse218,000HVEM ER DEN BLÅ GÆST i Havocado22:04
1 day agoDenmark Matthew_Satisfaction229Fall Guys - A really weird bug0:21
1 day agoDenmark Gamer mikkel727Åbner FIFA 23 for første gang6:06
1 day agoDenmark BBoneDust450Rogue Company - Lancer Telling Joe They Are Out0:20
1 day agoDenmark crazylegsjan526experimenting with slime combos | Slime rancher 23:14:31
1 day agoDenmark Kat & Sonny72,900The Last of Us | Official Teaser - Reaction & Review!7:27
1 day agoDenmark Dunsebility303CS - W - Vertigo (guddo, zonace, Q, inzation, dunz)1:00:22
1 day agoDenmark MrElitedk11,300Assassin's Creed Rogue - ep 66 (Skattejagt)20:03