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play together

United States
United States

play together is an American YouTube channel which has at least 209 thousand subscribers. He published 815 videos which altogether total more than 94.36 million views.

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About play together

For a child, play is a serious, meaningful activity, and not an empty pastime. Games help children learn how to interact with other people in real life, follow the rules, learn to negotiate and respect other people's boundaries, do something together and enjoy it.
Games in early childhood are a way of learning about the world, a way to quickly acquire the necessary skills, it is the path of not only mental, but also physical development, it is a way of life.
Play is the arena of children's success and movement.
We invite you to watch videos for children, plunge into the bright world of toys. After watching cartoons about toys, the child will learn to play independently, fantasize and be creative.
Let's play together!

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