Latest Channel Activity From Norway

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Norway based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
12 hours agoNorway Arch Warhammer133,608Tomb Kings! Information Impressions and 20% Promo Code13:3098.15%
16 hours agoNorway Jaggerous7,293The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | Blind PC Let's Play | Part 50 - Hattori38:43100.00%
17 hours agoNorway Completely Average Gaming23A whole new world of 0.16! E26 || Factorio Gameplay tutorial25:20100.00%
20 hours agoNorway Lowbrow Gaming228Diagnostics - Let's Play THE FALL - ep218:32
23 hours agoNorway Gopher454,733THE FOREST #14 : Chay discovers gravity45:25100.00%
1 day agoNorway Solheim - Rocket League & More1,326*INSANE* Winstreak at Champion 2 Level?! Competitive with 2 Grand Champions #214:00100.00%
1 day agoNorway Hanniballshow555The sims 4 - "Tomato Juice" Letsplay / gameplay episode 1028:23100.00%
1 day agoNorway King J. Grim25,801GameDisc: Dissidia NT BETA Thoughts - KingJGrim12:4895.65%
1 day agoNorway Mangs38,485Part 26: Let's Play Fire Emblem 7 PME - "KARNAGE GETS EXP AND LEVELS UP"56:4196.58%
2 days agoNorway Red Arcade1,518,306PUBG FAILS & Epic Wins: #6 (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Funny Moments Compilation)10:2298.93%
2 days agoNorway Allstarknight468harry potter vs voldemort0:2798.34%
2 days agoNorway Rakkerstreker50,721DEN STØRSTE FESTLØVEN - PARTY PANIC10:2596.95%
2 days agoNorway Noobwork - Norsk gaming!178,675VI REPARERER REAKTOREN! | Ensomhestøya 3.0 #64 | Norsk Minecraft15:0596.31%
2 days agoNorway Mr Team Guy345What makes the game great8:06100.00%
3 days agoNorway Addexio123,448KU-MELK PÅ GLASS! | Sky Factory 3 #1816:2098.82%
4 days agoNorway Commonwealth Realm122,010After Breath of the Wild - Next Zelda Game Ideas10:0397.39%
6 days agoNorway Amalie Olsen118,444MINE JULEGAVER 20175:5999.12%
2018-01-07Norway LilleMiir's Adventures4,760The Forest Gameplay 2018 - Base Tour - Savefile Giveaway53:3298.04%
2018-01-04Norway ParticularPixels1,004Gate Crashing 2018 & Happy New Year All! - Siege | Clips (Ace)3:06100.00%
2017-12-27Norway AyaAnnyGaming25,881SMT Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army 【PS2】 Game Over0:39
2017-12-25Norway Scarecrow292Dark Souls 2: SL1 Throne Watcher & Defender2:25
2017-11-24Norway The Creed17,156Extra Life Charity Stream | Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer4:11:35100.00%
2017-11-20Norway Zero Master6,682Final Doom: TNT Evilution UV-Speed in 38:58 - 30ev3858 Speedrun39:44100.00%
2017-10-31Norway Nintendo's Trickster242Silent Hill 2 (blind) - Part 31: FINALE: Happy Halloween1:34:47
2017-10-31Norway MichaelTheWegian322I AM SO STUCK RIGHT NOW! - Thimbleweed Park Part 13 - Point & Click Adventure Game21:54
2017-10-29Norway The MicroMort Gamers479Dead by Daylight - Time To Mori - The Wraith - SWF14:14100.00%
2017-10-09Norway Henwick - Norsk Humor og Tøys17,127PIXELMON 2.0 ER HELT SYKT!6:0897.31%
2017-09-28Norway Laxio - Rocket League, Overwatch and other games!12"Seed" Rocket League Minitage1:0175.00%
2017-08-12Norway FreddaRL - Rocket League Psychologist60HOW TO GET OUT OF GOLD & PLAT IN ROCKET LEAGUE | 7 Tips from a Champion 213:4984.82%
2017-07-31Norway Drey - Rocket League & FIFA297GIVEAWAY // FULL ACCESS ACCOUNT + LABYCAPE1:1697.44%
2017-06-29Norway JOKERZ - Rocket League & More92Useful CS:GO Smokes | Episode 1: MIRAGE5:0337.50%
2017-05-23Norway BavvFC Rocket League TV106"HAPPY THOUGHTS" | Bob15516 Rocket League Montage (Edited by BavvFC)3:15100.00%
2017-05-11Norway Turbo Pumped12,9442,6 ton manned ssto4:3498.77%
2016-07-19Norway Savathor1,342Dragon Age: Inquisition - Soundtrack Mix17:4073.08%