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Hey YouTube!

I'm Olivia, and this is Digitales (pronounced Digi-tales)

We're based out of London UK and cover the latest tech news and rumors, gadget reviews and unboxings, and gaming!

We also like to take our viewers on some of our adventures around London and elsewhere in the world

Don't forget to also connect with us on our other social channels listed below; we love talking to our viewers and hearing your ideas too!

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EGX 2018 - Best Games to play at EGX
Are you attending EGX 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham? Watch our video of the Best Games to play at EGX and try and spot us at EGX 2018. We will...
2018-09-20 10:30:13 AM ● 272 views ● 4:33 100.00% liked
DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum First look
We have been sent a DJI Mavic 2 Pro to compare with our DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. We were not expecting the Drone to arrive whilst we were filming...
2018-09-20 8:37:39 AM ● 505 views ● 9:16 85.00% liked
Apple iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Plus
Apple have confirmed they are releasing the iPhone 10S and iPhone 10S Plus along with the apple watch 4 in September. To find out all the latest...
2018-08-31 1:48:09 PM ● 578 views ● 7:44 94.44% liked
Nintendo Giveaway Launch and Nintendo Switch 2.0 Rumours
We are giving away more Nintendo goodies, watch the video to find out what you can win and how to enter. Also lots of more nintendo switch news...
2018-08-30 1:06:37 PM ● 7,881 views ● 4:39 96.49% liked
Findster Duo + Unboxing and Review
The Findster Duo+ is a non subscription GPS tracker for your pets. Check out our full review and unboxing and don't forget to subscribe and like...
2018-08-23 9:51:32 AM ● 513 views ● 7:07 96.30% liked
Nintendo Switch Giveaway Winners
It's finally time to announce the winner of the Nintendo Switch Giveaway. Check out the video to see who won and what is next for Digitales Our...
2018-08-18 12:58:04 PM ● 822 views ● 2:33 89.80% liked
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9+
Watch our comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ buying guide. Don't worry we are still giving away the nintendo switch...
2018-08-18 10:06:46 AM ● 1,109 views ● 7:04 100.00% liked
Intro to Mirabel and Charli - Best Tech and Game News
Introducing Mirabel and Charli as the new presenters of Digitales. Join me in giving them a big friendly welcome to the Digi Crew. Don't worry...
2018-08-14 12:09:52 PM ● 447 views ● 5:49 94.44% liked
Android Pie vs iOS 12
Here is our quick summary of Android PIE with some comparisons with similar features coming to Apple iOS 12 later this year Don't worry we are...
2018-08-11 8:19:37 AM ● 578 views ● 6:01 94.29% liked
Best new games in September 2018   FIFA 19, WOW Battle for Azeroth
We are back with lots of great new content and new presenters. This video is a quick update on the latest games just released and coming out...
2018-08-10 1:46:11 PM ● 1,019 views ● 5:52 88.10% liked
FIFA 19 (2018)