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About HardLeg Gaming

Hardleg Gaming is a channel for let's play's and Yu-Gi-Oh related content hosted by Hardleg Joe and his various friends.

Current schedule is:
Legsplay: Monday - Friday
Deck Exchange: Saturday
What a Deck: Sunday
Tutorials vlogs released whenever I can get them done

If you want to send us actual mail address it to:
Hardleg Gaming
P.O. Box 1273
Ballwin, MO. 63011

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What's This!? SURPRISE FAN MAIL! [Blatant Clickbait] #ShouldHaveBeenRefigerated (Also Yu-Gi-Oh)
Hardleg recieves a strange package in the mail, and since it says "Open Immediately", and "May Require Refrigeration" he...
2018-07-15 1:04:15 PM ● 933 views ● 14:31 98.55% liked
Generic Zombies - The Deck Build Challenge w/ DasChillyOne Vs CSMeek
This week's challenge goes back to looking at generic types with a battle of generic zombies. The duelists for this week's challenge are returning...
2018-07-13 2:51:51 PM ● 4,166 views ● 35:17 97.06% liked
A channel update video thing! You like those right? Support Hardleg Gaming on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/HardlegGaming Support Hardleg Gaming...
2018-07-10 5:58:21 PM ● 644 views ● 11:01 98.55% liked
Legaia returns for good this time as Hardleg, CB, and Bootleg make their way through the ice cave to face off in individual battles against the...
2018-07-09 11:25:07 AM ● 314 views ● 45:44 100.00% liked
Let's Play
ODD-EYES BEATDOWN - What a Deck - July 2018 - Episode 160 - Yugioh!
This week Hardleg is playing Odd-Eyes Beatdown, a pure Odd Eyes odd-deck that uses Arc Pendulum Dragon to swarm the field with Odd-Eyes Pendulum...
2018-07-07 10:57:26 AM ● 5,354 views ● 1:03:11 100.00% liked
When Did Pendulum Dragons Get This Good?
Some replays using the deck featured in What a Deck episode 160: Odd-Eyes Beatdown, a pure Odd Eyes deck that uses Arc Pendulum Dragon to swarm...
2018-07-06 11:01:39 PM ● 5,021 views ● 5:46 98.61% liked
The False Allure of 'Allure of Darkness'
Hardleg takes a few moments to talk about Allure of Darkness and draw power in general. Support Hardleg Gaming on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/HardlegGaming...
2018-07-01 12:43:46 PM ● 5,713 views ● 6:06 98.67% liked
Samurai Fur Hire
I regret nothing. Also, if you're somehow unfamiliar with the original video this is based off of, you should watch it right now. It's called...
2018-06-27 11:06:20 PM ● 4,983 views ● 0:06 98.34% liked
Unable to find an unboxing partner, Hardleg jumps onto Twitch to open up some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards live in front of an audience of 20 or so. If you'd...
2018-06-26 1:23:51 PM ● 2,035 views ● 28:33 97.44% liked
The Rock of Ages 2 shenanigans continue as Hardleg, Stoic, CB, and Ron Clawed head to Scotland and then Dover to settle once and for all who...
2018-06-25 11:01:48 AM ● 518 views ● 30:30 96.77% liked