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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Romania based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 hour agoRomania Creeper Exact Tr1,290Don't Starve Together ! / O lume necompromisa #3 ! / VINE IARNA PE NOI !!! ://6:27
6 hours agoRomania Rhoaius670🔴#Skyrim Arisen🔴💢Episodul 3💢4:59:18
6 hours agoRomania lol daily clips344Tsm Jatt Takes A Hard Loss0:26
9 hours agoRomania Marin CIM30🔴 Ultima zi pe smurf2:25:31
9 hours agoRomania TheBlueDragon24,800TAILS: THE BACKBONE PRELUDES - Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME [PC 60FPS] - No Commentary3:00:17
10 hours agoRomania Omu' Cu Sapca23,500Continuam Red Dead Redemption 2 Fara Jnitzi3:05:15
10 hours agoRomania Neyreyan5,720Gatewalkers gameplay 2023 - Lets Play Episode 12 - Ancient Essence Reconnaissance - Cool ancients20:23
10 hours agoRomania TheRexAdv861🔴 [𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘] - Incercam PUBG daca merge in lag, intram pe CS:GO daca murim lucram la serverul de samp..3:03:24
10 hours agoRomania VivianaRo21,500🔵🎄[LIVE] FREE FIRE ROMANIA NE JUCAM ASA DE VINERI1:43:34
10 hours agoRomania Str3sU243,000MUKBANKG si SMASH or PASS la FAST FOOD cu Beea in CITY PARK MALL CT @AlecsandraBeatrice13:46
11 hours agoRomania Nexus Media41,900NEXUS VS GTZ - BO3 - EDC $45,000 CLOSED QUALIFIER2:55:13
11 hours agoRomania GhostRecorn7,120[LIVE]🔴Standoff 2 Va invit sa ne jucam impreuna compe, va astept1:27:57
11 hours agoRomania Bogdan ZBG1,300LIVE INTERCATIV - l ABONATII ALEG JOCUL l Let's Go !2:12:09
12 hours agoRomania Lord Tupeu1,550FIFA 23 Weekend League1:28:55
13 hours agoRomania Raku Game Station219,000CINE DA MAI MULT?!? | Bid Wars [LIVE #431]4:34:17
13 hours agoRomania BurghCodrin7,710Be The Change You Want To See In The World2:30:57
13 hours agoRomania kidpoker19824,140Livestream poker stars ggpoker acrpoker and 888poker online poker11:10:14
13 hours agoRomania EFT_WTF113,000EFT_WTF #710 | Escape from Tarkov Best Community Moments10:17
13 hours agoRomania ScorpioOfShadows1,530The Jumping Onigiri: TURBO - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement Guide1:22
13 hours agoRomania Surdacio46,400🔴 TOTY PACK OPENING CU ULTIMELE 100 DE PACHETE | FIFA 23 ROMANIA5:24:03
13 hours agoRomania Ovidiu 66630,700FINALUL - Call of Duty WW II0:00
13 hours agoRomania Vld Vlad13,100Manor Story: Home Makeover - Chapter 2 - A Strange Guest7:30
14 hours agoRomania bGd5,530POLYMORPH JHIN CAN USE AUTO ATTACK? #shorts0:16
14 hours agoRomania Manuel si Volt Prime Game YT ♥️🎶403Am jucat championship Challenge în Brawl Stas10:18
14 hours agoRomania Cryptic Hybrid3,180A Space for the Unbound - My Magical Girlfriend (Slice-of-Life Adventure)2:33:05
14 hours agoRomania DiViDake1,710O dam pe flexane!0:00
14 hours agoRomania SergiuHellDragoonHQ1,500,000Which FACTION can Defeat 300 SPARTANS & LEONIDAS - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS24:04
14 hours agoRomania Two-Headed Wolf Gaming369Valheim - The Beginning of an Unknown Journey - Ep 336:11
14 hours agoRomania lordfafy64,100Luxion has brought UNIQUE items !!10:01
14 hours agoRomania Rancilio Ran4,930Euro Truck Simulator 2 | ETS2 1.46 | DAF XG 2021 | Promods 2.63 | Turku (FIN) to Kemi (FIN)53:59
14 hours agoRomania BlocksPile5,500there's nothing like the laughter of a baby0:10
14 hours agoRomania Gannicus961,300,000MINECRAFT, Dar La Orice Te Uiti Se Transforma In Diamante...0:57
14 hours agoRomania Zona IT295,000Pe telefoanele Huawei merge ACUM... GOOGLE! Youtube, Maps, Uber și altele! Ce se întâmplă?!20:37
15 hours agoRomania C. IONUT1,420⚠️PACK OPENING⚠️si WL cu Pele 983:03:39
15 hours agoRomania GamerulDeLaTara10,900DOCTORUL NEBUN! | Dead Space Remake (Part.5)1:13:59
15 hours agoRomania AndreiRO195,000⛔Mariusel este HITMAN, ce urmează ? | GTA FiveM #490:00
15 hours agoRomania MaryoGames480,000Left Unchecked but smh ain't right3:17
15 hours agoRomania Danny - Video Games30,800Asphalt 9 | City of Lights Update - Patch Notes ft. Paris & more!3:23
15 hours agoRomania Thiefyo337,000Noul Nissan Z 2023 este aici!24:14
15 hours agoRomania HappyFishTV146,000De ce nu sunt romanii mai danezi? "La Cererea Nimanui" cu Mirica, Gojira si Tudor | Podcast1:20:48
15 hours agoRomania Gami OS594,0001000 DE OAMENI ORBI VAD DUPA ACEST CLIP9:57
15 hours agoRomania INSANITY728,000GATA, S-A INTAMPLAT ! SPONGEBOB 2 POVESTEA !54:58
16 hours agoRomania GamesPlay6,360死或生5 Dead or Alive 5 Last Round 데드 오어 얼라이브 5 Tina [Arcade/Time Attack - Master] PC DOA5LR30:37
16 hours agoRomania OddOneGaming: Raid Shadow Legends5,840⛔ WAIT To Claim Genbo From Prime OR Lose Out⛔ | HH Challenge | F2P 2023 EP. 20 | RAID SHADOW LEGENDS16:47
16 hours agoRomania SiNNer22674,000Un Singur Bloc, dar e REALIST...11:57
16 hours agoRomania VlogTehnica5,250Live 20:30 ! Be there ! #AI #ChatGTP #VlogTehnica0:33
16 hours agoRomania DJ RAAN483Qubiko TRIBUTE / Best of Qubiko #2023 #dj #techhouse #deephouse #console #house #mix31:19
16 hours agoRomania Rebel Dude1,040Defend Against from the Zombie Apocalypse in Left 4 Dead 20:39
17 hours agoRomania Tudor Buțan195,000AM DESCHIS 250 DE PACHETE SI S-A INTAMPLAT ASTA!!14:56
17 hours agoRomania Blu Minecraft120,000Scap din Nether cu O Inima pe Minecraft Hardcore ?19:15
17 hours agoRomania Best Noris226,000Nu ma asteptam la asta…0:24
17 hours agoRomania Delia609,000Punkadelia0:09
18 hours agoRomania DarkMythHunter99,600GTA San Andreas | Myths & Legends | S7 | Myth #91 | Ryder's Ghost18:32
18 hours agoRomania Oana si Daniel Danescu43,500Provocare nebuna incearca sa scrii cand te misca cineva 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂1:00
18 hours agoRomania COCOMIN14,100Roleplay pe Dumesti [EP# 391]-Vindem rapiță-Farming Simulator 1913:24
18 hours agoRomania CristyM96122,000Lucruri pe care ar trebuii sa incepi sa le faci in Minecraft 20:26
18 hours agoRomania dominik.9,810EUROTRUCK SIMULATOR II MUNCIM PENTRU UN TIR2:06:22
19 hours agoRomania mL7323,000OVERWATCH 2 SPOTS THAT WILL MAKE YOU RAGE14:40
19 hours agoRomania EMLReys17,500Mount & Blade 2: GAME OF THRONES MOD - EP 20 - ARCAȘII SUNT FORȚA !!!1:33:57
19 hours agoRomania CocoFelix439,000BOXERUL De AUR Si HARTA SECRETA Din STUMBLE GUYS !12:55
19 hours agoRomania Dota2 Sau Wow181World Of Warcraft Dragonflight: Time-Lost Proto-Drake A Reușit Cineva Sa Il Prindă?4:22:25
19 hours agoRomania EdyDude50,900Friday Night Funkin' Binej Yeah VS. Red Crewmate - Perfect Combo w/ Botplay (NO MISSES)1:42
20 hours agoRomania Mara STEFANIA1,220,000🤣 MARA, TEO și BRI sunt TRISTE 👧🏻 TATA e RĂU 😵‍💫 Who is More fun in the park 😎 Mom or Dad ? #shorts0:29
20 hours agoRomania D3yU AndreiU377PC Building Simulator #19 Mare tzeakă cu răciri custom și achiziții de mare angajament21:38
20 hours agoRomania Kolpir236,000POV: Creeper #shorts #minecraft0:11
21 hours agoRomania 32mace1,820Nu Pot Decat Sa IUBESC Ferma De Gunpowder! ❤️ [ Live Minecraft Romania ]0:00
21 hours agoRomania Gabriela Bucur4,370🔴ASTAZI JUCAM DOAR CONTROLLER | CONTINUAM SERIA 🔥0:00
21 hours agoRomania TreFLA1,350Hacking0:17
22 hours agoRomania Ciomegu1,320New World - Getting stuck, Buying another house and crafting a 600gs Axe, busy day - Let's play ep6643:29
22 hours agoRomania XXminaX415Speedrunning to the white latex territory! Changed Episode 1 Life 343:21
22 hours agoRomania Pariuri1x229,200💶Cota 2, 3 februarie: Ieri, zi de PROFIT | Astăzi, tot tenis! #shorts0:35
23 hours agoRomania BadBoy NK9,690Clearing rats 🐀 #battlefield0:15
23 hours agoRomania DanielCameramanu436,000Costel Biju - Ai o fusta creata creata ❎ ( Nunta Adam & Larissa )3:42
23 hours agoRomania Android PC Gameplay - MMORAW8,360Heroes of Valhalla GAMEPLAY Android MMO RAW9:10
23 hours agoRomania Mitica Gaming1,060A Plague Tale: Innocence - Invazie de sobolani1:00
23 hours agoRomania Gazeta Sporturilor60,800Ionuț Buzean, invitatul zilei la GSP Live (3 februarie) / Ediție INTEGRALĂ0:00
23 hours agoRomania Puff's Land49,400Cel mai mare FAIL din istoria SKYBLOCK HARDCORE0:39
1 day agoRomania Life of SIMS13,800PESTE 20 DE NOUTATI IN SIMS 4 GROWING TOGETHER 🧩3:02
1 day agoRomania GabeHype13,400HAYFEVER Gameplay [4K 60FPS PC ULTRA]22:34
1 day agoRomania Moshu28,700Primul 84+ X20 PLAYER PACK la TOTY0:57
1 day agoRomania Tetras - Sama740Star Wars Battlefront II [#2]14:41
1 day agoRomania Dorian Popa2,190,000TOT CE AM PRIMIT DE LA LAMBORGHINI + AM PRIMIT INCA O MASINA ?!16:26
1 day agoRomania Lack Of Entertainment59,000Deboonked James Gunn Did Not Fire Henry Cavil2:59
1 day agoRomania Stantin Gaming26,700All Golden Spatula Locations - SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake4:25
1 day agoRomania Emilut Gaming15,400🔴RUPEM KWRW FANTOMELOR pe PHASMOPHOBIA !? 200 BPM E GRAV RAU | ROAD TO 16K LIVE OUTLAST 😍5:29:32
1 day agoRomania Xprime Nick4,490Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi Penalty Shootout Executed At The Same Time | FIFA 230:12
1 day agoRomania Kraze Worgen26,700🔴Ultimul Live -Metin2 Polaris(¬‿¬)3:57:25
1 day agoRomania UzzyZVR103,000GTA FiveM - SINDICATUL cere TAXA pentru GUNSHOP3:02:55
1 day agoRomania workbenchstuff44,500How to create a magic sphere using CATIA Part Design 1189:11
1 day agoRomania Madzilla9,110AZI TE SOCHEZ !😱 CE JOC AM INCETAT SA MAI JOC SI DE CE ⭐ [ LIVE ROMANIA ]8:51:02
1 day agoRomania Alex90andru200Sekiro Shadows Die Twice-Fountainhead Palace exploring part 1833:30
1 day agoRomania SorinGames2,360The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe - Cold Feet Ending / Bottom of the Mind Control Ending (HD,60fps)10:30
1 day agoRomania Marianos Gaming11,800FIFA 23 | Wolves vs Liverpool - Molineux Stadium | Gameplay16:49
1 day agoRomania KotorHDTVChannel25,100Play as Carth Onasi Part 86 Freedon Nadd Tomb23:40
1 day agoRomania RomanianTvee Live Stream31,700Comics That Aged Poorly According To CBR58:56
1 day agoRomania Alexuu'11,800RECORD NOU 20 KILLS?! | PUBG MOBILE [LIVE#254]3:23:53
1 day agoRomania Meowmy568Send this to your beginner friend #dbd #shorts0:10