Two Movies For All | My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Discussion

Two Movies For All | My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Discussion

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It's time for the next instalment in the long running "Lots of Punching and Screaming Weeb Movies". Stefan, alongside special guests Ryan of BSC and Jack, are here to bring you a new in-depth discussion on the recently released second movie in the My Hero Academia series, Heroes Rising. How does it compare to the first? What crazy shenanigans do the characters get into this time?? How about that ending???

Movie spoilers, obviously, and only very vague minor manga spoilers.

Season 1 & 2 discussion:
Season 3 & Two Heroes discussion:

Edited by: Stefan

FTCR is:
Stefan: @gamesEnlisted
Ryan: @NayrmanBSC
Jack: @amphajack


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