Stool Is The Best - Black The Fall - Part 2

Stool Is The Best - Black The Fall - Part 2

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DON'T TOUCH STOOL! HEELLLLOOOO and a random welcome back to platformers in the form of Black The Fall! LAST TIME we decided riding a bike was too boring so decided to go for a wander ... Except the guards and cameras aren't to fond of that ... Okay that really don't like it ... But we escaped ... Mostly ... Even made it outside to a few boats ... Those boats need better engines ... AND we got a robot pet ... His name is Stool ... For he can be one ... And other useful stuff but hey ... "wirehumper" doesn't have the same ring to it ... Now ... How do we beat the seesaw ...

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OH YEAH....we have this:


Any guesses on how much of the game is left? Think we'll get 2 hours out of it? ... Maybe ...