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United States

Lobo Nox1313 is an American content creator on YouTube with more than 20.7 thousand subscribers, publishing 287 videos which altogether total approximately 6.81 million views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNn8LORM3iPzmNhQgteIXgg

About Lobo Nox1313

I upload newly released Trailers, PVs, TVCMs from the FATE anime series and games (ex. Fate Grand Order, Fate Samurai Remnant, Fate Extra Record, etc.)

My main focus for this channel is anime and the Fate series! (Fate Grand Order, Fate Kaleid, Fate Stay Night, etc.)

This channel also includes my Bonus, Music, Vacation videos and my past series all listed on my channel homepage.

I have a second channel called “Lobo Extras” where i upload funny gaming videos, streams or vacation vlogs with my friends.

PSN: Dark-Kurosaki_RK
Nintendo Switch: SW-5459-1718-1685

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Variety of Games on Channel

There are 29 games covered by Lobo Nox1313, consisting of 170 videos, or 59.23% of the total videos on this channel.

100 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Lobo Nox1313

On October 31, 2020, Lobo Nox1313 reaches 100 videos on YouTube with the release of the video "War Music Video from Toonami [adult swim]", which has 136 views and 7 likes.