NEW Medium battery, fixes and QoL | Rust update 08th November 2019

NEW Medium battery, fixes and QoL | Rust update 08th November 2019

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Rust (2013)
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A NEW medium battery, changes to how batteries work, plenty of fixes and quality of life changes are all in this month's big patch to main.

Thank you for watching. Please check out the other Rust content on my channel - a weekly development update, concept limbo and the Rust back-story

Dof controls:

Warning: At the moment, if you bind dof_nudge to your mousewheel it will replace the bind to scroll through your belt bar. To rebind these later you will need to bind mousewheelup/down to +invnext and +invprev via console.

• dof_mode [0/1] 0 = auto focus (default), 1 = manual focus mode.
• dof_focus_dist [ ] (For manual mode) sets the focus distance from camera. Call the command without a value to see the current distance of focus (useful for noting focus points).
• dof_focus_time [ ] Sets the time it takes to tween/transition between focus distances.
• dof_nudge [ ] Nudges the focus point/distance by a set amount of units and takes the value from dof_focus_time to set the speed it nudges the value to. Negative values accepted.
Best use for dof_nudge is to bind values to scrolling, eg; bind mousewheelup dof_nudge 0.5 and bind mousewheeldown dof_nudge -0.5
These values will depend on the type of subject or focus look you're trying to achieve. Experiment to see what combinations of nudge and time values work for you.
Camera Settings:
• debugcamera_save now stores the save point locally, so you can load save points even after restarting the game, switching servers or playing a new demo.
• debugcamera_clear will remove all of your saved camera points.
And these below will be added sometime next week:
• camzoomspeed Sets the speed for zooming in and out.
• camrollspeed Set the speed for rolling/rotating the camera.
• debugcamera_autosave/load can now be written to the client cfg using the writecfg command.

Games within games:
Rust update:
Concept limbo:
The Rust back-story:

Gameplay footage from Rust

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Rust font created by and used with kind permission of Ben Kohan

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