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Looking to get put your football or baseball GM hat on? This is the place for you! Here at Franchise Gaming, we craft storylines dictated by gameplay on Madden and MLB the Show. If you're into either sport, or the video games that mainly represent them, then subscribe and hit the notification bell and WE CAN BUILD A WINNER TOGETHER!

The FG Fam is a community of sports fans that is more than a community, it's a family. We are a close knit group, in discord, of almost 100 people, from all over, who love to make "GM" type decisions in drafting, signings and trades to see a team go from the basement of their division to the top of their sport in the form of every sports team's ultimate goal, a CHAMPIONSHIP!

While I anxiously await MLB the Show 20's release, my Madden 20 Washington Redskins Franchise Rebuild posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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