Latest Channel Activity From Norway

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Norway based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
4 hours agoNorway Ookamianders671Samurai Warriors 5 Part 21 Soaring Purity21:35
5 hours agoNorway Erlnite Music & Gaming4,000Goldeneye 64 - 00 Agent Challenge #224:57
6 hours agoNorway Lars41FF XIV Gameplay: Level 30 Rogue Quest (Obvious Spoilers)18:32
7 hours agoNorway Viprin273,000"THORNS and BRAMBLES" (Demon) by YoReid | Geometry Dash 2.111:52
7 hours agoNorway Nirth41,900Guess the song! #shorts0:48
8 hours agoNorway Kellar_AoE344Gutta Backer Bergen!!!2:15
8 hours agoNorway KuroHix217Minecraft Let's play #5330:00
8 hours agoNorway FakerClips441Scarra's INSANE Zoe mechanics!0:44
9 hours agoNorway Hanniballshow1,090X4 Foundations - Cradle of Humanity - Fires of Defeat - Live Stream1:14:08
9 hours agoNorway Vartiix77Scarlet Nexus - blind commentary - part 3353:23
10 hours agoNorway LarsOW980DRUNK LARS 100% ACCURACY GOD HANZO!!!17:22
10 hours agoNorway Brainzzz123133POV: YOU'RE BEING LOOKED AT0:04
11 hours agoNorway realPhali202Shamblecraft Ep. 53 - Guardians of the Phalaxy31:04
11 hours agoNorway Demiurge Gamer457Building Biggest Bridge - Workers & Resources Soviet Republic(Hard Mode)Part 791:08:36
12 hours agoNorway Bhop166,000Is 200 MS Fake Ping Good?12:30
12 hours agoNorway Mangs92,800Part 17: Let's Play Advance Wars, Advance Campaign - "Battle Mystery!"13:01
13 hours agoNorway Tykjen4,180Its Snowing Dandelions - Tromsø, Norway0:22
13 hours agoNorway Mino's Collection - Gaming Music Without Copyright349Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games: Rival (Dry Bowser)5:04
14 hours agoNorway Solheim25,400How To Find Resources in New World - New World Gathering Guide8:02
14 hours agoNorway 2SANDER7567,00010 NEW THINGS YOU CAN DO IN FIFA 228:15
14 hours agoNorway Drazor50Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward 5130:01
14 hours agoNorway MrSavage1,860,0006th place NA East Trios Cash Cup33:41
15 hours agoNorway Navnet er Tommy Boy291Mario Party - DK's Jungle Adventure - Del 3 (Norsk Gaming)24:00
15 hours agoNorway ZourChip185,000WAFFLE TRUCK IN BROOKHAVEN! (Roblox)9:08
15 hours agoNorway Red Arcade4,710,000FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #200 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments)10:26
15 hours agoNorway Euro Truck Driver742ETS2 1.40 | DAF trip | Fikcyjna Polska | On The Road With ETD-TRANSPORT27:08
15 hours agoNorway Lucky good games17Unreal Tournament 2004 on random map with RPG mod6:15
15 hours agoNorway AeonAir81,600The WORST Geometry Dash Opinions..16:00
16 hours agoNorway Gopher484,000SKYRIM - Special Edition (Ch. 9) #9 : What a Blaggard!50:02
16 hours agoNorway Film, spill og anime43Genshin Impact - episode 15755:06
16 hours agoNorway MMDE416Illusion of L'Phalcia (PS4) - Part 123:54
17 hours agoNorway TheWanderingPro58,400CLASH TEAM WITH 5 EUW CHALLENGERS! - TheWanderingPro, Part 1!14:24
17 hours agoNorway Snupy16,900The return of the Jungle Boys! (OFF-META JUNGLE)11:17
17 hours agoNorway MrRobinhx5,330New Pokemon Snap #13 | Siste området36:05
17 hours agoNorway SindreOgKristoffer2,680Sommerferie med KJÆRESTEN! (vlogg)12:00
17 hours agoNorway Zero Master51,900Doom II: Nuts 100% Kills - 85 Revenants vs 850 Cyberdemons [TAS]30:04
18 hours agoNorway Jonas Lihaug48,100Hvordan bruke anvil for å få uendelig med diamanter10:25
18 hours agoNorway MsHildur906,190Mine Gamle Custom Maps! Hildurs Verdener #125:21
18 hours agoNorway Level Up Norge33,200DUELLEN Ep6 - Bloodborne uten blod36:20
18 hours agoNorway Crash Hard195,000BeamNG Drive - Suspension Testing The Nissan 370z3:45
18 hours agoNorway The ArchCast28,100Teela COULD Have Been A Good Character With One Simple Thing That No Woke Writter Would Ever Do12:52
19 hours agoNorway BEAMNG MADNESS1,050,000Underground Parking Garage Accidents - BeamNG.drive4:23
19 hours agoNorway MigeMaur1,400Dette er verdens beste spill, og jeg skjønner ikke en dritt || Cricket 1923:16
20 hours agoNorway SuperFjordmannen5,050War Of Rights Event #3 51st New York Sunken/Bloody Lane15:15
20 hours agoNorway Citano1,500Let's Play Xenogears - #24: Welcome to Kislev28:03
22 hours agoNorway kenny HD gaming no commentary1,540Crash bandicoot retro casual walktrough1:44:53
22 hours agoNorway z2sam6,670[TETR.IO] - 200+ APM games is fun :) #25:15
1 day agoNorway Games Of Tor11,300Let's Play Farming Simulator 2019 Norsk Nabo Serien Episode 4232:14
1 day agoNorway Tom Erik Myrdal45New World Live Now - 27.07.2021 - HolyFrey - MMO - www.holyfrey.live58:07
1 day agoNorway MooingCatFoE4,120Forge of Empires: Olympic Treasury as Daily Special Tomorrow! Watch me get some LIVE tomorrow!2:02
1 day agoNorway MrNinjafreak3,710Tekken 7 - Nina Longplay (Tekken 3/Tag Tournament Mods)2:09:46
1 day agoNorway Emmeth382Overwatch Highlights - Tracer POTG (27.07.2021)0:24
1 day agoNorway chriztr2,810Just some Zelda BotW for now.2:17:25
1 day agoNorway GameplayCentral1,500Dynasty Warriors 3 (Ps2) Da Qiao Longplay3:12:07
1 day agoNorway Sips Extra Wacky - Harley Sonder3,910limmy reacts to sips coming back after 12 days of no streaming(EDIT)0:42
1 day agoNorway BigHugeNerd430Rimworld: Ideology | The Great Superuser | New Expansion! New Colony! Randy Random Losing Is Fun49:12
1 day agoNorway Mikal124,000Verdens Vanskeligste Parkourbane i GTA 5... er ingen lek21:42
1 day agoNorway Endretta136,0009TH in TRIO CASH CUP w/ MrSavage & Refsgaard - Endretta22:22
1 day agoNorway AlyMew51,800Alymew plays Stardew Valley Co-op with BubVT & Maisanismylaifu1:59
1 day agoNorway NotTonje1,410Tonje Unfiltered | Stavanger trip and the aftermath9:55
1 day agoNorway Skar Productions129,000LET'S MAKE A FINAL FANTASY XIV EPIC METAL COVER EP! - With the limited edition Fender guitar6:02
1 day agoNorway Solfrid ASMR229,000ASMR Eating Sounds | Exciting Pasta Screws (No Talking) Mukbang 먹방13:18
1 day agoNorway Rumi38,000Building the entrance of my Aquarium in Minecraft #Shorts0:13
1 day agoNorway Matboksen3,090QUIZ-MESTER | Miitopia #23 (Norsk)17:21
2 days agoNorway Tom Erik Nesse70Tidenes ESC-låt - Finaleresultater 20039:03
2 days agoNorway Radidsh307(Livestream) Perception - Part 12:49:12
2 days agoNorway Nordavind364,000Nordavind Fortnite Highlights #3! (ft. Nyhrox, Endretta & Skram)0:54
2 days agoNorway Mr Wolt277,000I was in the SidemenReacts reddit video!0:40
2 days agoNorway FluffyQuack28,600Quake 1 - 4-Player Co-op Playthrough with Gar, Icewave, and Film11!2:31:53
2 days agoNorway High Ground86,300TAPEREN Får Bøtte Med ISKALDT VANN OVER SEG!🥶🧊10:06
2 days agoNorway Unidaro57,000THE BEST VIPER PLAYS - Valorant5:06
2 days agoNorway NRK FlippKlipp191,000KNUSE MELONER med LÅRENE ...og andre verdensrekorder!!! 🏆13:38
3 days agoNorway Peter Stenseth20,500Min DATE med SOPHIE ELISE?! 😅💗 (Kleint)9:50
3 days agoNorway Doomeris93,100I VISIT PORT SEWER! THE HUNT FOR BOAT PARTS! - Last Day on Earth: Survival18:13
3 days agoNorway GameMistress891Awesome retro game unboxing! What's in that box?!9:59
3 days agoNorway Sasha the Gamer198Roski & Toski Adventures 74:04:38
3 days agoNorway Rekzius39,500Update & Patreon Announcement! (Regarding Future Hitbox Videos)2:18
3 days agoNorway GopherLive45,400Skyrim VR #15 : Excitable Museum Tour23:36
3 days agoNorway HiGPS38,400Sunday Funday Team Fortress 2 - Balancemod.TF3:20:43
3 days agoNorway Caveman35Quinn Jungle Season 11 Guide - Galeforce item, awesome item for an extra flash - tips and tricks22:36
3 days agoNorway Commonwealth Realm285,000Breath of the Wild 2 Ending Skyward Sword HD's Curse?10:56
3 days agoNorway HiroSenpai1,280[Timelapse] Elf Mage of the Red Roses [Original Character]11:33
3 days agoNorway Frostglow ASMR1,720ASMR Science Fiction Series #6: Spaceship Repairs. No talking.17:21
3 days agoNorway MrsPlayStuff5,610The twists and turns, mindblowing Tekken 7 gameplay - I'm a clown tbh0:27
3 days agoNorway Rising Uppercut2,180Tekken TAG Tounament Special Clips from Tekken R Pachislot19:01
3 days agoNorway Failer Gamer742Tractor Surfing, what?4:53
3 days agoNorway Johans34,200GJENOPPBYGGER TOTTENHAM på Karriere..🔥 | Karrieremodus Norsk FIFA21:06
3 days agoNorway Twin-Stick Gamers214Tech timeout PS3 PHAT Delid24:57
4 days agoNorway Alanski127Играем в CS:GO!! Заходи, пообщаемся | с камерой | 4:31:13:28
4 days agoNorway Jengster Entertainment3,950Conan Exiles Speedrun Leveling Challenge | 15 Minutes Powerleveling16:16
4 days agoNorway SharcticHD1,460115 kills (feat QJ7)14:39
4 days agoNorway Northern whisper ASMR57,700ASMR WET EAR LICKING (Ear To Ear Mouth Sounds + A Little Whispering)10:27
4 days agoNorway Swedish Wargoat258Pushamo - The Wargoat Review (IGC Showcase)3:45
4 days agoNorway Minochu243851DEATH BATTLE Reaction | Sanji VS Rock Lee32:26
4 days agoNorway Torby Brand26,100I’m Proud of You - Mass Effect 3 Piano Cover/Synthesia Tutorial1:50
4 days agoNorway Mobile Arcade270,000100 NANI PEEPS vs 100 TICK HEADS! (Brawl Stars Fails & Epic Wins! #90)8:25
4 days agoNorway unsorted guy94,400I Spent 100 Days Making Jurassic Park In Minecraft Creative!25:57
4 days agoNorway KRiSOtheEDiTOR3,300Battlefield 2042 Portal Gameplay demo - EA Play Live 2021 (1440p)1:57
4 days agoNorway NorskGamer76628WOWs Legends PS4 PRO GamePlay1:06:13
4 days agoNorway Athorix1Roadhog Tackle Reaper | Summer Games 2021 - Overwatch0:25