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I'm Nostalgia Nerd... I have an addiction to Nostalgia & things often categorised as "nerdy". I talk about software, hardware, games, toys, programs, magazines and other things from the 70s, 80s and 90s, sometimes with a liberal amount of dry humour. The channel's main focus is computer related items from the 80s & 90s.

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What Happens if you Recycle My Computer? | Nostalgia Nerd
What Happens if you put My Computer in the Recycle bin? It's a question which has been answered in the Big Play Films short at,...
2019-01-23 1:32:19 PM ● 112,574 views ● 9:21 92.62% liked
Well, it Would be rude not to try... | Nostalgia Nerd
WARNING: Do not play track 1 of this game CD on ANY Audio CD Player. Now THAT, sounds like a challenge. #ChallengeAccepted In this video I'll...
2019-01-16 2:31:43 AM ● 518,739 views ● 10:22 88.29% liked
PlayStation TRAIN Controller Simulator | Nostalgia Nerd
Densha de GO! is a popular game in Japan based around trains. Specifically driving trains with a high level of accuracy and skill. Although never...
2019-01-07 3:00:03 AM ● 53,545 views ● 12:15 98.49% liked
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Huge December Unboxing | Nostalgia Nerd
Well, I hope you're enjoying the festive period, however you choose (or not choose) to celebrate it. Of course, Christmas seems to mostly be...
2018-12-29 1:11:50 PM ● 45,744 views ● 24:53 95.30% liked
Santa went Online in 1986 and got Trolled | Nostalgia Nerd
As strange as it seems, Santa (Father Christmas to us in the UK), was actually online before most other people. In fact, during 1983 Santa was...
2018-12-22 2:30:04 PM ● 33,245 views ● 7:04 98.20% liked
Astonishing Auction Acquisition | Nostalgia Nerd
Auctions are dangerous. But sometimes, you can find a lot which is not only a good price, but holds items of incredible retro rareness. These...
2018-12-11 9:34:47 AM ● 48,667 views ● 10:06 97.91% liked
Advent Calendar for Windows 3.1 | Nostalgia Nerd
Watch days 9 to 25 opening at Opening an advent calendar, that's where we're at. Welcome to a strange place, a strange...
2018-12-08 10:58:05 AM ● 18,341 views ● 6:24 95.50% liked
Why Everyone is Angry about PlayStation Classic | Nostalgia Nerd
Well, ok, not EVERYONE is angry, but most are, and I think it's down to the principle of the matter more than anything else. So, Sony have recently...
2018-12-06 4:45:12 PM ● 868,578 views ● 13:50 83.30% liked
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Mouse Cheese Commodore 64 | Nostalgia Nerd
Here we have an box of items, collectively known as "Mouse Cheese". The purpose of this box is to provide mouse capability to the humble...
2018-12-01 10:33:44 AM ● 46,254 views ● 12:49 97.54% liked
Walk Around an 80s City with LASERDISC! The Domesday Project | Nostalgia Nerd
The Domesday Project (spelt Doomsday Project by some) was a collaboration between the BBC, Acorn Computers, Philips and Logica to create a digital...
2018-11-21 2:00:16 PM ● 152,173 views ● 26:33 97.29% liked