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About lordofultima

Hello, I play the video games. Sometimes I play them fast, sometimes I play them thorough. I commentate almost all video content live. If you don't like my voice or me talking so much, there are plenty of channels that don't feature that. Enjoy your time here.

I use an AverMedia Live Gamer Portable for HD capture and streaming, and a Dazzle for SD capture and streaming. Most of my gameplay videos are archives from my stream, which you can check out at twitch.tv/lordofultima

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Zelda II Speedrun | 100% All Keys 1CC (1:15:34.680)
In this speedrun category, you have to get every item, spell, and key. All palaces must be completed by defeating the boss and inserting the...
2017-11-24 9:42:47 AM ● 109 views ● 1:19:11 100.00% liked
Zelda II Strats | The Reflex Shuffle
This is a strat to force the second set of encounters while attempting the encounter skips outside of Reflex Town (Darunia). Speedrun purposes...
2017-11-18 3:50:54 PM ● 75 views ● 4:40 100.00% liked
Stream Outro (Zelda 2)
...and here's the Stream Outro, also Zelda 2-themed. Badbrakes is my arch rival in Zelda 2 speedrunning, so I thought it was pretty fun. - Follow...
2017-11-09 1:24:46 PM ● 32 views ● 5:00 100.00% liked
Stream Intro (Zelda 2)
Here's a fun bumper I made for my stream, featuring Zelda 2. - Follow Me: http://www.twitter.com/lordofultima http://www.twitch.tv/lordofultima...
2017-11-09 1:24:41 PM ● 43 views ● 5:00 100.00% liked
OSSC Testing (Open Source Scan Converter)
Finally got my OSSC, and even though I'm feeling incredibly under the weather, I thought I'd throw together footage from my NES, Genesis, and...
2017-11-07 9:02:15 AM ● 276 views ● 14:01 100.00% liked
Lord of Odyssey (Super Mario Odyssey)
Me playing some Super Mario Odyssey while sharing my thoughts on it. Not really a playthrough or anything. - Follow Me: http://www.twitter.com/lordofultima...
2017-10-31 2:57:03 PM ● 73 views ● 1:33:53 80.00% liked
Blood | Any% Easy Speedrun (3:35)
Great run, just messed up the E3M7 TNT Boost 2 times, and missed the tesla ammo in E4M8, causing me to have to run back to it and waste some...
2017-10-22 11:13:55 AM ● 82 views ● 3:47 100.00% liked
Blood | Any% Easy Speedrun (3:45)
Amazing pace plagued by third try tnt boost before Episode 3 boss, and a very slow kill on the Episode 2 boss. Menuing is top notch now and my...
2017-10-21 2:20:28 PM ● 83 views ● 4:28 100.00% liked
Blood Speedrun | Any% Easy RTA (3:53)
This is my fourth completed run, pretty good improvement. I'd have to stop fumbling about in the menus and failing door clips to get a time close...
2017-10-19 10:27:51 AM ● 84 views ● 4:59 100.00% liked
Blood Speedrun | Any% Easy RTA (4:17)
This is the new route for Blood Any%, featuring the Episode warp glitch. - Follow Me: http://www.twitter.com/lordofultima http://www.twitch.tv/lordofultima...
2017-10-18 5:11:09 PM ● 85 views ● 6:05 100.00% liked