SRU Elite police officer plays police simulator

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Here is some facts about me:

I am a girl gamer

I am a police officer - SRU Elite ( Strategic Response Unit )

I am 31 years old

I am a singer and a song - writer

I am a live performer that does concerts and its always fun

I can play Guitar, Piano, and Drums - triple combo!

I am an outdoor adventurer, I go on underwater adventures too

I was a cheerleader during my high school years

My favorite color is Blue

I am a very energetic and out going girl that's easy to get along with

I have a PS4 ( Play Stephanie 4 ) my ID is Stephabeast


PlayStation 4
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Stephanie Chavez presently has 4,308 views for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers across 53 videos, with His channel publishing over 4 days worth of content for the game. This makes up 2.80% of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers content that Stephanie Chavez has uploaded to YouTube.