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Chat Sports is a live sports news network - Watch our live video programming on Facebook Live, YouTube and iPhone's Podcast app!
As the first sports channel Facebook Live, Chat Sports produces over 30 hours of live sports video every week!

Our show franchises include: NFL Daily, College Football Daily, The Cam Rogers Show, Quick Hitters with Jordan Giorgio, Michigan Football Report, Cowboys Report with Tom Downey, among many others!

With our iPhone and Android apps, Chat Sports is the leading sports media brand on mobile. Complemented by a staff of full-time writers and hundreds of nationwide contributors, Chat Sports produces hundreds of original articles across all major American sports each month. And with its unique curation technology, Chat Sports also delivers millions of fans over 200,000 unique pieces of sports content monthly from 2,000+ sources along with live scores powered by SportRadar. The company now reaches over 100 million sports fans monthly across all platforms.

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49ers Mock Draft: Nick Bosa and A.J. Brown Headline San Francisco Full 7-Round 2019 NFL Mock Draft
NFL Mock Draft for the San Francisco 49ers is up today on Chat Sports. Thomas Mott breaks down all six picks owned by the 49ers in the upcoming...
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6 Teams That Should Trade Up In Round 1 Of The 2019 NFL Draft
The NFL Draft is nearly here and there’s one thing you predict will happen: There will be NFL Draft Trades. Now it’s nearly impossible to...
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Russell Wilson Contract: Will Seattle Seahawks Make Wilson Highest Paid QB In NFL History?
NFL Rumors: Will Russell Wilson sign a contract extension in 2019 with the Seattle Seahawks making him the highest paid QB in the NFL? Wilson...
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NFL Rumors On Frank Clark Trade, Cardinals #1 Pick Plans, Russell Wilson & Raiders And Devin White?
NFL Rumors continue to flow with the 2019 NFL Draft just days away. But it’s not all NFL Draft Rumors, as there’s plenty of trade rumors...
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NBA Rumors On Kyrie Irving’s Future, Kemba Walker Free Agency & The Next Lakers’ Head Coach
The 2019 NBA Playoffs are in full swing, but that doesn’t mean the NBA rumors have died down! Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving are two big-name...
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NFL Rumors: Eli Manning’s Future, Dak Prescott Contract & Dwayne Haskins To Dolphins | Mailbag
NFL Rumors have been swirling around the NFL offseason & the 2019 NFL Draft. NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey & Mitchell Renz are here to answer...
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Kyler Murray #1 Pick, Quinnen Williams, Christian Wilkins & 2019 NFL Draft | NFL Rumors Mailbag
Kyler Murray, Quinnen Williams, Christian Wilkins & the 2019 NFL Draft are among the main topics discussed in this NFL rumors mailbag on...
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Giants Rumors: Should New York Giants Trade For Josh Rosen, Plus New York Giants NFL Draft News
Josh Rosen trade rumors leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft continues to be a hot topic of conversation around the NFL. If the Arizona Cardinals...
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Luke Walton Fired: Lakers Rumors On Next Coach, LeBron On Trade Block, & Magic Johnson Fallout
Lakers Nation is buzzing after a chaotic week that saw Magic Johnson quit as team President of Basketball Ops on Wednesday and the breaking news...
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NFL Rumors Mailbag: Russell Wilson Contract, 49ers Draft Nick Bosa, Antonio Brown Drama & 2019 Draft
NFL Rumors Mailbag is brought to you by Chat Sports. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can keep you updated on all the latest NFL news &...
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