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I play The Elder Scrolls: Legends and make daily content for it on this channel! I also stream the game on Twitch (check the links) and run, a website dedicated to strategy content for it.

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(TES: Legends) 21-2 Noble Gauntlet Deck Tech - Control Tribunal
Going over the deck I used to achieve a high finish in this weekend's Noble Gauntlet, featuring all commons and rares! Follow me on Twitter:...
2018-07-07 7:23:04 PM ● 6,894 views ● 15:30 96.50% liked
CVH's Apartment Tour!
Two months later than it should have been! We moved here in early March for my new job at Bethesda. I absolutely love this place. It's a spacious...
2018-05-29 5:11:33 PM ● 4,527 views ● 7:09 94.88% liked
(TES: Legends) Token Crusader Laddering at Legend
Laddering with a deck I've had some good results with lately! CVH's stream: CVH's Twitter:
2018-02-12 8:18:39 AM ● 9,911 views ● 19:22 97.31% liked
(TES: Legends) Close Games with Midrange Battlemage
This is also the deck I used to hit Legend in February. Including the games in the video, the deck went 20-6 from rank 3 to Legend. CVH's stream:...
2018-02-08 9:07:05 AM ● 7,877 views ● 25:41 99.37% liked
(TES: Legends) Goblin Scout Laddering with Mammoths and Trolls
Trying out a variation of Warriors7's Goblin Scout! CVH's stream: CVH's Twitter:
2018-02-06 9:13:22 AM ● 6,912 views ● 18:38 98.13% liked
(TES: Legends) The Longest OTK Ever
One of the craziest game endings I've had on the ladder! CVH's stream: CVH's Twitter:
2018-02-03 12:02:55 PM ● 6,575 views ● 10:30 98.51% liked
(TES: Legends) Reviewing the Forgotten Hero Collection
Going over some first impressions of the cards in the Forgotten Hero Collection! CVH's stream: CVH's Twitter:
2018-02-01 10:31:24 PM ● 9,607 views ● 22:14 98.82% liked
(TES: Legends) CARD BACKS are Coming to TESL!
Official announcement:
2018-01-30 10:15:55 PM ● 4,363 views ● 6:01 96.11% liked
(TES: Legends) Pack Leader - First Impressions
January 2018's monthly reward card for The Elder Scrolls: Legends! CVH's stream: CVH's Twitter:
2018-01-27 8:56:27 AM ● 5,416 views ● 6:43 97.78% liked
(TES: Legends) Respect the Roll
An Arena highlight featuring Sweet Roll!
2018-01-25 12:14:21 PM ● 4,223 views ● 6:57 99.08% liked