This is why I am not an Architect - Ark Solo Gameplay Part #1 Take 2 - This time I deleted the save!

This is why I am not an Architect - Ark Solo Gameplay Part #1 Take 2 - This time I deleted the save!

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An other little live stream on Ark Survival Evolved that I did on Twitch and where we learned that I am not an architect whatsoever. I am terrible at building and I built my staircase side ways... Mistake were made I should say... Also, I deleted the game file by accident so I will nee to restart all over again even tho I don't really feel like uploading three times the same video but I will do it just for fun because I love the game. The sad part about all this is that Dodeath will not be able to fulfill her duty as a dodo box. I should really be on a list for dodo abuse... Maybe I am, who knows. Good things that dodos don't exist anymore because I have a tendency to kill them on sight because they are so easy to bully like I was in primary school... That hit a bit too close to home, doesn't it... Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video and I have to thank you all for watching! I will see you all in the next one, probably tomorrow! Love y'all!

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