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Playing Heat Signature: Taking Inventory
Today we're playing Heat Signature, this video is a critique of a procedurally generated stealth action title, one I find to be enjoyable but...
2018-05-05 9:48:00 AM ● 6,923 views ● 48:59 99.65% liked
Hunting Down the Freeman: The Seven Hour Chore
We're reviewing Hunt Down the Freeman, a game wearing Half Life's coat and jumping brazenly onto steam. It's bad, very, very bad, and join me...
2018-03-20 12:20:41 PM ● 120,168 views ● 1:23:33 98.99% liked
HDTF: Animosity
This isn't even the worst thing to happen this chapter
2018-03-01 4:22:00 PM ● 4,661 views ● 0:42 98.97% liked
Playing Precursors: A Waste of Space
We're here, we're analysing the last of the Xenus series, lets review the Precursors. Thanks to everyone who came along on this strange journey...
2018-02-28 5:00:23 AM ● 17,743 views ● 1:34:32 98.20% liked
CommentaryComms: An Appeal
Edited by Noonem, next video is The Precursors, and please read the description. https://www.youtube.com/user/CommentaryComms Please subscribe...
2018-01-28 8:58:27 AM ● 996 views ● 2:09 87.50% liked
Let's Play
Playing Detective: Comparing Ace Attorney and Danganronpa
Today we're playing detective and putting two crime solving visual novel franchises, the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa series, back to back to...
2018-01-18 5:48:49 PM ● 60,556 views ● 28:55 97.25% liked
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Playing Yakuza: A Bit Like a Dragon (Analysis/Review)
The videogame series Yakuza is about playing as absolutely the nicest group of people in Japan (according to the Yakuza, a Chivalrous group)...
2017-12-25 7:14:01 AM ● 11,850 views ● 1:21:13 99.61% liked
Playing Sonic Forces: Boost too Thin?
Sonic is supposed to get better as it goes downhill. The latest entry goes for three playable characters and a background of a world conquered...
2017-11-30 8:08:23 AM ● 23,889 views ● 1:01:33 97.88% liked
Playing Sonic Forces Prelude: Series Retrospective
I started writing about my thoughts on the Sonic Franchise to give a lead in to Forces and it ended up over ten minutes long. So I broke it off...
2017-11-30 8:08:18 AM ● 4,581 views ● 10:37 96.93% liked
This was supposed to be unlisted but I messed up, fixed it, and decided to mess up again.
2017-11-12 5:43:41 PM ● 3,004 views ● 0:29 95.45% liked