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Tech Advisor is the UK's best-read tech website. Our channel is home to our reviews of smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as great tips and tests. Check back each week for the latest tech video reviews.

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Our CES favourites with M3 Sweden
In a bit of a CES special Dom joins our Swedish colleagues Evelina and Billy from M3 - along with PCWorld's Adam behind the camera - to compare...
2019-01-11 7:15:01 PM ● 150 views ● 4:41 100.00% liked
Mui's smart plank of wood is unexpectedly amazing
Here's something we didn't expect to say: one of the hottest bits of tech at CES 2019 is a plank of wood. The Mui Calm Design Device is a smart...
2019-01-11 5:30:00 PM ● 242 views ● 2:22 100.00% liked
Why the Withings Move ECG is better than an Apple Watch
When Apple unveiled ECG tracking in the Apple Watch 4 it was a huge deal - but months on and the feature still isn't even available in the UK...
2019-01-11 3:36:11 PM ● 59 views ● 3:59 80.00% liked
Sphero Specdrums: How to turn colour into music
Sphero's taking a break from its rotund robots to bring something a little different to market: the Sphero Specdrums, which let you create music...
2019-01-11 3:00:05 AM ● 58 views ● 3:17 100.00% liked
Royole FlexPai: What does a foldable phone feel like?
The Royole FlexPai is the world's first foldable phone, but how does it actually feel to use? Dom got his hands on one at CES to find out what...
2019-01-10 7:45:00 PM ● 223 views ● 6:47 81.82% liked
Huawei MateBook 13 vs MateBook X
The MateBook 13 is a new entry in the MateBook line that looks an awful lot like 2017's MateBook X. That's Dom's normal laptop, so we couldn't...
2019-01-10 5:15:00 PM ● 1,393 views ● 5:00 100.00% liked
Alienware 55in 4K OLED gaming monitor: You don't need this (but you want it)
Sean pops by the Alienware booth to gawk at their new gaming monitor: a 55in, 4K, 120Hz, OLED monster that's due later this year and will probably...
2019-01-10 3:00:02 PM ● 107 views ● 0:34 100.00% liked
Asus ROG Mothership: How does it stay cool?
The Asus ROG Mothership is an odd proposition: part laptop, part tablet, part desktop, all gaming. Sean tackled it head-on at CES 2019 to find...
2019-01-10 10:45:00 AM ● 833 views ● 3:14 84.21% liked
LG Gram 17: Does a 17-inch ultrabook make sense?
LG has unveiled a genuinely novel laptop at CES: a 17in ultrabook. Sean went hands-on with the LG Gram 17 at CES 2019 to try and figure out whether...
2019-01-09 8:17:03 PM ● 1,189 views ● 2:15 95.45% liked
HTC Vive Pro Eye: Eye-tracking with a flight sim
Dom straps himself into the new Vive Pro Eye at CES 2019 to test out the new eye-tracking from the safety of a virtual cockpit. Can he fly a...
2019-01-09 3:20:23 PM ● 221 views ● 1:29 100.00% liked