MERGE WAR : ARMY DRAFT BATTLER - Review Gameplay Android (Akses Awal)

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Auto Chess
Auto Chess (2019)
Duration: 4:56

MERGE WAR : ARMY DRAFT BATTLER - Review Gameplay Android ( Akses awal )


Genre : Auto chess / Auto Battler
Online / Offline : Online
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Gunakan strategi dalam auto battler epik ini. Gabungkan legiun legendaris untuk meraih kemenangan

Merge to win in this 3D roguelike strategy battle and upgrade your legion! Use strategy to draft a deck of dragons, archers, and wizards into your card collection and merge to upgrade them to epic heroes to win over your opponents!

🧠 Strategy Autochess Depth
Use strategy and tactics to set up your formation, draft your legion and utilize your skills to win!

📈 Upgrade Legion Collection
Expand your deck and collect dozens of unique cards, each with many ranks and a unique powerful ultimate spell that unlocks at level 3!

🐲 Draft Dragon Merges
As a captain, merge dragons, knights, and kings in turn to get ultimate heroes to outplay your enemies on the battlefield!

🤺 Exciting Battle Simulation
Watch endless spectacular auto battles and defend your kingdom as the roguelike war unfolds over many levels!

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