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Yakuza: Like a Dragon

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1.Japan ジャック・オ・蘭たん6,039,688
2.Bahrain devilleon71,363,417
3. Giml1,313,369
4.Japan コジマ店員のホラーは恐くない1,129,193
5. PlayStation1,066,811
6.Viet Nam Trực Tiếp Game1,011,725
7.United States CohhCarnage955,000
8.United States IGN909,276
9.Japan うちだのおうち/内田敦子678,519
10.United States JohneAwesome557,924

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2020-11-26Ireland Rusted Ground[BLIND] Yakuza: Like a Dragon | Let's Play | Part 2 [Twitch VOD]52:087
2020-11-24United States Turn Based LoversLet's play Phantom Brigade | Gameplay First-Look55:51492
2020-11-19United Kingdom eMPlay's ModetroYakuza Like A Dragon - Xbox Series X - Chapter 5 - #2 - Part-Time Hero Away!30:372
2020-11-17United Kingdom SeapeekayGamesYakuza Like A Dragon 4K Playthrough (01)41:1288
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