Latest Channel Activity From Norway

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Norway based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
12 hours agoNorway kenny xD96523Dreams™_2020033103401757:49
16 hours agoNorway SPACECOWBOYツ561GTA 5 Online | Atomizer fight30:19
19 hours agoNorway Failer Gamer265Animal Crossing: New Horizons1:55:39
20 hours agoNorway Hanniballshow943Stardew Valley 1.4▶ Gameplay / Let's Play ◀ | ▶Hard mode◀ Summer - Year 1 day 821:54
22 hours agoNorway Twin-Stick Gamers158Doom Eternal #8 - Doomfeld30:55
1 day agoNorway Mangs81,300Part 18: Let's Play Fire Emblem, Justice & Pride, Reverse Mode, Chapter 13 - "Siege Tomes Bad?"50:43
1 day agoNorway KungFuKuya282SHOCK THERAPY or How I Got A Facial Stroke TWICE | Layers Of Fear - Part 318:30
1 day agoNorway SuperFjordmannen2,830Kinder Surprise Chcocolate Easter Bunny With Toy Egg2:16
1 day agoNorway Commonwealth Realm235,000Gate of Time and 12 Links in Zelda Breath of the Wild 2?14:03
1 day agoNorway Red Arcade3,880,000TOP 100 FUNNIEST FAILS & WINS IN WARZONE15:07
1 day agoNorway Game Hard 4.049,700HALF LIFE ALYX - OMG I DERAILED A TRAIN !!! Part 5 (Best Episode so far)26:51
1 day agoNorway BigHugeNerd167Rimworld Medieval Melee Modded | Let's Play Episode 5 | Build A Wall25:06
1 day agoNorway Navnet er Tommy Boy229Borderlands 3 Co-op - Del 47 (Norsk Gaming)16:22
1 day agoNorway Drazor35Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Awoken 2130:20
1 day agoNorway AbidingGamer3,160Tibia, Turning In 50 Medicine Pouches3:40
2 days agoNorway Gopher476,000SKYRIM - Special Edition (Ch. 7) #3 : Not The New Black46:12
2 days agoNorway Level Up Norge31,000Karl, Nick og Svensen tester Nioh 2 #3 - Trenis20:19
2 days agoNorway Bigdaddyjendearmy64,400Fujitora is difficult - Treasue log Mission - One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 - 1080 HD - No commentary11:21
2 days agoNorway Amalie Olsen168,000REAGERER TIL CAMP 71 *episode 3*22:24
2 days agoNorway Hardrockkiller109[5] Whis & Beerus plays DkS2: SotFS6:55:40
2 days agoNorway Caledorn1,720Stellaris: Federations - The Loop Temple - The Messenger - Existential Confusion - EP1233:54
2 days agoNorway The Retro Spirit189Assassin's Creed Unity - Day 4 - AC Saga3:37:21
2 days agoNorway FluffyQuack24,300Resident Evil 3 Demo but With 400% Face Animations (mod)2:04
2 days agoNorway Viprin206,000"Plus Ultra" (Extreme Demon) by ILRELL, Reunomi, Kips, OSIRIS GD & more | Geometry Dash 2.112:05
2 days agoNorway Torby Brand11,600Skyrim: Piano Tales - RELEASE TRAILER | Torby Brand1:01
3 days agoNorway Randulle156,000BROREN min åpner PRIME ICON PAKKEN på FUT BIRTHDAY 👀💥 **muligens en vinner av gullballen**7:54
3 days agoNorway AyaAnnyGaming28,500Trials of Mana DEMO 【PS4】 Kevin & Charlotte Story Gameplay │ English VA 「No Commentary」1:34:09
3 days agoNorway chriztr2,060Cemu 1.18.0 - Xenoblade Chronicles X - AMD RX580 - Vulkan - 30mins gameplay (new save file)40:15
3 days agoNorway Ookamianders490Nioh 2 Part 45 Big Yokai Monster dead and i died!14:53
3 days agoNorway Vartiix59Blue Reflection part 4 (no commentary)1:46:43
3 days agoNorway Tom Erik Nesse53Silence (Første 25 min) (X-Box one)26:28
3 days agoNorway Gnist3,640Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time speedrun in 4:44:034:44:35
3 days agoNorway AeonAir26,700BEATING EVERY EASY DEMON IN GEOMETRY DASH!12:55
3 days agoNorway Arctic Empire486,000Seven Lions & HALIENE - What's Done is Done4:51
3 days agoNorway Solheim - World of Warcraft5,110Underrated Goldmaking Strategies in Classic WoW6:40
3 days agoNorway Aven10171,680Factorio 0.18 .Eighteen Ep 3 - Science - Let's Play, Gameplay31:29
3 days agoNorway NRK FlippKlipp140,000Nye eventyr på SEA OF THIEVES - HEART OF FIRE2:38:03
4 days agoNorway Minochu243859DEATH BATTLE! Reaction: Gray VS Esdeath27:22
4 days agoNorway RobTheSir | NORSK GAMING!61,800Rob Starter På Den Hemmelige Basen Under Senga - Hardcore I Hardcore Minecraft - Dag 12-2211:28
4 days agoNorway Games of Tor6,510Let's Play Farming Simulator 2019 Norsk The SlovakVillage Farm Episode 12835:05
4 days agoNorway Bhop131,000cheating with a knife in CS:GO8:39
4 days agoNorway Lowbrow Gaming481Alone in the Dark - Let's Play HALF-LIFE: ALYX - Ep441:01
4 days agoNorway KokoroSunagaru631Nioh 2 Stream - Part 71:15:44
4 days agoNorway GopherLive44,500Divinity - Original Sin #65 : Sacrifice City1:45:53
4 days agoNorway pellekofficial3,560,000Bleach - Ranbu no Melody (Op 13. Full Version)5:09
4 days agoNorway ThomasTrucker6,650GTA 5 Walkthrough Part 1 - Grand Theft Auto V 4K 60FPS (GTA V Story - Prologue)28:18
4 days agoNorway Arch Warhammer210,000Ultimate Admiral Age of Sail! Old Bugs and Swamp Ass! the Colonial Life!45:34
5 days agoNorway Zeeangoo81Casper and the Ghostly Trio - One Off14:32
5 days agoNorway Ruben og Sondre73,600HVORFOR SONDRE MISTA LAPPEN🤣 (og Ruben skjuler nesa👃 med en hatt...) - A Way Out33:01
5 days agoNorway Yuma World7,670Simp Planet3:19
5 days agoNorway MsHildur906,210Hva ønsker jeg av livet? #VlogMars7:42
5 days agoNorway 2SANDER7553,000SECRET FIFA 20 CONTROLS YOU ARE NOT USING10:19
6 days agoNorway Ine12,900Nattstream! 😀 | Pokémon - Let's Go Eevee! #03 (Norsk)6:22:05
6 days agoNorway DeathStalker5,280Night Time Infiltration - Ghost Recon Breakpoint 2.0 (Ghost Experience)13:05
6 days agoNorway Taokaka Meow325[SCVI] 2B - Options against Sieg's A+B post GI/RI0:51
6 days agoNorway z2sam5,580Tetris Battle memories - 350 lines with Ghifari doing "floating style" (2019-4-26)2:11
6 days agoNorway PandaTheory15,400The Crew 2 - Koenigsegg Jesko Gameplay | Inner Drive New Hypercar16:20
2020-03-23Norway Havrd310Doom Eternal Any% 1:26:491:31:13
2020-03-23Norway Ircha Gaming29,700REVIEW + TIPS & TRICKS + CRITIQUE! Animal Crossing New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)17:47
2020-03-23Norway Henwick - Norsk Humor og Tøys16,300JEG OG KATTEKRYP ER TVILLINGER I GTA RP1:54:02
2020-03-23Norway HiGPS32,900Balance Mod Natascha Showcase3:31
2020-03-22Norway Taboo Vector62artwork creation originale By Me ;)14:04
2020-03-22Norway Sparkleborn Princess76Emily & Ruudo Play: [Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney] Ep31 |Case 5| (Pooling Up! Scene of Tragedy)55:25
2020-03-22Norway Zero Master15,500Doom Eternal - ARC Complex Master Level24:48
2020-03-22Norway Popupkiller31DOOM Eternal Lets Play Part 11:08:33
2020-03-22Norway OlavDeng21,710The Weapons of Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand grenades The m608:22
2020-03-22Norway LOLbua643Liveopptak av LOLbua 301 - Happy Apocalypse Baby!1:24:51
2020-03-22Norway ChillErebus70Paladins | Maeve Cat Burglar Gameplay | Season 3 | (Rank journey)8:19
2020-03-22Norway Level10Gamers733MORBS NEW TOY | Techtime ep. #4211:48
2020-03-21Norway nirth28,600🔴 I miss you! Please come say hi | Pokémon Mystery Dungeon2:07:21
2020-03-21Norway TXP Revival77The Most Epic Astral Chain Trailer Epic Trailer2:00
2020-03-20Norway Benjoi112,000Solo Squad Adventures (Call of Duty: WARZONE)10:02
2020-03-20Norway Kattekryp79,500JEG er med i et spill! - Dreams16:22
2020-03-19Norway KokiriGaming505,000Super Mario Galaxy 2 - All Power-Ups31:21
2020-03-18Norway Baselard2,180Smash Ultimate: Shulk Ledge Dash Tutorial2:02
2020-03-17Norway P0ndern34,800SMAKSTESTER CAPTAIN MORGAN SJOKOLADE8:25
2020-03-17Norway Keltrexxx81Sick Snipes and Care Package Wars in MW29:50
2020-03-16Norway CaptainPsychopath1,400Steve Rambo - Did You Know Gay Men?5:23
2020-03-15Norway neffets kivøh160Gta 5 story mod funny1:39
2020-03-15Norway Lille Miir8,280Fallout 76 Camp Tour, Building Tips & Location Ideas - The Obstacle Course! :D8:24
2020-03-14Norway Skar Productions90,900The Witcher - Her Sweet Kiss (Epic Metal Cover by Skar Productions feat. Julie Elven)4:20
2020-03-14Norway Nattfuglen Nightbird10No Man's Sky Screenshots Q1 20203:35
2020-03-12Norway Teltet20Dark Souls 3 - Boss Fights: Curse rotton Greatwood4:52
2020-03-12Norway DriftingCulture17,100CarX Drift Racing On Ps4: Fredric Aasbo Toyota GT86 Build | Speed Art x206:58
2020-03-09Norway FINN no8,3903 glidelåstriks du bør kunne1:01
2020-03-08Norway kittyfrogs152✨i turned 20 and all i wanted was to see snakes✨2:46
2020-03-06Norway Gameplay World237Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Gameplay 2020 [1080p]15:51
2020-03-05Norway Multicom32,800Snowfall snømåker for tak0:25
2020-03-03Norway Noobwork - Norsk gaming!193,000OPPVARMING TIL NM I PENGEQUIZ!1:41:37
2020-03-02Norway King J. Grim58,400PS1 Games I've Always Wanted + RE3 Highlights10:15
2020-03-02Norway Olis919,200Farming Simulator 17 | The Western Shore by BulletBill | Adddi's server | Part 2 | Timelapse22:30
2020-02-29Norway KingSgaming150,000Apex Legends Cinematic Trailers Mixed in One with Epic Orchestral Theme2:56
2020-02-28Norway UlveTV38GFN Ligaen 2v2 S1 - Ulvespill Esport 4 vs Loox Clan [3 min delay]35:35
2020-02-27Norway Scarecrow308Dishonored - Bonfires All Tricky Jumps (Daredevil)2:24
2020-02-26Norway Torje6,140Ocarina of Time Any% speedrun in 8:25.166 by Torje10:01
2020-02-26Norway Addexio131,000HVORDAN FUNGERER DYR? (ranching) | Oxygen Not Included #1625:13
2020-02-24Norway Tvenning Media シ51A response to Scandinavian Airlines7:18
2020-02-22Norway Joma275Joma X Sonic The Hedgehog Tegneserien - IDW Year 114:35
2020-02-20Norway Hardshipstosuccess1,810Stop Wars & Spread Peace2:04