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About Shirley Curry

I am a 82 year old grandmother who loves to play, and now record, games! I live in Virginia USA
I love playing Skyrim. I am a widow. I have 4 sons, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson.
For those who want to know what kind of games I like: I only like real people/movie type games.
I've tried other kinds of games but I don't enjoy them. :)

Viewers have requested a PO Box# to send me mail and FanArt so, finally, here it is: Also, as per request, my birthday is April 2nd.
Shirley Curry
PO Box 2095
Rocky Mount VA 24151

Haladmer at:
And Silverblade Dagger at:

Find me at:
My Group in Steam: #GrandmaShirley'sGrandkids SHRLYGRNDKD
GamerMom36 on Twitch

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SkyrimSE #37 Broud....The Deed Is Done!!!
And once again, at about 5.35 the audio suddenly switches from OK, to a double voice AGAIN!!!!! Why does it change in mid-recording??!! This...
2018-02-17 5:30:01 AM ● 748 views ● 26:42 100.00% liked
SkyrimSE eps#36 Broud, Marcurio and Red Eagle
Suddenly the audio changes mid-recording!! And the picture is sooooo dark! It hasn't been!! I do not know what's going on with my PC
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SkyrimSE eps# 35 Broud's Wedding Day
A lot of problems but the best I can do without mods. lol Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Grandma Shirley’s Corner blog:
2018-02-14 5:30:01 AM ● 2,146 views ● 17:31 99.34% liked
SkyrimSE eps#34 Vlog:  Invitation to the Wedding of Broud and Lydia
Their wedding will be on Wed. Valentine's Day! Hope you all can attend!! :) Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151
2018-02-11 6:30:01 AM ● 6,003 views ● 0:33 99.62% liked
SkyrimSE eps#33 Broud Faces the Magic Door
Broud just wants the blade he came for and to get out of here!! Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Grandma Shirley’s Corner blog:...
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Skyblivion Update Trailer   Glory of Cyrodiil by permission of @Rebelzize
Skyblivion is beautiful, and I was given permission to show this on my media outlets. They need all the help from talented volunteers that they...
2018-02-07 5:30:01 AM ● 9,285 views ● 4:11 99.78% liked
SkyrimSE eps#30 Broud vs  Big Boss
The Boss is TOO big!! Lydia, help!!! Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Grandma Shirley’s Corner blog:
2018-02-06 5:30:01 AM ● 4,019 views ● 38:05 99.45% liked
SkyrimSE eps# 29 Broud Diiiiieeeeesssss!
I forgot to what's new?!! Lots of dead Draugher though! Shirley Curry PO Box 2095 Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Grandma Shirley’s Corner...
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SkyrimSE eps# 128 Broud Proposes To Lydia
THE GAME CRASHED!!! UPLOADED ANYWAY! Don't know why the NPC's sound like they're in an echo chamber!! NO, my speakers aren't on. NOTHING'S CHANGED...
2018-02-01 5:30:00 AM ● 5,770 views ● 39:52 99.57% liked
SkyrimSE #27 Broud Buys A House
SO SORRY FOR THE AUDIO QUALITY!!! DON'T COMPLAIN AT ME BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW IT!! Inside Fallowstone Cave, and buying a house. Shirley Curry...
2018-01-30 5:30:00 AM ● 3,870 views ● 54:45 99.10% liked