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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Denmark based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
18 hours agoDenmark Den Mandige Elg109,543💀 Ludvig Spiser Giftig Sandwich 💀 - Roblox: Camping17:5596.02%
20 hours agoDenmark GamingAmmunitionDK35,445NY BILSHOP?! - GTA 5 RP14:29100.00%
22 hours agoDenmark Numbuh 4WD157TOCA 2 (PC) - Volvo S40 on Downtown USA 01:08.561:36100.00%
23 hours agoDenmark ComKean130,157BLIVER FBI AGENT! - Freakyville Friheden Ep 7 (REKLAME)23:0396.13%
1 day agoDenmark lamora supcharls4,615Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Team Deathmatch Gameplay 165:19100.00%
1 day agoDenmark Zowarock1,277A Plague Tale: Innocence 🐀🐁 10 Lichterspiel [gameplay deutsch ps4]30:31100.00%
1 day agoDenmark RobinKaja128,458Hvordan opdatere man sin Tesla?7:3694.67%
2 days agoDenmark Fortnite DTHM49,133Ninja & Streamers React To Tfue Response | Streamers React To FaZe Tfue Contract LEAKED12:5692.00%
2 days agoDenmark BeePlay's37,504Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 66 (No Commentary) (PS4/PC/Xbox One/SWITCH)20:42100.00%
2 days agoDenmark Anna Briand161,627VANDLAND I DUBAI OG OPPE I VERDENS HØJESTE BYGNING?! *VLOG*10:2898.82%
2 days agoDenmark BrianFromDenmark144,389NEM SORTERING I MINECRAFT - REDSTONE MED BRIAN14:4496.85%
2 days agoDenmark SsethTzeentach403,248Heroes of Might and Magic II Review | Perfectly™ | Balanced™13:2899.58%
2 days agoDenmark J Serano2,263FLÆKKER FOLK MED EN MAMMUT :: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - TABS :: Episode 110:4490.91%
2 days agoDenmark MrSpyplant44,167FÅR PENGE VED AT VÆRE AFK!? Dansk Minecraft SpyMc #1416:2396.85%
3 days agoDenmark Bokoen1149,767Hoi4 MP in a nutshell Full episodes #102(The Soviet Tank Horde/ Golden Lost Part 5)23:0599.19%
3 days agoDenmark Annse847,206SMT: Digital Devil Saga (PS2) Part 4130:35100.00%
3 days agoDenmark Thomas Fuglsang1,296Det bedste gratis spil lige nu? 🔥 Warframe + Division 2 (DANSK)1:20:28100.00%
3 days agoDenmark Esh Plays140TOTAL F***ING CHAOS | Esh Plays 3 RANDOM GAMES41:33100.00%
3 days agoDenmark DR Ultra137,123Min far glemmer mig (2:2) | Ultra Nyt4:5996.96%
3 days agoDenmark TheWeirdOtaku470[LoZ MMD] Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Ghirahim2:5075.00%
4 days agoDenmark CaleoGaming66,242Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - All Bosses (With Cutscenes) HD 1080p60 PC1:49:5095.06%
4 days agoDenmark Game kNight4,709Riceflour! \\ Viewer controlled Familiar | Pathfinder: Kingmaker | Interactive Let's Play ep 111:00:50100.00%
4 days agoDenmark BU4U Gaming844Exploring and chatting - Vintage Story | Ver 1.9.3 | Livestream Series | Let's Play | E64:17:11100.00%
4 days agoDenmark mmtuts166,3852: What Is The MVC Model | MVC Model Explained | Object Oriented PHP Tutorial For Beginners | mmtuts11:5799.62%
4 days agoDenmark Kingtot2,336Europa Universalis 4 - Golden Century: Ajam/Persia #1736:15100.00%
4 days agoDenmark UberDanger1,173,858Game of Thrones - Full Series Review16:4798.87%
4 days agoDenmark MythyMoo271,895MERGO'S WET NURSE IS EASY - Bloodborne: Rage Montage 1612:0599.03%
4 days agoDenmark Darkbeat5,763Killer Bass (PlayStation) Review6:23100.00%
4 days agoDenmark LiftingNerdBro87,265Grim Dawn Nemesis Farming & Cronley's Gang Reputation Guide (2019)10:5498.35%
4 days agoDenmark Jørgen Bjørn58,672Fortnite med jer! - Jørgen Bjørn2:25:0896.28%
4 days agoDenmark DR Koncerthuset146,675Tag mig med / DR Korskolen / Dafne og Alfred3:4294.29%
4 days agoDenmark Unisport1,817,212MAN vs WOMAN | Tested to the limit4:5597.97%
4 days agoDenmark Auvbri58,343Sims 4 Get Famous - To the Spotlight #16 | HD Let's Play35:30100.00%
5 days agoDenmark Opt. Medusa89Game On - R6 I Siege - This is why I really need a team.. Solo is CANCER!!6:02
5 days agoDenmark Nightspeeds50,303Skater XL - THE VENICE BEACH SKATEPARK IS AMAZING11:3898.85%
5 days agoDenmark Clumsy Chicken1,607Supposedly I have a club in Yakuza 01:58:04100.00%
5 days agoDenmark Christian MJ4,488Kula World [PS1] - (Demo Disc - Playthrough) - Gameplay2:14100.00%
5 days agoDenmark DG20,770SUPRALAND | TIL VULKANEN!! AFSNIT 1327:37100.00%
5 days agoDenmark Nilaus32,345Welcome to Factorio 0.17 #90 IF IN DOUBT; DOUBLE IT31:5799.09%
5 days agoDenmark Mimi's Gaming Channel190Best Of Eumel Part 240:43100.00%
5 days agoDenmark GametestDanmark1,584Programmet | Uge 21 og 22 | 201928:19100.00%
5 days agoDenmark TheDeFaUlT STREAMER12AOC 2 Live Stream26:44
5 days agoDenmark RobinSamse208,340PRINSESSE NOM NOM 👸✨17:0498.34%
5 days agoDenmark Albrat Gaming43Workers and Resources Soviet Republic S2 E1428:01
5 days agoDenmark Poulpc1,306if you are meant to die you cannot escape [Balck Ops 4] Blackout1:12
5 days agoDenmark The Hell Assassin610Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Part 10 - Mary Read30:28100.00%
5 days agoDenmark Coaster99375Anmedelse: Pokemon Detective Pikachu (#SPOILERS)18:54100.00%
6 days agoDenmark Crainer4,404,057BEATING SSUNDEE'S Crundee DEATHRUN TIME (Fortnite)26:0697.39%
6 days agoDenmark Joubinour436Fortnite Seasoning 93:51100.00%
6 days agoDenmark Marzec Gaming7,278Shadow of Modor - Story Quests ONLY #LOTR #SHADOWOFMODOR4:01:44100.00%
6 days agoDenmark WackyJacky101402,687DOUBLE AIRDROP - Dream loot to start a round with - PUBG14:0798.96%
6 days agoDenmark MMO Стратегии1,218Rise of Kingdoms - Обзор / #1157 Кор-во Анория / 166 день / Без доната10:35100.00%
6 days agoDenmark The Propagandacast16,017[CoH2][OKW v SU] Propagandacast #2200 Jimmy v Bulat41:5392.86%
6 days agoDenmark Kcaam Karma471FS 19 - Mercury Farms - Kartofler og Majs - Dansk Ep 4033:2787.50%
6 days agoDenmark Grib33,439TABS // Vikingerne får tæv af raketter! // Totally Accurate Battle Simulator20:2697.22%
2019-05-18Denmark Ali The Mudokon298Oddworld Soulstorm Gameplay trailer analysis10:11100.00%
2019-05-18Denmark MegaNova Shizzle170MEGA REACTION Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW17:53100.00%
2019-05-18Denmark Jannik I Spil31,678LIDT FEJL I PLANEN - I Expect You To Die VR - Afsnit 4 [Dansk]19:5598.77%
2019-05-17Denmark Toxborg39BRIDGE BATTLE : Gallia -Total War Rome 2 Divide et Impera - Augustus Campaign episode 1618:16100.00%
2019-05-16Denmark LokeHansen50,374Easy AFK No Traps Fortnite Wargames Mastery | Tickets, Gold and Rewards lazy easy afk style12:0796.69%
2019-05-16Denmark MarioMario369419Mega Mario Reacts | Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 15th May 201918:32
2019-05-16Denmark Coolshop.dk788DJI Osmo Action (actionkamera)1:24
2019-05-16Denmark SYBO TV2,797,977Subway Surfers World Tour 2019 - Seoul - Official Trailer1:0197.10%
2019-05-15Denmark A Power Productions2,873Trapped In A Sideways Bus And Funny Summit1G Moment - Miscreated Ep. 20525:0683.33%
2019-05-15Denmark Fiction Addiction4,979LAPIS LAZULI (Steven Universe) - Esh Draws (SPEEDPAINT)6:12100.00%
2019-05-15Denmark Juncker15,333Epic Mordhau Duels but with "Duel of the fates" from Star Wars4:3194.00%
2019-05-15Denmark Gex232,249ULEMPEN VED ET STORT SMARTHJEM ?18:3797.60%
2019-05-15Denmark MarckozHD143,263JENS TILBAGE PÅ NYT MAP! *Paradise Hotel FAME & Rasmus Paludan Hjerneskadet - CSGO MED JENS4:1696.40%
2019-05-14Denmark TwoBrosGamingHD26,784NEW HOLMER DLC is ONLINE in Farming Simulator 2019 | IT'S INSANE MAN | PS4 | Xbox One10:1788.00%
2019-05-14Denmark Nistelroy784,362FIFA 19 - TOTS PACK OPENING (2030 CET)44:00
2019-05-14Denmark History of Video Games16,666Graphical Evolution of Sniper Elite (2005-2019)5:2085.71%
2019-05-13Denmark DenDanskeAnd2,640Battlefield V - Dansk Gameplay #8 "Mission failed we'll get em next time"24:32100.00%
2019-05-13Denmark 30Kings65PANICKING OVER A FENCE - Ostriv #228:07100.00%
2019-05-13Denmark Lasse Vestergaard167,484VI FALDER NED I THE DROPPER! | FORTNITE12:5598.77%
2019-05-12Denmark Wishblade79Fortune & Glory - Sea of Thieves (12.05.19)4:09:03
2019-05-12Denmark WOZENZ5,142APEX Legends when it was still alive7:3998.77%
2019-05-12Denmark Dave - Rocket League47,563JSTN Comes off The Ceiling to score a GROUND PINCH - Best of RL Streams #6910:1196.24%
2019-05-12Denmark SuperstituM727,971How GuardiaN Really Plays CS:GO 23:2498.91%
2019-05-11Denmark J. Larsen gaming746Playing with hangover1:42:4975.00%
2019-05-11Denmark Aliestor346The Settlers 4 - Trojans 7 part 637:2180.00%
2019-05-11Denmark Blaze19,256Tottenham vs Liverpool | UEFA Champions League Final 2019 | FIFA 19 Full Match & Gameplay31:5683.08%
2019-05-10Denmark Wipspeed DiY & Tech9,369Work in progress 😎1:0675.00%
2019-05-10Denmark Gears for Breakfast48,302A Hat in Time OST [Nyakuza Metro] - Rumbi Factory3:1399.46%
2019-05-10Denmark metalreita1,244Yup they still bring me trouble1:22
2019-05-10Denmark Crinklekitty18[Audiosurf 2] Halogen - U Got That (Little V metal cover)3:21100.00%
2019-05-09Denmark McKidPro59,504FLEST KILLS FÅR 1000KR MOD PRO!! (DANSK FORTNITE)23:3596.30%
2019-05-09Denmark itsDair448Hades Gameplay #8 - THE MINOTAUR! 💪🐮 | Hades The Beefy Update | Hades Elysium | New Hades Update29:4890.00%
2019-05-08Denmark DoubleM-K Gaming1,125FIFA 19 | UCL 18/19 | Ajax Vs. Tottenham | 2nd Match25:4390.00%
2019-05-07Denmark Jobbe91,332Game Play: Victor Vran (Action-RPG, Xbox One X)46:26
2019-05-07Denmark TheAmigoBoyz4,904MY MOST INSANE SYNTHESIS MOMENT!! 🔥 3+ MIRROR ITEM!! 🔥 (Path of Exile Synthesis League)3:1092.77%
2019-05-06Denmark Zlex1,743How To Get Reusable Parts FAST | Diablo 3 RoS (Season 16)1:2593.55%
2019-05-04Denmark MagmaMusen3,104,633✔ Minecraft: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Foxes18:3497.61%
2019-05-04Denmark REE ANIMATION3,132The Adventures of Gorm - Main Menu Music Theme - By REE ANIMATION - Unreal Engine 42:38100.00%
2019-05-03Denmark Djuntas4,371Diablo 2: The best Lightning Sorceress you can Make - Is it the best Sorceress Build?18:1564.81%
2019-05-03Denmark Benjamin Jønsson127,002DERFOR SPOILER MAN IKKE AVENGERS ENDGAME! - Med Lasse Rimmer17:5297.36%
2019-05-02Denmark Splay Danmark174,983SIG DET HØJT - Vi taler om angst12:0894.03%
2019-05-01Denmark Oliver As Latias7,408M.U.G.E.N - Beta Testing Hypha4:4292.42%
2019-04-30Denmark Wiishu428,047ARoS.mp41:0599.45%
2019-04-25Denmark Gammelfar Musik31,807Min Gris Den Er En So (Lil Pump parodi)1:5993.56%