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Channels With The Most Views

1. Kubz Scouts671,373,170
2.Chile DeGoBooM393,620,915
3.United States Yandere Dev251,642,165
4.United States Bijuu Mike235,472,510
5.United States LaurenzSide218,913,260
6.Mexico ArtuxCreed147,647,076
7.El Salvador Fernanfloo137,640,847
8.France Sora136,347,399
9.United States CoryxKenshin103,963,321
10.United Kingdom Razzbowski103,684,443

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Belgium Hatsune Elissu901
2. Abysslover91777
3.Singapore Onii Chan Person760
4.Denmark MikuCoolMix696
5.United States Bijuu Mike588
6.United Kingdom Veggie Gamer433
7.Italy Kiria EternaLove425
8.Brazil Molusqueti421
9.United States Benjamin Davila403
10.Mexico GodOfCoffee398

Latest Let's Plays For Yandere Simulator

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-06-13Belgium Hatsune ElissuLets Help Akwa With THAT MYTH | Yandere Simulator Myths7:124,900
2021-06-07Brazil Shinah Hoakin • iSmowYANDERE SIMULATOR INTRO REVERSED WITH SUBTITLES (AYANO NEEDS HELP?) | Yandere Simulator4:2313,501
2020-12-09United States Beat Saber AnimeTHIS YANDERE WONT LEAVE ME ALONE! | Saiko No Sutoka - Horror Game (Alpha 1.9)7:50259
2020-11-15United Kingdom Bo55 FatwodSHE CAN NOW JUMP ON YOUR BACK || Saiko No Sutoka #3 (Alpha 1.9)18:53854
2020-10-21Netherlands Aoi Ryugoku - TheSonyFanGirl1Aoi Ryugoku Plays Super Yandere 6412:24328
2020-10-17United States Tos & ThosIt's Clean Up Time - Let's Play The Yandere Simulator Demo Part 4 (Tos & Thos)38:4030
2020-10-16United States Akira ShimizuCompleting the Alphabet Elimination Challenge in the Demo! No Cheats! | Yandere Simulator2:08:23107,152
2020-10-09United States BuirryClubs Alphabet Killer Challenge - Yandere Simulator Challenge56:3761,187
2020-10-07United States ArdrethShadowArdrethShadow Plays Yandere Simulator0:1239
2020-09-30United States SammyCzewskiYANDERE SIMULATOR LET'S PLAY! - PART 12:03916
2020-09-28United States MsDaBoss7Schoolday Dash - Yandere Simulator/MLP EG High School Dash Mix2:39272
2020-09-28Philippines Asheru GamingGIRLPREND KONG BALIW || YANDERE SIMULATOR #314:52240,738
2020-09-28United Kingdom ReubenThePig080The Alphabet Killer Challenge Completed In The Demo - Yandere Simulator Demo4:36107,119
2020-09-18United Kingdom RazzbowskiHELPING SENPAI END OSANA after her CONFESSION! the BEST Yandere Simulator Ending27:271,055,583
2020-09-16Malaysia Jason Play Write and Life 96Yandere Simulator wallpaper by Jason Write1:45254
2020-09-15United States Krinx TVSaiko No Sutoka - Hunted By A Yandere - Full Playthrough + Ending18:168,406
2020-09-12France SoraÉLIMINER UNE FILLE PAR AMOUR ! LA RIVALE OSANA EST LA ! - Yandere Simulator ♥️17:301,063,614
2020-09-08Germany GermansnakeGaming*NEU* Die OFFIZIELLE Demo zu Yandere Simulator ist da!12:2714,047
2020-08-07United States RedKnight777Everyone keeps talking about YandereDev so here I am | Yandere Simulator Live Gameplay3:27:34358
2020-06-17Netherlands SiIvaGunnerDK Rap (Pre-Alpha Mix) (Removed) - Yandere Simulator0:2731,706
2020-05-15 PandoryaYANDERE SIMULATOR #201 - Das geheime ENDE von Yandere Simulator! ● Let's Play Yandere Simulator57:4297,876
2020-05-15 Newzkung RaccoonzaYandere Simulator พลังแห่งการควบคุมเวลา กับ Alphabet Killer Challenge รอบแก้ตัว!? (15/5/2020)2:33:4313,917
2020-05-08 oishiioppaAttempting The Alphabet Killer Challenge! - Yandere Simulator! [17/77]28:311,115
2020-05-05Italy KeNoiaChannelALPHABET CHALLENGE su Yandere Simulator (mi sono arrabbiata)11:26174,178
2020-05-02United States SuaVieJaViiI got Caught Trying To Do The ABC Killer Challenge | Yandere Simulator10:261,029

Latest Reviews For Yandere Simulator

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-15United Kingdom TheAldroidYandere Simulator - An Honest Review | TheAldroid24:1934,586
2021-07-13Australia callimaraRevamping Kizana Sunobu from Yandere Simulator with GAOMON PD1560 Pen Display (REVIEW)29:35133,025
2021-01-09Philippines The Angry FingerSchool Incinerator Review : I Bring the NPCs into the Incinerator ! Sakura School Simulator5:3315,016
2020-10-04 SpoctorShort Review of the Yandere Simulator Demo14:4994,268
2020-09-29Australia Kappa KaijuAn Actual Review of Yandere Simulator('s demo)53:291,592,717
2020-09-01United Kingdom HarleyTBSOSANA IS OUT | Yandere Simulator DEMO / Live Review - 31.8.201:45:461,972
2020-07-25United Kingdom DarkDaxHow to Fix Yandere Simulator - A Yandere Simulator Code Review20:40580,972
2020-07-16 Dylan KurosakiSENPAI. WILL. LOVE. ME (HUEHUEHUE) + REVIEW | Yandere Simulator48:0930
2020-07-09United States dyc3Yandere Simulator Complete Source Code Analysis - Code Review57:02911,245
2020-06-01 KrispyUpdate Review Pt. #5 [Yandere Simulator June 1st 2020 Build]4:154,790
2020-02-21United States Heavy Metal Gamer ShowYandere Simulator Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show3:001,575
2019-09-29 Victoria WaltonKizana Sunobu 5" Figure - Yandere Simulator and Meng Cat Paper Clay Review8:361,766
2018-03-18Colombia HikikomoriDevYandere Simulator developer review 2018/3/1829:51123
2016-07-26 Newzkung Raccoonzaเปิดตัวเว็บไซต์อย่างเป็นทางการ!! + วิธีใช้งาน Launcher - Yandere Simulator [Website&Launcher Review]20:0960,459
2016-05-30United States Otakus & GeeksZyon RhythmGame Review6:4375
2016-05-21 TheNinjaReviewerJojo Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable Episode 8 Review: YANDERE SIMULATOR 199911:071,066
2015-12-09 Muhammad Fadzeli JohariYandere Simulator (aku cinta padamu) anime and game review...5:2289
2015-01-29United States Matthew Davis MediaThe Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004) Movie Review12:103,488