Latest Channel Activity From Romania

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Romania based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 hour agoRomania Throneful1,880,000RIDE 4 - Suzuki GSX-R 750 RM 1985 - Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]11:49
2 hours agoRomania Raku Game Station214,000Cel mai bun battlepass pe anul asta | Call of Duty Mobile24:35
4 hours agoRomania Akalonian100The Skittergate Invasion28:36
4 hours agoRomania Stantin Gaming13,700What an AMAZING HANDCRAFTED WORLD | Papetura - Ep 134:45
6 hours agoRomania Ceaurel Gaming2,350JUCAM DE TOATE SI NE SIMTIM BINE❌5:10:01
7 hours agoRomania Alexandru Bălan904,000🔴 LIVE HORROR - NE JUCAM NOUL RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE cu @Queen A - MURIM DE FRICA! 😱4:53:16
7 hours agoRomania BadBoy NK7,430Playstation 5 Battlefield V Live Stream5:10:59
7 hours agoRomania TheBlueDragon19,300Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - No Commentary (PC RTX)1:46:53
7 hours agoRomania dominik.9,370Racing and Illegal Business #ANTISOCIAL @ROMANIA #ROLEPLAY #LIVE5:12:27
7 hours agoRomania [NTL] Nothing To Lose523When you feel like uploading an solo 100k14:40
8 hours agoRomania Highman386,000LIVE PARANORMAL - JOC HORROR cu ACȚIUNEA în ROMÂNIA ( Partea 1 )4:27:01
8 hours agoRomania Mr.Bandit34,200TRAIN SIMULATOR ROMANIA - 2 SCENARII CU GM si VOCI: "TRENUL REGAL" & "REGIO 4364"3:18:06
8 hours agoRomania Tak3 My Fury27,700DIAMOND 2-3 ELO | SA VEDEM DACA ESTE O SEARA BUNA DE LEAGUE2:31:52
9 hours agoRomania PrussianPrince16,600William the Conqueror #47 - Duke of Normandy - Crusader Kings 3 Campaign49:05
9 hours agoRomania Phantasm27,700Terraria Calamity Mod Bosses be like0:20
9 hours agoRomania Neyreyan4,190Resident Evil Village gameplay - How to survive werewolf attack - Lycan ambush - Treasure in Church30:08
9 hours agoRomania Vee Live Stream29,300The Best Resident Evil 8 stream online2:52:58
9 hours agoRomania Tânăru' Emy7,220🔴LIVE 🔴Noul rift este aici #dbd2:19:49
9 hours agoRomania Tony 747428,000Mixed reality ETS2 Driving | Badajoz - Ciudad Real | Euro Truck Simulator 2 with REAL Hands | Iberia14:02
9 hours agoRomania MrEdxwx1,390,000Assassin's Creed Unity Exploring Paris Through Time With Shay's Outfit PC Ultra Settings16:13
10 hours agoRomania EpicShorty276,000GTA Real Life: O zi din Viata unui Admin #49 | A LUAT LA BATAIE OWNERUL = A PRIMIT BAN!29:11
10 hours agoRomania MihaiCR232,620🎬 LIVE | EXTREME ROMANIA - SUNT LUAT DE POLITIE 👮 !!4:13:29
10 hours agoRomania Surdacio44,200🔴 200X LA LIGA TOTS PACK OPENING PE CONTUL MEU | #856 (FIFA 21 ULTIMATE TEAM)3:00:17
10 hours agoRomania Alin Tecsan40,100Transformers The Game - Brawl's Brawling Attack Drones 'N' Crash5:31
10 hours agoRomania PTM OCTAVIAN44,100LIVE CU FNCS2:01:48
11 hours agoRomania Hd Gaming Team13,200Am luat permisul...?!1:12:35
11 hours agoRomania AndreiRO158,000⛔MARIUSEL face 18 ANI ! LA MULTI ANI ! #17 | Gta 5 Real Life FiveM2:07:39
11 hours agoRomania Danny - Video Games25,500Asphalt 9 | F8 Tributo to 5* + Golden Imola + Enzo to 4* + Murcielago to 4* | RTG #3445:18
11 hours agoRomania pimpstudio953work in progress for the video wen a get 1000 subscribers what do you think!!0:42
11 hours agoRomania zukimik1,160Resident Evil 8 Village - Gameplay Walkthrough - First Look - Ep0145:41
11 hours agoRomania Palora3,910RO - Ruinarch - Impresii Early Access2:39:14
12 hours agoRomania Madalin634,000🔴[LIVE] AM FACUT CROW RANK 30 (1003 TROFEE)! Brawl Stars3:23:30
12 hours agoRomania IKatheryne124,000CUSTOMS cu ABONATII ! 💜2:56:47
12 hours agoRomania KhrazeGaming226,000Outriders | An UNEXPECTED Change....But Welcomed! Important NEW UPDATE FIX Coming (Outriders Update)10:36
12 hours agoRomania Hiso223F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate3:05
12 hours agoRomania Boosted Commando136,000Suntem EXTRA BĂRBAȚI | Resident Evil 81:46:33
12 hours agoRomania Romanian Esports League39,700Red Bull Campus Clutch - FINALA NAȚIONALĂ2:36:01
12 hours agoRomania Gaming Central3,410Scum New Update - New Sword, Medieval Helmet, Pirate Hat, Eyepatch & More9:48
12 hours agoRomania EFT WTF - Daily Escape From Tarkov Compilations80,500EFT_WTF ep. 369 | Escape from Tarkov Funny and Epic Gameplay10:46
13 hours agoRomania DeadlyGaming26697,200Adrian Petre zis si MESSI DE ROMANIA ! || FIFA 21 Forest Green Rovers F.C #1821:44
13 hours agoRomania ScorpGame460NEW Decks To Climb - Irelia & Azir | Tier 1 Decks | Guardians of the Ancients32:03
13 hours agoRomania DaTkid00_093MARKO GLASS X BVCOVIA - SAVANA 2 (Bass boosted)2:33
13 hours agoRomania Apex Arena - Daily Highlights & Funny Moments9,800Imperialhal On Why He "Left" TSM - Apex Legends Highlights12:36
13 hours agoRomania PERICOL252,000CEA MAI MARE MAFIE DE PE FIVEM ROMANIA2:16:09
13 hours agoRomania Bobospider189,000Live acum! Link in descriere0:17
13 hours agoRomania IuGIN225,000CEL MAI TRIST MOD15:00
13 hours agoRomania Blue Skeleton14,500Evil genie #shorts0:23
13 hours agoRomania DonnerHQ105First song P.R. -MeMe WT@2:43
13 hours agoRomania AdyGaming972,950EPISOD NOU! | Little Nightmares24:00
13 hours agoRomania RuNix2,520Greedy Goblin Gameplay [PC 1080p HD]10:03
13 hours agoRomania The Wolves1,070Absolute Drift | First Look on ASUS ROG | GTX 960M10:11
13 hours agoRomania Scorpion Gaming102,000Giganotosaurus vs 100 Deinonychus, Carnotaurus, Allosaurus, Rex & Yutyrannus8:05
14 hours agoRomania CreativeRoGamers12,200SCORE HERO 2 LEVEL 9 - 3 STARS: WHAT A SCREAMER!0:15
14 hours agoRomania TeG PeRRy4,020De la 100e la 10000e Poker Challenge ep9 ( +39e ) !6:49:23
14 hours agoRomania Trex644,000NOUA MEA MASINA! LADA RUSEASCA! - FiveM26:36
14 hours agoRomania bixboxamigos134The Shock Gameplay FreeFire El juego Shock فري فاير لعب صادم9:26
14 hours agoRomania OnSpotTV496Ulysse vs Barking Gang | Game 1/3 | Finals | CWC Season 44:03:23
14 hours agoRomania Painutz728,000TESTAM *TIK TOK-URI pentru CUPLURI*8:08
14 hours agoRomania Not Even Gaming1,280Counter-Strike: Source (2021) cs_office Multiplayer Gameplay10:51
14 hours agoRomania Cosmin Trica83Assassin's Creed Valhalla - PS5 Game Tester Gameplay - Part 30 (Lincolnscire Arc)48:00
14 hours agoRomania Dadu9,810⚡ TESLA CYBERTRUCK IN FARMING SIMULATOR 1914:06
14 hours agoRomania GamerNetix150,000Scary Stranger 3D VS Scary Teacher 3D VS Scary Child VS Scary Butcher 3D - Android & iOS Games5:39
14 hours agoRomania EZY Houdini127,000HUSKY Lama si TROLL de 1 APRILIE! Stai ce?8:02
15 hours agoRomania PlayGround45,700Se intampla in Romania: Resident Evil Village!13:35
15 hours agoRomania Statica62,800La o vorba :)2:15:36
15 hours agoRomania iStephan2,130FIFA 21 PS5 - Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid - La Liga13:41
15 hours agoRomania Vld Vlad11,300Grand Cafe Story-New Puzzle Match-3 Day 310:05
15 hours agoRomania MARIUS IANCU405,000Am sunat la numere bântuite și au răspuns.. *CREEPY*9:18
15 hours agoRomania Games Mobile41,100Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA | NEW UPDATE GamePlay Mode FHS #9628:47
15 hours agoRomania Cavaleria.ro414,000Fiat 500e - Complet nou, complet electric - Cavaleria.ro22:33
16 hours agoRomania ReiMan Gaming307MASSACRE AT GRANTEBRIDGE Assassin's Creed Valhalla PS5 Gameplay [4K 60FPS] (PlayStation 5)12:09
16 hours agoRomania Gannicus961,060,000Minecraft Dar Toti Mobii Sunt Bebelusi...33:59
16 hours agoRomania Two-Headed Wolf Gaming115Path of Exile - Season 3: The Remake of the First Exile - Ep 191:10:10
16 hours agoRomania JustMagic1,470Dr Mundo Support Full Game - League of Legends SEASON 2021 EUNE (No commentary)14:46
17 hours agoRomania Cipi409,000NEW... 😍1:07
17 hours agoRomania Paul Trifan: TheSHOW163,000Reactionez la TikTok-uri CRINGE de la Abonati10:51
17 hours agoRomania Aleximian7,400Ce TV-uri Detin plus Recomandari9:59
17 hours agoRomania xWizard5,670Warcraft 3 REFORGED | YouTD | Extrem Difficulty - All Levels1:23:15
17 hours agoRomania Pariuri1x227,100”Faci Pariu” cu Cosmin Cernat (ep.12): Pronosticuri în cascadă » Vineri & sâmbătă, 21 de selecții!4:30
17 hours agoRomania meitii.316,000*GAMEMODE SECRET* ANUNTAT pe BRAWL STARS...😨8:16
18 hours agoRomania Rdu Hearthstone44,800INSANE VALUE WITH DOUBLE GOLDEN BACON | Rdu Hearthstone Battlegrounds22:42
18 hours agoRomania jaxiTV206,000LAPTOP ULTRAPORTABIL DE GAMING5:12
18 hours agoRomania Art of Games693X4 Foundations - Fireworks, many Osaka3:57
18 hours agoRomania iSilent436,000Minecraft Dar Orice Spargi Este Lucky Block...11:57
18 hours agoRomania IULITMx4,190,000Friday Night Funkin' in a Nutshell ft. Purple Guy3:35
18 hours agoRomania Terex's Planet16,700TEREX Vs GARCELLO!!!-Friday Night Funkin'22:36
18 hours agoRomania Georges443,000QUICKDRAW EDGAR Complete first 1000 Tokens Quest - Brawl Stars #44:29
18 hours agoRomania Tutoriale Gratuite168,000CUM poti RECUPERA un FISIER STERS PERMANENT in WINDOWS 108:16
18 hours agoRomania Vlad Viper446Saints Row 4 - ETD Warden In Action2:11
18 hours agoRomania Nexus Media38,400VLOG NEXUS EP 2: AM FACUT O SURPRIZA BAIETILOR IN BOOTCAMP4:56
18 hours agoRomania RiciJ & RiciS1,520Primul Pat si Primele Utensile - Minecraft cu RiciS [#2]...!!!9:48
18 hours agoRomania Cocolix672,000BAIA LUI FELIX ! CASUTA de pe PLAJA17:23
19 hours agoRomania INSANITY581,000Minecraft Dar Undita Asta Pescuieste DIAMANTE!21:59
19 hours agoRomania Romanian TVee122,000Study uses far-right talking point to show eastern europe is anti-LGBT+ ?!17:14
19 hours agoRomania Antonia Nuckle73,500🔴GHICESC RANK-ul ABONATILOR - O DAM IAR 💪3:13:12
19 hours agoRomania Strikerull6,570CONDUC METROUL IN NEW YOURK - World of Subways 4 – New York Line 729:24