TAKING SOULS | Cuphead & DLC Co-op - Part 3 FNWTM

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Cuphead (2017)
Let's Play
Duration: 4:54:40

This is a co-op playthrough of Cuphead and it's Delicious Last Course DLC for our Friday Nights With The M0nkey. In the last part we beat a couple bosses before having to give up on the dragon. In this one we will continue to fight the dragon. This is my first playthrough. Cuphead is a really cool game with old timey 1930's cartoon visuals. This one is more like some of the older platformers but with it's own unique style. I guess we (Cuphead and Mugman) gamble with the devil, lose, and become soul reapers. Watch us struggle...

Now let's play Cuphead. This will be a full playthrough on ps5. Like, comment, and share while you're at it. #cuphead #cupheaddlc #cupheaddontdealwiththedevil #cupheadthedeliciouslastcourse #deliciouslastcourse #thedeliciouslastcourse


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