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About SuperSonicKeyBrian

Hey, I'm Brian J. a.k.a "SonicKeyBrian"

I could tell you some stuff about me but,
none of that stuff isn't Really consistent n_n;
(Especially when it comes to VideoGame of choice, through I still RPG's more then any other)

"Super" SonicKeyrBrian is based around me playing all sorts of Video-game and since
I don't have a microphone "No Commentary" is the name of the game!
(My editing is just going to have talking for me =)

If this is your sorta you like, Go ahead and drop kick into a super on that red button up there =)
Always glad to have another person aboard to help me before a 'Better'
(Youtuber, Person, You name it lol)

Update for those keep track:
Changed my profile pic back soul on the fact that I want my channels to match again =)
(With Pokemon icons and al)
Still check out LazyReptile126
He's a splendid artist the definitely deserves your time =)

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Them Fighting Herds - Quick Arizona Combo Video And Tutorial!
#ThemFightingHerds #ComboVideo #Tutorial Recently picked up Them Fighting Herds seriously and wanted to get down the combos I'm able to do at...
2018-10-30 4:32:57 AM ● 69 views ● 1:54 100.00% liked
Doodle Zone - Doodling "Winged Jack Of the Night" [Speedpaint]
Experimental Idea for reward peeps could get for pledging to a Patreon. SFW's acting as a teaser and NSFW being the reward for Pledging. ◠‿╹)...
2018-10-28 8:17:55 PM ● 16 views ● 11:33 100.00% liked
Skullgirls - "How to Train Your Wolf" [Pt 2] (Online Battles With Pals!)
After a really frustrating encoding error with adobe premiere & encoder that held me up for a good day or so I was finally able to export...
2018-10-21 10:58:24 AM ● 55 views ● 7:18 100.00% liked
Skullgirls (2012)
Skullgirls - "How to Train Your Wolf" [Pt 1] (Online Battles With Beowulf!)
Yup the guys' still pretty darn fun to play! ◠‿◠) With his massive overhead heavies, stun kick combos and frankly insane assist moves....
2018-10-05 3:05:13 AM ● 78 views ● 10:24 80.00% liked
Skullgirls (2012)
Sonic Heroes - "Seaside Shenanigans" Breaking Seaside Hill Zone With Team Sonic
I reeeeeally like sonic games and this was a fun little distraction from the usual biz. Give me a heads up if you enjoyed the video. Wouldn't...
2018-09-19 6:12:40 PM ● 47 views ● 12:20 83.33% liked
Skullgirls - "Beowulf Laying Out Chair-Less SmackDowns!"  (Beowulf Combo Video)
Welp, Looks like I can play Beowulf now! ◠‿◠) Decided to pick up Beowulf outta the blue yesterday to see were I was at skill wise for him...
2018-09-17 9:55:09 PM ● 92 views ● 4:22 83.33% liked
Skullgirls (2012)
Darkest Dungeon - Merchant Caravan Vs Shambler (2 Breakers and 2 Antiquarian  Vs The Shambler!)
A casual run meant to make a ton of money turned wacky one I saw an Alter. There are few words to describe how lucky I got ◠‿◠;) #Darkestdungeon...
2018-09-08 8:26:07 AM ● 184 views ● 15:34 0.00% liked
Darkest Dungeon - Gem Hunting (3 Antiquarian And One Leper!)
Make sure to loot with Antiquarians, They will always find an antique along with what the normal stuff which only just adds to your money ╹‿╹)...
2018-09-01 1:15:43 PM ● 114 views ● 16:13 100.00% liked
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 -  奇妙なアーケードが走る!
私がしばらく持っていたゲームで遊ぶのは、Ninja 2のNaruto Clashの続編の未発表の続編です! #NarutoClashOfNinja...
2018-08-26 5:00:07 AM ● 54 views ● 19:07 100.00% liked
Viewtiful Joe [Adult Mode] Walkthough Part 5 [No Commentary]
Didn't get a new controller but I was able to fix my old one. It's still broken but, drifting to the right is better than not working at all....
2018-08-24 4:34:11 PM ● 20 views ● 33:55 100.00% liked