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About Shirley Curry

I am a 82 year old grandmother who loves to play, and now record, games! I live in Virginia USA
I love playing Skyrim. I am a widow. I have 4 sons, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson.
For those who want to know what kind of games I like: I only like real people/movie type games.
I've tried other kinds of games but I don't enjoy them. :)

Viewers have requested a PO Box# to send me mail and FanArt so, finally, here it is: Also, as per request, my birthday is April 2nd.
Shirley Curry
PO Box 2095
Rocky Mount VA 24151

Haladmer at:
And Silverblade Dagger at:

Find me at:
My Group in Steam: #GrandmaShirley'sGrandkids SHRLYGRNDKD
GamerMom36 on Twitch

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On the Treadmill With Shirley Again.
Well, I'm walking n talking on the tread mill again. I was going to put this up monday but I talked about things on Sun and Mon so I thought...
2017-11-18 5:00:02 AM ● 2,355 views ● 16:42 100.00% liked
SkyrimSE eps# 127Another Thalmor Battle!  Ship Was Attacked!
We have fought so many Thalmor!!! And they even attacked my Airship!! Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Grandma Shirley’s Corner...
2017-11-17 5:30:05 AM ● 1,907 views ● 38:02 100.00% liked
SkyrimSE eps# 126 Ganci Gets Her Own Airship!!
This is what the Mod said I would have to travel back and forth between Elsweyr and Skyrim....I think!! I wonder where it will be parked in Skyrim?!...
2017-11-16 5:30:01 AM ● 1,918 views ● 40:46 100.00% liked
SkyrimSE eps# 124 Ganci Talks With A Handsome Khajit
We're sent to Pillar Falls to kill Thalmor and take their plans. We may get to see their Airship!!. Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA...
2017-11-14 5:30:01 AM ● 2,088 views ● 37:58 100.00% liked
On the Treadmill With Grandma
This will go in my Walkin' n Talkin' Playlist. Just something to do late at night. :)
2017-11-14 5:00:08 AM ● 3,373 views ● 5:14 99.08% liked
Ganci;  What Have You Done!!!
Suppose to find Amier in the waterways; We walk through a door into the face of huge spiders, lots of spiders!! I fight well, but do a terrible...
2017-11-13 5:30:00 AM ● 3,362 views ● 26:23 99.73% liked
SkyrimSE eps# 122 Ganci Finds So Much Beauty In Elswyere
There is just way too much to explore! But, we are here on vacation for Kharjo's Birthday! :) Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151...
2017-11-12 5:30:01 AM ● 3,775 views ● 49:17 99.70% liked
SkyrimSE eps# 121 Ganci Kills Queen Spiders
We come to a beautiful place to camp. We kill blue creatures and Queen spiders! Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Grandma Shirley’s...
2017-11-11 5:30:01 AM ● 2,933 views ● 27:43 99.57% liked
Grandma Tries Out Her GoPro
Starting my walking today, and trying out my GoPro! I look bad today but did this on the spur of the moment, don't hate. lol
2017-11-09 4:22:03 PM ● 7,170 views ● 15:40 99.75% liked
SkyrimSE eps#118 Ganci Says,  Mission Accomplished
Found what the lever opened!! :) Got so much good loot!! Glad to be home recording for you!! :) Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151...
2017-11-09 5:30:01 AM ● 2,736 views ● 45:16 99.28% liked