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About Just-Us League

Just three guys doing videos of what interests us. Video Games, Tech Reviews, Product Openings, ect. Just-us Dan Nate and Will (Alphabetical order)

Rules: Don't be a dick on stream!
If you get banned and proceed to come back on another account to our streams....you get banned again. Also, no advertising other channels on our streams! Asking for a shout out is fine.
1 warning for mis-conduct and then you are out!

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Just-Us Dan: The quest for blood (AC Odyssey)
Today i play more AC Odyssey. Navel battles today. DONATIONS: https://streamlabs.com/justusleague2017 Come Jan. 1st, The JUL is finished streaming,...
2018-12-22 12:25:40 PM ● 50 views ● 2:56:20 100.00% liked
Just-Us Dan: The quest for blood (AC Odyssey) **GIVEAWAY**
Today i play more AC Odyssey. I need 4 more cult members to upgrade my spear to its final level. Giveaway: Must be present to win. Must be Subscribed...
2018-12-21 5:34:48 PM ● 37 views ● 2:42:53 100.00% liked
Casual Siegery w/Just-Us Nate
Shooters are not my specialty, but I've been enjoying Siege. Nothing too tryhard, just some nice casual siegery. Thumbnail courtesy of: LittleLavia...
2018-12-18 8:57:27 PM ● 22 views ● 2:14:00 100.00% liked
Just-Us Dan: Killing people and sleeping with whoever (AC:Odyssey)
Level 33ish right now. Saving some rebels who are working with a small band of Spartans to rid their Island from an asshole Greek leader. DONATIONS:...
2018-12-17 8:00:03 PM ● 31 views ● 2:02:41 100.00% liked
Jackbox Time with the JUL! Anyone can play for free!
Jackbox! No racism, no pedophilia. Only warning. Other than that, join in! DONATIONS: https://streamlabs.com/justusleague2017 Come Jan. 1st,...
2018-12-16 2:39:28 PM ● 52 views ● 1:55:15 100.00% liked
Dan kills things (AC:Odyssey)
I will sneak into things and kill people tonight. when sneaking fails....i will then struggle to kill in open combat. DONATIONS: https://streamlabs.com/justusleague2017...
2018-12-16 12:07:44 AM ● 42 views ● 3:08:55 100.00% liked
Will plays Overwatch! Because he can!
Time to play Overwatch! DONATIONS: https://streamlabs.com/justusleague2017 Come Jan. 1st, The JUL is finished streaming, but you can keep up...
2018-12-14 10:01:50 PM ● 20 views ● 1:46:55 100.00% liked
Overwatch (2016)
Let's Play
Will & Dan Still don't know how to play Stellaris
Will and Dan are going to give this game another shot. Vanilla game. No DLC in use. Time to make our mark on the galaxy. DONATIONS: https://streamlabs.com/justusleague2017...
2018-12-12 9:53:41 PM ● 26 views ● 3:15:59 100.00% liked
Stellaris (2016)
Exploring the new DLC in DBD (Rank 1 Survivor)
A new DLC for DBD just hit, so let's have some fun. DONATIONS: https://streamlabs.com/justusleague2017 Thumbnail courtesy of: LittleLavia Come...
2018-12-11 8:47:58 PM ● 32 views ● 2:26:37 100.00% liked
Stabbing mercs and infiltrating forts. (AC:O)
DONATIONS: https://streamlabs.com/justusleague2017 Today has been a day in which i felt like stabbing someone. So i will channel this rage into...
2018-12-10 8:36:27 PM ● 33 views ● 2:19:43 100.00% liked