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Join me in my gaming adventures, if you enjoy watching awesome builds, base raiding, Dino taming, explosions, and just good ol' gaming fun then Subscribe and follow. I game on many various online games and if I see enough interest from viewers I will upload more and more! Viewers be warned it can get heated but, it's always in good fun. Thank you and GAME ON!

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Remembering a friend, Rex Santacera
Rex, was my boss at work and my friend forever off the clock. I will always remember the good times drinking, laughing, and sharing stories....
2019-03-13 8:30:42 PM ● 677 views ● 4:32 100.00% liked
Ylands First look at my NEW GAME!
If you like to pick up your own copy of Ylands click the link below: Music Credits to: ES_Right...
2019-02-15 8:44:54 PM ● 604 views ● 31:43 83.33% liked
Ylands (2017)
Team Fortress 2 - First time EVER with Cam on Entire Play through!
Leave a comment giving me your opinion on background music during play through. Sorry for upload delay this video was completed many days ago...
2019-02-06 5:16:40 PM ● 709 views ● 17:51 77.78% liked
Team Fortress 2
Let's Play
Fallout 76 FASTEST way to earn CAPS at almost any level!
SKIP to 3:33 to get right into the CAP FINDING! I am sorry but, google flagged my original video for cussing which it had NONE of so I had to...
2019-01-26 10:09:47 PM ● 721 views ● 22:30 61.11% liked
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)
Missing! What happened?
This video is a full explanation of many things my follower's may not know or may not of understood. I shed light on who I am. Many images maybe...
2019-01-19 8:51:25 PM ● 618 views ● 25:57 93.33% liked
TF2 BEST game EVER! Intense and FUNNY!
I know this is a longer Let's Play than normal for me but, it was just so funny throughout I did not want to chop out any good parts to make...
2018-08-29 7:35:24 PM ● 279 views ● 47:34 90.48% liked
JS BWC, SW Revamped Tour Continued! EP2 (F bomb removed)
I am sorry guys I had to remove the first posting of this video due to the F bomb being used and google frowns upon that. If you made a comment...
2018-08-19 5:00:46 PM ● 1,088 views ● 26:25 75.00% liked
JS You cannot do that! Or can you? NEW TRICKS! EP1
Music Credits to: ES_Klinky - Anders Ekengren ES_Promises (Instrumental Version) - Bird Of Figment Might Not - Strange
2018-08-13 1:52:01 AM ● 668 views ● 25:56 58.33% liked
TF2 New Goodies and TAUNTS!
Get your copy of Team Fortress 2 here: Music Credits to: ES_Young World In My Heart (Instrumental...
2018-05-29 12:44:42 AM ● 1,197 views ● 9:47 100.00% liked
Guts and Glory: Ride of DEATH!
Buy your own copy HERE: Music Credits to: Might Not - Strange
2018-05-22 8:23:43 PM ● 260 views ● 31:25 88.89% liked