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Hi! - We're Joe and Rita (aka ArtSpear Entertainment) - we make Comedy films/shows/animations and other goofy stuff! Creators of "Toon Sandwich", "The Void", "Australiens" and "The Killage". IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO US, ALL OF YOUR WILDEST DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! 😬

*It's just the two of us here at ArtSpear (we both write and do all the voices for Toon Sandwich, and Joe does all the animation, music & sound) so we could really use your help! Boldly go where few have gone before and support us by becoming a SPONSOR or a Patreon 😀 Check out the links below!
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Wolverine Wanted! - Toon Sandwich LIFE
The Mouse has bought the Fox and the question on certain lips is - who will Disney cast as the new Wolverine??? Well, the incorrect answer on...
2019-03-28 1:41:25 AM ● 70,054 views ● 2:14 97.87% liked
Captain Marvel Trailer Spoof - TOON SANDWICH
In this animated parody of the Captain Marvel movie trailer, the titular Capitano gets her mission to eliminate Skrulls confused with her personal...
2019-02-14 4:58:12 PM ● 1,207,404 views ● 4:24 96.35% liked
ArtSpear Live Stream DEC 2018
Merry Christmas from ArtSpear! In this stream of semi-consciousness, we spill all our mischievous plans for next year and answer some probing...
2018-12-22 7:40:14 PM ● 51,835 views ● 32:06 96.26% liked
A Very X-Manly Xmas! - Toon Sandwich LIFE
Tis the season to be mutant! X-Men Apocalypse's Apocalypse has a new trick up his unnecessarily-armoured sleeve and he's using it to give us...
2018-12-21 9:22:23 AM ● 111,278 views ● 2:58 98.61% liked
"Jurassic World" The Disney Song! - TOON SANDWICH
Disney meets deadly dinosaurs in this animated parody of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”! Who would have thunk that the wholesome, family-friendly...
2018-12-08 6:32:01 AM ● 2,340,968 views ● 3:10 93.46% liked
Thanos Sleep-Snaps - Toon Sandwich LIFE
Sharing a house with Thanos the Mad Titan isn't as summer-camp jocular as you may have thought, especially considering his nightly habit that...
2018-10-31 7:19:13 PM ● 267,776 views ● 2:34 98.41% liked
Sandwich Press - October 2018
In only the second (mercifully) Sandwich Press for 2018, Rita and Joe announce the winners of the Breadcrumb Hunts for the Jurassic World Kingdom...
2018-10-28 3:59:01 AM ● 54,263 views ● 9:02 97.12% liked
An animated parody mash-up featuring ten of 2018's biggest movie trailers - ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, BLACK PANTHER, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT,...
2018-09-30 7:30:28 AM ● 2,979,977 views ● 9:37 98.29% liked
How Harley Quinn Won Villain-Bowl - Toon Sandwich LIFE
In this, the first Toon Sandwich LIFE (it's like thug life, but with more cheese), we time-stone back to the making of Super-Villain-Bowl and...
2018-08-25 10:53:43 PM ● 821,855 views ● 3:48 97.52% liked
ArtSpear Entertainment Live Stream JUL 2018
Our first proper live stream - what could[n't] go wrong? To SUBSCRIBE: 😀 To BECOME...
2018-07-30 6:50:21 PM ● 47,401 views ● 42:39 96.78% liked