Time in The Spotlight - 89 - Yune

Time in The Spotlight - 89 - Yune

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Duration: 20:01
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No fight video tomorrow - Radiant Dawn is being weird, and won't let me make the fight video I wanna make.

Yune Stats:
HP: 44
Strength: 12
Magic: 40
Skill: 74
Speed: 70
Luck: 42
Defense: 81
Resistance: 44

Coronas: 195
Criticals: 26
Ranged Criticals: 42
Staff Criticals: 3

Previous TITS: Misaha


Previous Characters Stats (Part 1)

Previous Characters Stats (Part 2)

New units stats:

Music used:
EoSD Stage 2 Theme Lunate Elf (Re-Extended)

Outro Song:
Cinematic Music - Eternity is Alone (Original Composition) - Michail Nowak

So, something happened while training up Yune. I train up everyone in part 4, and I did something that's naturally impossible to do - I put tier 1 Micaiah into Part 4. Considering she promotes at the end of Part 1, Micaiah doesn't exactly have growths for Part 4. I used Micaiah's growths to train Yune, so the game didn't know what to do, so it raised her growths for 3 stats...to the highest. Skill, Speed, and Defense were raised to 255% unintentionally, which means it's a guaranteed +2 upon level up, and a 50% for a +3 upon level up. This is why it shows Yune at level 35, with 81 Defense, 74 Skill, and 70 Speed. I had to stop training her up at 35, otherwise, she would've capped those 3 skills, and have 100 in them. So that's why Yune's stats are so weird - I unintentionally raised her growths.

Next week. Unit #90, you won't wanna miss it!