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Videos on Monday and Wednesday. Backslash & Tilde play new release indie games like Planet Coaster. We are Backslash Network, a let's play gameplay channel. We played Niche A Survival Genetics Game, Particle Fleet: Emergence, Hue, Batman Telltale all chapters and many new indie game releases! If you wanna chat with us, add us on Twitter here @BackslashYT. Our goal is to become something good, change people's lives to be happier & bring worthwhile entertainment; we hope to stand for something you want to be part of. Like, subscribe and tell your friends to help us out!

Our main specs:
-Shure PG42-USB Condenser Microphone
-Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam
-Phanteks Enthoo Pro Black Full Tower Case
-Intel 6 core i7 5820K Haswell-E
-GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 970 Windforce 4GB
-G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8)
-1 x MSI X99A SLI PLUS LGA 2011-v3

If you're willing to sponsor us or give us a key to your game, send us an email!

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Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #2 - BAR FIGHT?! ~
Batman Telltale #2! Bruce Wayne reunites with Joker so we can find out what's happening in the city. We also join forces with Commissioner Gordon...
2017-10-18 7:00:00 PM ● 4 views ● 20:53 100.00% liked
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 #1 - THE PACT ~
Batman Telltale Chapter 2 Episode 2 part 1! Lots of new characters in this Episode, including a new relationship with Waller and Jim. Which one...
2017-10-17 8:00:05 AM ● 2 views ● 11:01
My Time at Portia! - STEALING CHICKENS GTA STYLE! ~ #2
My Time at Portia episode 2, stealing chickens and getting attacked by a swarm of birds. My Time at Portia is a GTA Stardew Valley and Animal...
2017-10-12 6:30:01 AM ● 10 views ● 21:17
My Time at Portia! - GTA of Animal Crossing & Stardew Valley?! ~ #1
My Time at Portia is like GTA V but with Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley combined! Apparently you can fight your neighbors and date people...
2017-10-09 6:30:00 PM ● 15 views ● 18:20 100.00% liked
Immortal Quest! Small New Gamejolt Game ~ Made by Dev of Rocket Fist
Immortal Quest by BittenToast on Gamejolt! From DanielSound, the same creator as Rocket Fist, another game we played! Watch it here:
2017-10-04 7:00:00 PM ● 5 views ● 10:49 100.00% liked
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Demo ! ~ Fell Seal on Gamejolt and Kickstarter
In Fell Seal you play as Kyrie! You are tasked with preserving stability in the realm. The first mission in Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is a tutorial...
2017-10-02 8:30:00 PM ● 21 views ● 14:48 100.00% liked
Dark Devotion - Gamejolt Dungeon Roguelike ~ Indie RPG
Dark Devotion! A popular Roguelike RPG on Gamejolt by Hibernian Workshop. Dark Devotion is also on Kickstarter with a goal of 20.000, go help...
2017-09-27 7:00:03 PM ● 33 views ● 18:25 66.67% liked
Night in the Woods 11! - Party with Bea ~ Mae Dances and Ruins Everything
Night in the Woods 11! Party with Bea, ruin all Bea's friendship and dance the night away. We also don't dream anymore and what's that all about?...
2017-09-20 8:07:06 PM ● 12 views ● 41:00 100.00% liked
Nuclear Chicken! - I LOVE CHICKEN!? ~
Nuclear Chicken! We make chicken go boom in an age of chickensaturation. Portal Cave Johnson style we're going to fix the chicken overpopulation,...
2017-09-18 6:30:00 PM ● 10 views ● 8:32 100.00% liked
Beyond-Human #2 - Containment Breach! ~
Beyond-Human continues! We find new areas and we unlock the purple magenta door areas. We also find mini bosses and mega bosses. There are some...
2017-09-13 7:30:00 PM ● 8 views ● 12:40