[PC] The Outer Worlds Insane Idiot Run Cheathrough - Pt. 12

[PC] The Outer Worlds Insane Idiot Run Cheathrough - Pt. 12

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The Outer Worlds
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The Outer Worlds is a fantastic sci-fi adventure game with multiple branching story paths each with different endings that you can influence. It its core its also a great FPS RPG with tons of customization for specialized builds for each new playthroughs. The Dialogue choices varies from funny to dramatic and even morally grey all backed with fantastic writing and voice acting. When you make a decisions in this game for a story quest or even a side quest, it feels like you actually made an impact. The worlds that you get to explore are diverse and beautiful backed with tons of hidden loot and enemies for you find and kill, which would then gives you unique weapons for you to use. The game is also a very decent length of around 30hrs if you focus the main quest and some side quests. However if you fully explore each area and map before moving on i can see this game taking upwards of 40hrs to complete your first playthrough. Yes, first playthrough because this game is ripe for multiple playthroughs to test out different builds and play styles, but more importantly to do each quest differently to see how things would turn out.

In conclusion if love this game and its near perfect, unfortunately there are some QoL improvements that could be had, like being able to track all your quests at once or having a mini-map so you dont have to open your map every 5 mins to check where your heading to or having to switch between all your current quests to see which one is closest so you can go and do that. There are also some minor animation bugs and weird slowdowns at times, lastly i wish you can customize your difficulty to your liking. For example i really wanted to have survival mechanics in my playthrough without it locking my ability to fast travel or save, since survival mechanics are lumped together with a bunch of other game hindering changes (imo) I didn't play on that difficulty.

So I love this game, its one of the few sci-fi shooters that I enjoy playing, this game is an easy 9.5/10.

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