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Hello Internet! I am Chilled Chaos...and probably the weirdest yet hopefully most flattering person you'll meet on the Internet!
There are a lot of uploads on my channel, so it may seem daunting to get started! The Easiest way is to check out the playlist. I ORGANIZE EVERYTHING...because I have an OCD.

Want to send something to me?! Please do!

Chilled Chaos
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We played the original Half Dead close to 3 years ago. For 5 bucks lets see what they updated! Also Ive had a crush on Kristen Stewart for a...
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We got NEW Weapons and same old Derps! Lets Win some! Leave a LIKE or Share if you enjoyed the Video! Thank you ***Subscribe! -
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Taco Stands. Betrayal. Turrets. CANCELLED. Everything goes wild today! Buy my Merch so I can feed Jess & Rex!
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TTT IS BACK! And it looks like Captain America is working for the bad guys! HAIL HYDRA! Leave a LIKE or Share! It lets me know you enjoyed the...
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How can one person continually get the card he needs?! its unfair! RoosterTeeth made me some new Merch!
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I'm keeping Shellshock Installed and I am going to kick SOOO MUCH ASS! Look at those amazing snipes! Leave a LIKE or Share if you enjoyed the...
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I can't believe that we were getting CAMPED BY A BEAR! We also learn that one of us is a god awful liar. I literally mean the worst Liar that...
2019-03-17 6:35:12 PM ● 110,619 views ● 24:55 99.44% liked
The amount of disappointment I experience this video is only surpassed by the amount of disappointment my father must feel when he tells family...
2019-03-16 6:50:04 PM ● 131,734 views ● 14:52 99.42% liked
Today we are going to learn some interesting things about the Derps... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! New Videos Everyday! Subscribe!
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How I love I also love to see him suffer by his own hands MUAHAHA. Leave a LIKE or Share if you enjoyed the Video! Thank you ***Subscribe!...
2019-03-14 7:14:35 PM ● 133,380 views ● 15:33 99.35% liked