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About HardLeg Gaming

Hardleg Gaming is a channel for let's play's and Yu-Gi-Oh related content hosted by Hardleg Joe and his various friends.

Current schedule is:
Legsplay: Monday - Friday
Deck Exchange: Saturday
What a Deck: Sunday
Tutorials vlogs released whenever I can get them done

If you want to send us actual mail address it to:
Hardleg Gaming
P.O. Box 1273
Ballwin, MO. 63011

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Forbidden Prediction Time - What a Deck Replay - Yugioh!
A short video showing some replays using the deck featured in What a Deck episode 136: Forbidden Prediction Timelords Link to the full episode:...
2017-12-17 10:32:31 AM ● 847 views ● 5:23 100.00% liked
Forbidden Prediction Time - What a Deck - December 2017 - Episode 136 - Yugioh!
Welcome to What a Deck, a show where Hardleg Joe plays rogue, troll, or otherwise unusual decks against strangers on YGOPro. This week Hardleg...
2017-12-16 10:30:49 AM ● 4,442 views ● 1:28:07 99.32% liked
Forbidden Prediction Timelords - What a Deck Profile! - December 2017 - Yugioh!
Welcome to the deck profile for the Forbidden Prediction Time deck used in episode 136 of Hardleg Gaming's What a Deck show, where Hardleg Joe...
2017-12-15 11:08:49 PM ● 1,956 views ● 12:51 100.00% liked
Land of the Camelians - Chapter 8 - The Legend of Lefty
How will the Camelians population of Opprobrium react to the two adventurers who just "flew" into their sleepy little town? The Legend...
2017-12-15 5:03:01 PM ● 154 views ● 17:14 89.47% liked
STARDUST VS RED DRAGON - The Deck Build Challenge w/ Wyncrer Vs. Lil Pip
Welcome to the Deck Build Challenge, a show hosted by Hardleg, where two or more combatants design and then duel Yugioh decks with strange themes....
2017-12-15 2:43:13 AM ● 3,775 views ● 37:51 98.87% liked
A Clusterfuck of Exploding Pumpkins - Rock of Ages II Part 1 w/ Stoic, Cardsworth & C.B. Radio
Hardleg, C.B., Cardsworth, and Stoic pick up the sequel of Rock of Ages and get rolling to see how it stacks up against the previous game. Legsplay...
2017-12-13 11:14:58 AM ● 562 views ● 45:39 100.00% liked
Moving Water To Set Me Free - The Flame In The Flood Part 7 w/ C.B. Radio
Hardleg and C.B. finish up their river based journey, sailing into open water in their quest to find The Kingdom. Legsplay Episode 771 Support...
2017-12-11 1:01:32 PM ● 208 views ● 45:17 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Crystal Abundance Turbo - What a Deck Profile! - November 2017 - Yugioh!
Welcome to the deck profile for the Crytal Abundance Turbo deck used in episode 135 of Hardleg Gaming's What a Deck show, where Hardleg Joe plays...
2017-12-08 11:13:19 PM ● 2,135 views ● 9:35 100.00% liked
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2017-12-05 7:15:30 PM ● 187 views ● 1:15 100.00% liked
Bishbaalkin TrOllTK - What a Deck Replay
A short video showing some replays using the deck featured in What a Deck episode 135: Bishbaalkin TrOllTK Link to the full episode: https://youtu.be/avQTXY0tB10...
2017-12-03 4:15:18 PM ● 1,507 views ● 3:09 97.44% liked