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Tech Advisor is the UK's best-read tech website. Our channel is home to our reviews of smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as great tips and tests. Check back each week for the latest tech video reviews.

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Dell XPS 13 vs MacBook Air vs Huawei MateBook X Pro comparison review
It's the battle of the ultrabooks, as Chris pits 2019's best three portable laptops so far up against each other: the Apple MacBook Air, Dell...
2019-03-20 5:32:09 AM ● 3,389 views ● 7:28 58.70% liked
Alienware Area 51M unboxing
Lewis opens up the Alienware Area 51M, the latest gaming laptop from computing giant Dell that boasts an i9 core processor, an RTX 2080 GPU and...
2019-03-12 8:09:42 AM ● 26,637 views ● 8:27 84.81% liked
Vivo Apex 2019: Hands-on with a buttonless phone
Dom goes on with the Vivo Apex 2019 concept phone: a world-first with no buttons, no ports, and a full-screen in-display fingerprint scanner....
2019-03-11 8:29:42 AM ● 2,385 views ● 5:13 82.00% liked
Fitbit Inspire & Inspire HR unboxing & setup
Henry whips out the new Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR activity trackers to break down the differences between the two models and show you how...
2019-03-06 7:04:19 AM ● 25,990 views ● 8:00 89.16% liked
Oppo F11 Pro unboxing
Henry opens up the Oppo F11 Pro: a new mid-range smartphone from the Chinese tech giant that features a pop-up selfie camera, a 48Mp rear shooter,...
2019-03-05 7:00:00 AM ● 149,676 views ● 7:16 88.56% liked
iPhone XS vs iPhone XR comparison review
Six months in, which iPhone is best: the premium iPhone XS, or the (sort of) budget iPhone XR? Henry puts the two phones side-by-side to help...
2019-03-05 3:40:50 AM ● 12,355 views ● 6:23 86.67% liked
Lenovo ThinkVision M14: Hands-on with a portable USB-C monitor
Chris demos the new ThinkVision M14: a portable 14in display that connects via USB-C so you can get a dual-screen setup on the go. Subscribe:...
2019-02-28 6:45:00 AM ● 1,834 views ● 2:07 92.31% liked
Galaxy A50 vs A30 hands-on comparison
Chris walks through the differences between the new Samsung Galaxy A50 and A30 at MWC 2019, breaking down what you can expect from these mid-range...
2019-02-27 5:30:16 AM ● 33,108 views ● 3:33 93.77% liked
Huawei Mate X first impressions
Henry gets to see (and verrrrrry briefly touch) the stunning Huawei Mate X, the first foldable phone from the Chinese tech giant - and the closest...
2019-02-26 6:40:15 AM ● 40,389 views ● 2:14 93.20% liked
Oral-B Genius X first impressions of the AI toothbrush
Dom goes hands - er, teeth - on with the new Oral-B Genius X, the latest in a long line of smart toothbrushes to claim to be driven by AI. But...
2019-02-26 3:15:00 AM ● 923 views ● 2:45 77.78% liked