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CommentaryComms: An Appeal
Edited by Noonem, next video is The Precursors, and please read the description. https://www.youtube.com/user/CommentaryComms Please subscribe...
2018-01-28 8:58:27 AM ● 990 views ● 2:09 87.50% liked
Let's Play
Playing Detective: Comparing Ace Attorney and Danganronpa
Today we're playing detective and putting two crime solving visual novel franchises, the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa series, back to back to...
2018-01-18 5:48:49 PM ● 29,474 views ● 28:55 97.70% liked
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Playing Yakuza: A Bit Like a Dragon
The videogame series Yakuza is about playing as absolutely the nicest group of people in Japan (according to Yakuza) we go on a whirlwind tour...
2017-12-25 7:14:01 AM ● 7,172 views ● 1:21:13 99.74% liked
Playing Sonic Forces: Boost too Thin?
Sonic is supposed to get better as it goes downhill. The latest entry goes for three playable characters and a background of a world conquered...
2017-11-30 8:08:23 AM ● 13,617 views ● 1:01:33 98.13% liked
Playing Sonic Forces Prelude: Series Retrospective
I started writing about my thoughts on the Sonic Franchise to give a lead in to Forces and it ended up over ten minutes long. So I broke it off...
2017-11-30 8:08:18 AM ● 3,098 views ● 10:37 96.85% liked
This was supposed to be unlisted but I messed up, fixed it, and decided to mess up again.
2017-11-12 5:43:41 PM ● 2,399 views ● 0:29 96.15% liked
"Gives a burst of speed when landing."
Time for Operation Big Wave!
2017-11-12 9:10:06 AM ● 4,902 views ● 0:13 98.76% liked
Playing: Pac-Man World Series Retrospective
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tehsnakerer Twitter: https://twitter.com/TehSnakerer Pac-Man is basically a slasher villain This video is a...
2017-10-31 6:10:34 PM ● 11,258 views ● 1:41:13 99.41% liked
Playing Evil Genius: Dawdling to Doomsday
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tehsnakerer This time, we're playing the waiting game, there's some great visuals and base management along...
2017-09-22 6:07:03 AM ● 8,934 views ● 1:04:36 99.39% liked
TehSnakerer: Channel Update/Q&A/Playing Megamix Poorly
Watch me play an easy game with a character that makes it easier poorly, I'm waiting on Mania and this will do for now. Next review is Evil Genius...
2017-08-29 2:25:05 AM ● 1,761 views ● 28:40 98.86% liked