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About lanyn

Hi everyone!
If this is your first time here, then welcome! If not, I'm glad that I haven't scared you off yet. ^^

The purpose of this channel to provide subbed videos of games from the Tales series that have yet to receive an English release. I've finished up ToR and now I'm working mainly on ToD2 (the real one, not Eternia). I obviously have a decent understanding of the Japanese language but I'm far from fluent; however, I make every effort to make my translations as accurate and natural as possible, so I hope that you like what you see. Also, I play Call of Duty for fun, so just ignore those vids if you're not into that.

To my subscribers: you have my thanks but I hope you're not offended if I don't return the favor. I'm also horrible at keeping up with personal correspondence, so don't feel bad if it seems like I never get back to you. And yes, I know I'm slow (I'll leave this one open to interpretation), but good things to those who wait and all that jazz, right? ^^

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