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My name is James Graham and I have been on youtube for a couple of years now. I specialise in making 100% completion walkthroughs with personal commentary and obtaining special vehicles from these games as well. One of the best choices of my life was to buy a PSP back in 2008. A few weeks after that moment I made that unique video on how to obtain a helicopter on GTA LCS PSP with no cheats or cheatdevice. After that the journey of Jam8tone began. A few years after that I got a partnership deal with TGN. Check out the videos and experience a GTA experience like no other :)

I also do walkthroughs and LP's on NON GTA games as well:



Just Cause
GTA Chinatown Wars
GTA San Andreas


(Planned Projects LP's and Walkthroughs):

Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast
Just Cause II
James Bond 007 Nightfire

and many more............

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GTA LCS (Obtaining a Heavy/FP/EP/DP/WP/PP/Super Freeway) "OM0" No Cheats
This Bike was originally found by NoSkillsx from GTAforums. I realise I didn't give credit and I apologise. I however found an easier method...
2017-10-01 5:41:40 PM ● 4,381 views ● 16:09 94.96% liked
GTA LCS (Obtaining a Heavy/BP/EC Navy Blue Yankee) "OM0" CHALLENGE!
This is the longest video I have ever made to date. I would recommend that you watch my BP conversion video first before trying this as I explain...
2017-07-07 1:03:33 AM ● 4,664 views ● 1:50:45 95.24% liked
GTA LCS (Converting vehicles into Heavy Form) "OM0" No Cheats
Just like the crusher glitch and Shoreside PP trick, This conversion trick WILL NOT DELETE any properties from the vehicle during this conversion...
2017-07-02 2:23:56 PM ● 4,393 views ● 14:34 97.00% liked
GTA LCS (Converting ANY motorbikes into DP) "bike crusher glitch"
An incredible discovery by Yerdna555! This means that you can convert the motorbike of your choice into damageproof form as long as the bike...
2017-06-30 1:02:07 PM ● 3,386 views ● 28:13 95.35% liked
GTA LCS (Converting vehicles into BP) "OM0" No Cheats
The second (On Mission Zero) video that I have done. This OM0 task is probably the most solid and reliable out of all the OM0 special vehicles...
2017-06-23 12:46:05 PM ● 3,582 views ● 24:10 98.04% liked
GTA LCS (Obtaining a FP/EP Hellenbach GT) "OM0" No Cheats
This marks the first ever "on mission zero" (OM0) video that I have made on my channel so it is a pretty cool moment. This vehicle...
2017-06-18 11:38:24 PM ● 3,301 views ● 26:17 99.05% liked
GTA LCS (Obtaining a FP/EC Black Kuruma) "No Cheats"
All I can say is that this might be the hardest special vehicle yet... HOLY SHIT! This should work on both the PSP and PS2 versions of the game...
2017-06-05 11:18:37 AM ● 5,180 views ● 42:40 99.21% liked
GTA LCS (Obtaining a Heavy/BP/FP/DP/WP/EC Chrome Red PCJ-600) "bike crusher glitch"
PREPERATION! Please Read! I highly recommend that you obtain a heavy/wp/super PCJ-600 from 9MM Mayhem and SAVE it in your garage before proceeding...
2017-05-28 2:02:35 AM ● 4,198 views ● 14:11 98.45% liked
GTA LCS (Obtaining a Heavy/DP/WP/Super PCJ-600) "bike crusher glitch"
It has been a long time and I am back with a video showing you how to perform the crusher glitch to a motorbike and it is bloody difficult! The...
2017-05-20 5:48:41 PM ● 4,476 views ● 14:35 98.82% liked
Live chat 2
2017-04-22 2:58:24 PM ● 1,778 views ● 1:26:05 98.11% liked