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Videos on Monday and Wednesday. Backslash & Tilde play new release indie games like Planet Coaster. We are Backslash Network, a let's play gameplay channel. We played Niche A Survival Genetics Game, Particle Fleet: Emergence, Hue, Batman Telltale all chapters and many new indie game releases! If you wanna chat with us, add us on Twitter here @BackslashYT. Our goal is to become something good, change people's lives to be happier & bring worthwhile entertainment; we hope to stand for something you want to be part of. Like, subscribe and tell your friends to help us out!

Our main specs:
-Shure PG42-USB Condenser Microphone
-Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam
-Phanteks Enthoo Pro Black Full Tower Case
-Intel 6 core i7 5820K Haswell-E
-GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 970 Windforce 4GB
-G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8)
-1 x MSI X99A SLI PLUS LGA 2011-v3

If you're willing to sponsor us or give us a key to your game, send us an email!

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Alter Army! - New Gamejolt Beta Game ~ [VaguePixels]
We check out Alter Army, a new beta game on Gamejolt. We try to get through the first level. Alter Army shows a lot of room for improvement!...
2017-11-21 6:00:01 PM ● 71 views ● 11:26 85.71% liked
My Time at Portia! [Alpha Gameplay] - Backed the Kickstarter! ~
My Time at Portia Alpha gameplay! Tilde backed the My Time at Portia kickstarter to help the Pathea devs and to get early access to the Steam...
2017-11-15 8:30:00 PM ● 28 views ● 10:58 100.00% liked
My Time at Portia
Let's Play
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #7 - Group Troubles! \
Batman Telltale part #7, major plot twist! Bruce Wayne is going out with the group but they get in trouble. Who do we choose to go with? Will...
2017-11-08 5:30:00 PM ● 17 views ● 10:27 100.00% liked
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #6 - Friends! \
Batman Telltale part #6, we're making friends! Now that we're part of Joker and Harley's group, can anyone stop Bruce Wayne from going down the...
2017-11-01 5:00:04 PM ● 9 views ● 14:39 100.00% liked
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #5 - Kidnapped! \
Batman Telltale part #5, we get kidnapped! Someone snagged Bruce Wayne and now we're going down a path that any other Batman would never go....
2017-10-30 6:30:00 PM ● 22 views ● 16:41 100.00% liked
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #4 - A New Ally?! \
Batman Telltale #4! We broke into our own company and let some criminals in, does Bruce know what he's doing? Harley won't trust us so we gotta...
2017-10-25 5:00:02 PM ● 9 views ● 11:14 100.00% liked
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #3 - HARLEY SHOWS UP! \
Batman Telltale #3! Harley Quinn and Bruce Wayne get along but is the Joker okay with that? There are some really awkward moments so hopefully...
2017-10-23 7:00:01 PM ● 15 views ● 15:00 100.00% liked
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #2 - BAR FIGHT?! \
Batman Telltale #2! Bruce Wayne reunites with Joker so we can find out what's happening in the city. We also join forces with Commissioner Gordon...
2017-10-18 7:00:00 PM ● 51 views ● 20:53 100.00% liked
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #1 - THE PACT \
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 part 1! Lots of new characters in this Episode, including a new relationship with Waller and Jim. Which one...
2017-10-17 8:00:05 AM ● 22 views ● 11:01 100.00% liked
My Time at Portia! - STEALING CHICKENS GTA STYLE! ~ #2
My Time at Portia episode 2, stealing chickens and getting attacked by a swarm of birds. My Time at Portia is a GTA Stardew Valley and Animal...
2017-10-12 6:30:01 AM ● 90 views ● 21:17 100.00% liked