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This guy is hilarious, his acting is on point and he's just a great guy. He also likes talking about himself in the third person, he thinks third person means 3 times as many people like his stuff. Oh you.

I'm always up for most voice acting roles if you're interested shoot me an email using the business one listed! Or if you want to collab!

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My WHOLE channel got Copyright Claimed
My channel got copyright claimed and here's what happened. YouTube's copyright system is broken. Thanks YouTube. Support me on Patreon:
2018-12-06 2:56:54 PM ● 61,942 views ● 15:18 99.80% liked
This Company Won't Stop Paying Me To Read Yaoi
This company won't stop paying me to Read Yaoi Manga! (Aka Boys Love) So sit back and enjoy some quality Yaoi. Yaoi time. Bookwalker:
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I Made Tinder Accounts For Anime Characters
I made tinder accounts for anime characters. Here's the weird conversations of anime characters on tinder. Support me on Patreon:
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Sebastian Roasting your poems. Will any poems be worthy of Sebastian's roasts? Find out on this roasting episode! Support me on Patreon:
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Anime Pumpkin Carving Challenge!
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I'm Being Paid To Read MORE Yaoi
This company keep paying me to Read Yaoi Manga! (Aka Boys Love) So sit back and enjoy some quality Yaoi readings/dubbing. Bookwalker:
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Free! Fan Calls!
Free! Fan Calls! Get 20% off a displate using 'cdawgva' Support me on Patreon:
2018-10-20 12:30:00 PM ● 37,740 views ● 12:24 99.77% liked
Roasting your pick up lines. Sebastian the roasting king. None of you are smooth with your pick up lines. Support me on Patreon:
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Levi Prank Calls Microsoft Scammers ANIMATED!
Levi Prank Calls Microsoft Scammers ANIMATED! Animation by artisticCookie. Animated version of a previous prank call. Animated By Artistic Cookie:...
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This Webtoon Is DARK!?
Webtoon's Sweet Home is DARK and an amazing Webtoon! Download the Webtoon app: Read Sweet Home On Desktop:
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